#Cubs go head to head vs Blackhawks

Cubs manager Joe Maddon isn’t sure what to expect Monday night when the Cubs play the Indians at Wrigley and the Blackhawks try to clinch the Stanley Cup Final at the United Center in Chicago. The two sports facilities are about six miles apart but the Wrigleyville area is a hot spot for fans to celebrate if the Blackhawks win.

Saturday’s Cubs game was delayed 2 hours 48 minutes because of rain, and during that time, the hockey game was broadcast on the new video boards at Wrigley.

“[Saturday], the rain delay could not have been more perfectly timed,” Maddon said. “Fans got to see a doubleheader here. Great TV to watch [the Blackhawks game] on, concessions, and the romance of being at the ballpark with the rain going on. It was a pretty cool venue last night.”

Can he imagine how Cubs fans might celebrate if they win a World Series?

“I know that our fans will react in an extraordinary way,” Maddon said. “I’m locked into today, and I don’t worry about that stuff. I think our fans are great as they are. We take care of business, it’ll bloom even more.”

— Carrie Muskat

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