#Cubs lineup vs Tigers

The Cubs close their brief two-game Interleague series against the Tigers on Wednesday, sending Jake Arrieta to the mound. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Montero C

Coghlan LF

Castro SS

Baxter DH

Denorfia RF

Russell 2B

Arrieta P

*  The Tigers are seeking their first four-game winning streak since opening this season with six wins in a row.

* Miguel Cabrera has reached base safely in each of his last 27 games, the longest active streak in baseball. Cabrera is hitting .327 (32-for-98 AB) with a .436 on-base percentage in that span. Cabrera also has a hit in 13 straight games at Comerica Park with a .438 AVG, three home runs and 10 RBI in that stretch.

* The Cubs are 4-4 on this road trip that began in Miami and included a stop in Washington D.C.

* In his last start, Arrieta defeated the Nationals, giving up one earned in six innings. The Cubs have won six of Arrieta’s 11 starts this season, and were averaging 3.4 runs per game.


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Anybody know who Baxter is related to? Epstein? Hoyer? Maddon? What????

Aloha Fonzie! I was wondering something similar too! I know it may seem novel but why not put Travis Wood at DH? He can do no worse for them. I am sure they want to protect his arm as well but for a team having trouble at times manufacturing runs, you have to think out of the box. Well, it was “fun” idea in my train of thoughts! Hope they can pick this game up and end on a winning note! Mahalo!

k.g. I was thinking why is he on the ML roster? I know he may serve as the “emergency” catcher but still….when you think of players like Baxter, Ross, Herrera plus our less than stellar bullpen, the unsettled outfield and the Lester/Ross relentless teaming, the rookies (good but still rookies)….it goes to show just how good Maddon is at getting the best from what he is given. Just imagine what he will do when LF and CF are upgraded and solidified, when a closer comes along, when Ross is no longer perceived as “must have” for Lester and he is no longer handicapping our offense…could be WS time. I really look forward to Montero catching Lester just to see a shake up and to see Maddon is not in lock step with the Lester/Ross tandem. Lester/Montero anybody? One time maybe? Throw us bone here Joe? Maddon has done a remarkable job getting this team to play .500 + baseball. I wonder come near the trade deadline he will be given some more ammunition?

Aloha Fonzie & jhosk- salient points. Even thought I am a “backstop,” kind of person as they say, I think the experiment of the Lester-Ross combo has to come to a halt in that Maddon and the FO are in charge of this team not a pitcher and his personal catcher. I mean nothing personal to Ross and I think he will make a good coach one day. Having said that, Montero should be catching Lester now and if all goes well, Schwarber at some point comes up next year so it should be a tandem of Montero-Schwarber then flip that order when Schwarber is deemed the number 1. I read an article that may have been harsh but it was saying that Lester is holding back the Cubs from success. I thought it was a little tough to say that but it did make some points about team dynamics who is supposed to be in charge and so forth. I would also hope for the good of the team that Lester could come to some conclusions on his own instead of having to be approached or forced into agreement. I know we all want this team to do well and this season is still necessary to work out more “bugs.” Take care now! Mahalo!

k.g. I understand the FO has determined a valid reason for adding Ross to the roster, clearly it is not for his offensive skills so we fans are forgiven if we assume it is due to his successfully adding to the chance of Lester’s win ratio. If not that then it leaves only his experience on winning teams and leadership as reason(s) to have Ross on a young team such as the Cubs. This far in the season it is now been proven that it is NOT a given that Ross behind the plate for every Lester start will increase the chances of a Cubs’ victory let alone a stellar performance by Lester. This ship has sailed and I am hoping Maddon does an outlandish, unorthodox, waaaaaaay outta the box line up change and notices he has MONTERO AVAILABLE TO CATCH LESTER. A bone please Joe!!!! Throw us a bone!!!! I’ll go as far to say have Ross catch a Hendricks start every now and then as well, maybe he can impart some of his highly sought after wisdom to the youngser? Why horde it all for Lester, the veteran ace?

Fonzie, that`s an intelligent summation of the status of the team currently, and Maddon`s management of the circumstances to date. The team has really `overachieved` when one considers the flaws and holes and weaknesses which this club exhibits. The only caveat I may have with your critique involves Herrera. I love his story and root for underdogs like him. Don`t want to see him demoted. Is why I`m not pulling for heavily favored teams like Vanderbilt and Florida in the CWS.

This Wednesday night game could be the `blowout` win we`ve been asking for. It`s still just the seventh inning as I type, but things look mighty promising. When was the last time we`ve won a game by a wide margin? I can`t tell you exactly, but I can guarantee it was not any time recently.

Aloha jhosk- yes, we needed a game like this, now can the bp hold the line?! Please. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. Today on `Quick Pitch` it was said these 12 runs the Cubs scored last night are the most since 14 were tallied in early July 2014. Did you hear about a no hitter being thrown by some rookie I`d not heard of prior? Can`t recall which team he toils for, but I have the suspicion your spouse may be more than up to speed on this matter. (Smiling)

k.g, I think the no no was for SF

Aloha jhosk & fonzie- yes Giants pitcher Chris Heston a rookie filling in for Matt Cain threw that no-no. One day a Cubbie will do that again (I think Zambrano was the last pitcher). Today we need that run production so that Wada can feel assured, plus some good defense. This is an important series. Take care now. Mahalo!

MLB Network kept flipping the Cubs/Tigers game in order to view the NoNo,they also stated it was only the third time a rookie,and Neston is actually 27 I think,pitched a NoNo since 1912,and Christy Mathewson did it in 1901,cannot recall who the other pitcher was but what an exclusive club to be in considering the amount of NoNo’s the Giants have had.Go Cubs!

Actually, 35 rookies have thrown no-hitters in MLB history. From ESPN’s article on the game: “Heston threw 72 of 110 pitches for strikes in the 35th complete-game no-hitter by a rookie in major league history, according to STATS, the first since Boston’s Clay Buchholz in 2007.” Still, an amazing accomplishment though.

Aloha Kenly- yes, it is amazing how many no-no’s the Bay Area has been blessed with since 2009 starting with Jonathan Sanchez, Matt Cain 2012, Tim Lincecum 2013, Tim Lincecum 2014 and now Heston this year. 4 yrs in a row. Sabean and their FO really changed focus as they were “detaching” from Bonds to focus on team and what as needed, pitching. It is amazing how good their pitching has been all these years. The Cubs will get there too! Mahalo!

I apolize Doug I was actually talking about the Giant organization,I spelled Hestons name wrong in a frenzy,I also noticed you did not call out Carrie about David Price being right handed but all is good,anybody that watches baseball knows there have been rookie NoNos, true still an amazing accomplishment,Heston gave praise to Buster Posey,saying he let him completely call the game,very cool to watch including Bochy at the very end of the line letting Heston know at 27 years of age welcome to the big leagues.Go Cubs!

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