#Cubs vs Royals ppd because of rain

Saturday’s game between the Cubs and Royals was postponed because of the weather. The game will be made up Sept 28 at 7:05 p.m. CT at Wrigley Field.

On Sunday, Tsuyoshi Wada will start for the Cubs in the abbreviated series finale against the Royals. First pitch is scheduled for 1:20 p.m. CT.

Sept. 28 was an off day for both teams. The Royals begin a three-game series in Chicago against the White Sox on Sept. 29, while the game will extend the last homestand of the season one day. Instead of playing, the Cubs posed for a photo in their Blackhawks sweaters. (Credit Bruce Miles/Daily Herald with photo)



I think that the Cubs should add a Whales pennant at Wrigley Field for the Whales’ 1915 pennant.

Junior Lake was wrong to behave as he did when he ran the bases after his dinger. He disrespected the Marlins by pointing to their dugout, and those players responded, and I support them and not Junior. Starlin on Monday was also wrong with the way he ran the bases after his long ball. I`m surprised he did not have a fast ball directed at his ribs or worse on Tuesday. I want to see how the manager deals with this matter. This is not the `Cubs` way.` Respect 90` is meaningless if this conduct is permitted to stand. That was Junior`s very first homer of the season, as the Marlins` broadcasters pointed out, and, even after Lake`s long ball, his team was still down four runs. And one would think Junior would want to endear himself to his manager and the FO, given he has to know he`s on a short leash. He had no good reason to strut and `show up` the opposition. As for the rest of tonight`s game, my conclusion is this game provided more proof we have much work to do if we are serious about becoming a formidable baseball team.

Is impressive to see the Cubs won another one run game. I recall Ron Coomer observing recently that it`s a hallmark of a championship club that it win the majority of one run games with which it`s involved. But you know what I`d have been even more impressed with tonight? Had Junior been benched, because that is exactly what he deserved, given his egregious behavior last night. Did I ever mention Junior Lake is not a Rhodes scholar?

Aloha jhosk- very true, also the hitting into double plays with RISP was tough to listen to as well. Anyhow the Bay Area is happy as the Warriors won in OT. Mahalo!

Yes k.g. That was a compelling game. The series is `must see.` LeBron is a `national treasure,` just as MJ was. The `Baby-faced assassin` is fun to watch, but has several seasons more to play at this high level before he earns that designation. Did I ever mention Vin Scully is also a `national treasure?` The Cavaliers have the home field this weekend vs. the Terrapins. Why that is so is a `mystery,` as Maryland`s record in 2015 was better. Aren`t the Cubs overdue for a `blowout` game in our favor, after so many `high stress` one run contests? It`s always a pleasure, my friend.

I meant to add it`s also a mystery Virginia is still playing, given this club is not nearly as talented as last season`s, and their W/L record shows it. But the Cavaliers somehow found a way to come from behind today vs, the Terrapins. It`s unlikely the Cubs are going to `blowout ` these Nats or the next formidable opponent, the Tigers. And isn`t it `high time` some team knocks off the Cardinals? Why not the Dodgers?

One of the Nats` tv broadcasters paid a compliment to our Cubs. Said all the games this season betwixt the Cubs and Nats have been, by far, the most competitive of any opponent the Nationals have faced in 2015. Said there have been impressive moments provided by both clubs. Also, there was a George Will `sighting` at tonight`s game.

Aloha jhosk! yes, the games have been good between the two clubs but the Nats own a 3-2 advantage right now if I am correct. In order for this young team to compete they will have to beat teams like the Nats at their home parks. This team also has to win games against teams like the Brewers, Marlins, Diamondbacks meaning the ones they are supposed to pick up they need too. I knew there would be a lot of growing pains this season too because of the transitions that would take place and they are not done yet. As you know there could be a lot of moves before the deadline this year so the team could go through another big change in personnel. I still am not too worried about the offense because it takes a while for young hitters to make adjustments as well as for the team as a whole to come together and understand their strengths and weaknesses when it come to manufacturing runs. But pitching is another story and I thought we had good pitching going into this season. Wada had a tough game yesterday but overall has done pretty well since coming off the DL and Lester had a tough game in Miami but again, I feel Ok there. The bullpen is hurting and so I would not be surprised to see some big changes there which could result in some position players being moved too. I am glad to see your Cavaliers still in the hunt and yes Scully is a national treasure (cannot say that too loud around a Giants fan!)! Take care now. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- Hammel pitched a great game today and gave the bp a rest! He is starting to really get into his stride. Also, did you notice the pitcher for the Nationals, I think his name is Rivero. He pitched 3 great innings, we need pitchers in the bull pen like this that can come in and sometimes need to go long as Rivero did. I give him kudos and hope the FO and get someone like him for this bp. Great win, hope they can finish it out tomorrow! Mahalo! PS: Did you notice Russell at SS! It was nice to see the infield of Rizzo, Herrera, Russell and Bryant and no errors today!

Please erase what I typed about the Royals. Yes, k.g. Saw only parts of today`s game. Yes; Rivero was efficient .Let`s find gems like him for our club. Hammel owns the Nationals. Has never lost to them in eleven starts. I believe Hammel led the league in WHIP going into the game, and improved on that number. Isn`t it 0.89 now? Sounds as if Maddon lost patience with Rondon in the ninth. Rondon faced the Nats` Anthony Rendon and made nine pitches in the ab, and Joe utilized his hook. I approve that. You`ll recall I lost patience with Rondon several weeks ago. Was good to see Russell at short, as you suggest, and he handled the assignment flawlessly. Was good to see the slumping Fowler get two knocks, and Anthony continues to impress with the bat. {The Nats` broadcaster said Anthony slaps tags on base runners at first on pick-off attempts faster than any first baseman in the league.} Anytime we defeat this opponent, it`s worth noting, as the Nats are formidable. {We are about to find out soon if American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown.} Mahalo!

Perhaps I overestimated the Tigers there. I`ve heard it said Detroit has lost eight straight. Very out of character for that organization. And we have to face another formidable club prior to the Tigers, the Royals for one game. And have you noticed the Redbirds are trying to run away and hide from the rest of the pack?

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