#Cubs to promote Schwarber for 6 games

Kyle Schwarber, the Cubs’ top pick in the 2014 First-Year Player Draft, will be promoted to the big league team for six days to be the designated hitter in Interleague games at Cleveland and at Minnesota.

Theo Epstein, president of baseball operations, announced the move after Schwarber’s game with Double-A Tennessee Monday night.

“Kyle has had a tremendous developmental year so far behind the plate, with the bat, and as a leader,” Epstein said. “His next stop is to continue his development as a catcher at Triple-A. First, however, he is going to join the Major League team for six days to contribute as a designated hitter, as a bat off the bench, and as a third catcher.”

Epstein said this brief stint in the big leagues should benefit Schwarber, 22.

“He will also use the time in the big leagues to experience first-hand all that goes into being a Major League catcher,” Epstein said. “Regardless of how this week goes, Kyle will head to Triple-A after Sunday’s game.”

The Cubs play two games against the Indians, starting Wednesday, and then have a three-game series against the Twins.

Schwarber went 2-for-5 on MOnday with three RBIs, and was batting .320 at Tennessee. He has hit 13 home runs, 10 doubles and one triple with 39 RBIs. In the Cubs’ two games in Detroit, Miguel Montero and Mike Baxter were the designated hitters.

— Carrie Muskat


I suggested weeks ago this could come to pass. I was `shot down` by others who were adamant that we would not see Schwarber until September. Granted, it`s just a temporary move, but the fact is Kyle Schwarber will be with the Cubs in June, not three months from now. You`ll recall Joe Maddon spoke highly of Schwarber in a `presser` several weeks ago, and the manager`s `tenor` at the time spoke volumes, as far as I was concerned. If one read between the lines, the message was Joe expected to see the young prospect in the near term, and that is exactly what is going to transpire. You Cubs` fans are on the verge of being the beneficiaries.

Yes you did jhosk, nice call. Kind of puts the know-it-alls on this blog in their place. Of course…I don’t recall me being one of the naysayers to a Scwarber early promotion, but If I was one of those know-it-alls….my apologies. Let’s hope Schwarber makes it extremely difficult to send him back down even though it’s all over the papers that is what will be the case no matter his 6 game performance. A .350 BA, half dozen RBI and a few homeruns in six games…ha, ha. Let the fun begin watching yet another young player prove his value. Amazing job by Epstein and Hoyer. Hell, we fans may start taking these young studs for granted I dare say.

Aloha jhosk- yes you did make this call. Schwarber is having a nice year and I admit I was not even thinking about this but Joe must think they have a shot at the playoffs because this is more than just bringing up a youngest to get his “feet” wet because the next couple of weeks are full of tough series. The fact that the team has not done well the past 3 weeks makes this series crucial because the Pirates are playing well and the Cardinals just keep on keeping on. These darn rain-outs are hurting the team too! Anyhow, nice call and hope he does well. Take care now! Mahalo!

well when you were “shot down” it was because Soler was still healthy and Baez was on the brink of a promotion. No one could have saw those guys getting hurt. And if you want to pat yourself on the back then go for it but the promotion was more due to injuries than performance. So don’t get your hopes up when Schwarber does well and still gets sent back to AAA because that’s exactly what is going to happen.

We can always count on you to be `a wet blanket,` sir. No one can say you are not consistent.

why because I do more research and use knowledge instead of blurting out stupid comments that have no backing other than an uninformed opinion?

You missed the entire point, as should surprise nobody. The situations with Soler and Baez have absolutely no bearing on Schwarber`s current status as a member of the major league roster. This was destined to be the case under any circumstance. Go back and read what Joe Maddon said about Kyle weeks ago. He commented that Schwarber`s bat was `major league` ready, but not his catching skills. Yet the unmistakable impression was that the manager anticipated seeing the player with the Cubs sometime in the near future. Joe was looking ahead to these games with AL teams in which the DH would be required. Joe is a visionary, you see, and that is one of the critical reasons he`s a `superstar` manager.

You are completely wrong! If soler and Baez are healthy there is no reason for schwarber… Try reading and a little comprehension. Don’t dish out name calling when you are the actually in the wrong because it makes you look like a moron… But maybe you are ok with it

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Wow, exciting to see him for a few games! Get a healthy Soler back in there too but probably early for that. Like the way our BP has come around also. All about patience.

Petrey10, I refuse to stoop to your level with your name calling, including `stupid,` and `moron.` That is not my style, and am proud to express that. I can say that even the most rudimentary of `critical reading` skills would be required to comprehend what I stated, but it is very clear from your postings that you have no clue what that means. Everything is not black and white. There are nuances. One sometimes has to `read between the lines,` as was required with what Joe Maddon said about Kyle Schwarber a while back. You have demonstrated you are incapable of doing that. T`is a pity, because you are `out of the loop,` and are missing an abundance of information. Did I mention I like that I have not `stooped` to your level? I take the high road, and am enjoying the ride. Btw, did y`all notice that Kyle Schwarber had a heluva night at the dish tonight? This is why Joe Maddon hinted weeks ago that Kyle was going to be promoted to the Cubs for this brief period, meaning for the AL games when a DH is required. {Everyone but Petrey10 is capable of comprehending this apparently.} Of course, Kyle going to be sent back to the minors after this short period. That is the deal. We were informed of that by the FO.. He needs to work on his catching skills, It is the way the development process works. One does not need to be a Mensa candidate to `get` that. But just think of the possibilities when Schwarber is `ready` to join the Cubs on a permanent basis. The man can `rake.` You saw it tonight. Go Cubs!

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