#Cubs lineup vs Nats: Denorfia starts

Chris Denorfia, activated from the DL on Sunday, will start in right field Sunday in the Cubs’ series finale vs. the Nationals. First pitch is scheduled for 3:05 p.m. CT. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Montero C

Coghlan LF

Castro SS

Denorfia RF

Hendricks P

Herrera 2B


I like the lineup let’s get this series finale… Can’t wait to see who gets brought up next wk to DH

Aloha Angel- I too am waiting to see who will be the dh and if that person is brought up or taken from the current 25. In theory, Maddon could use Travis Wood as the dh and he might do a very respectable job! You just never know. Well, I hope Rondon is ready to go and has a quick inning. Take care now. Mahalo!

Nice out of the box thinking, but I’m guessing Wood is not going to DH. They might use the DH to give a regular a day off in the field without taking away at bats, such as Bryant or Lake. I thought maybe they would call up Baez and work him in at third, but with his injury now I’m guessing they’ll either give Alcantara another shot or just keep Bryant at third and wait until LaStella is ready to come back.

Aloha Doug- yes, it was a stretch, I remember when Zambrano was used in certain situations because he had a pretty good bat and think Wood is up there too, so the suggestion. I could see your scenario with Baez at 3rd and giving Bryant a rest. Wish that could have happened. When is LaStella due back? Take care. Mahalo!

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Castro is not helping his cause! 14 errors so far. Costly errors. Could his trade value be plummeting? I like Castro. Wish he could get his act put together.

Aloha Folks. Maybe White you can tell me: I do not mlb tv yet, so I look online and listen to the audio when I can, also as a disclaimer I am not bashing anyone but just want to know. I see the score is now 2-2 and that Hendricks only has 1 earned run. Was the other run due to Castro’s error? I hope the team can hang in there, is is a good pitching match-up thus far. Mahalo!

Hi k.g. Ramos reached on Castro error. Desmond homers. Ramos scores along with Desmond. That is what I remember. Have a good day!

Aloha White, thanks for that info; gosh Castro is having a tough go of things in the field and what you do not want to happen are for your teammates to harbor resentment towards you. In this incident Hendricks may have made a good pitch to Ramos to get the out and when it did not happen it shook him up, then he made a mistake pitch to Desmond. I have a feeling none of this is lost on Maddon or the FO. I hope they can pull this one out. Mahalo.

Castro finishes 2 for 5 with 2 RBI’s after the off day and Herrera had a knock and an RBI filling in Russell who will now get two days off with the off day tomorrow. Yes, Starlin made an error…again, but he made up for it today.

Aloha Chris- Yes, he did make up for it at the plate but as we have seen in the past, this game could have gone the other way, meaning the Nationals win. Of course they did not. I want to see Castro succeed, it is better for the team. These next few weeks will be interesting to see what happens in regard to the shortstop position. Anyhow, for the team with injuries (ie: Soler) and folks going down to AAA or coming up, this was a big win and to take 3 of 4games after they had that horrible series in Miami is amazing. Hope they can keep it up! Mahalo!

It’ll be interesting to see who we draft tomorrow too at number 9, I’ve read 3 or 4 different names but I have faith in Theo and company based on their history lately. Good to take the season series from a good Washington team, on to Detroit!

Aloha Chris- agreed! Last year we were discussing options. Many of us here felt that a backstop was needed and they got one in Schwarber. I have read many predictions too and it most seem to be that the team goes after a certain pitcher or outfielder. I am sure the FO will do great and this is a test as this year the pick is down the line and if all goes well this season it will be an even later pick next year. So, these count and am with you that they will make a wise choice. Now onto Detroit! Mahalo!

Great series for the Cubs! Welcome back Carrie!!!!!

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