#Cubs Maddon honored to hoist the Cup

The Cubs lost 6-0 to the Indians on Tuesday at Wrigley Field but won’t forget the pre-game ceremonies. The Blackhawks paraded the Stanley Cup around Wrigley before the game, and allowed manager Joe Maddon to hoist it over his head.

“I was concerned about how heavy it was,” Maddon said of the 35-pound trophy. “I’m watching these guys throw it up there and some of them are bending backwards, and it’s almost like clean and jerk kind of things.”

He asked the Blackhawks players, and they told the 61-year-old manager  he could do it.

“The fact I’ve been religiously lifting dumbbells, I felt confident in the moment,” Maddon said. “Once you got your hands on it and felt the weight, you knew at that moment, I can do this. I know not everybody has had that opportunity to do something like that, and to do it in front of your home crowd, it was an honor they would present it to me.

“More than anything, I was pleased I was able to do it physically. I did well. I saw the replay. I watched it in slow
motion — music like ‘Chariots of Fire’ in the background. Outstanding moment.”

Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta had a chance to congratulate some of the Blackhawks when they walked past him while he was starting his warm-up.

“They had a tremendous run and outstanding performance,” Arrieta said. “It’s a testament to their team and their ability for their team to come together. … It was a special night to be a part of. We would’ve liked our result to be a little different. It
doesn’t take away from the season they had. It would’ve been nice to come out with a victory. We just got beat all across
the board and need to come out a little sharper.”

— Carrie Muskat


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