#Cubs Schwarber: “It can only go up”

Kyle Schwarber figures it can only get better after his Major League debut.

The Cubs prospect needed to catch in the ninth inning Tuesday against the Indians, and then got his first ML at-bat leading off the Chicago ninth. Unfortunately, he had to face tough lefty Marc Rzepczynski, who struck out Schwarber on three pitches.

“My at-bat wasn’t the best at-bat at all but I got the first one out of the way,” Schwarber said. “It can only go up from there, I guess.”

Kris Bryant can empathize. He struck out three times in his ML debut on April 17.

Schwarber was promoted to be used as the designated hitter in the Cubs’ next five games in American League ballparks. He didn’t expect that his first action would be behind the plate but Montero was  ejected after the eighth.

“It was unexpected,” Schwarber said. “I didn’t know it was going to happen. They said, ‘Schwarber, you’re up.’ … Then [David Ross] said, ‘You’re catching.’ It was fun and good experience to get that first inning behind the plate in.”

And no butterflies.

“I was surprised how calm I was going back there for the first time,” Schwarber said. “My first at-bat I didn’t seem rushed or anything. Just getting the first one out of the way, it can only go up.”

— Carrie Muskat


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Cubs have Victor Catrini (the guy they got for Jeff Russell and Bonaficio trade to the Braves) as a catcher in the minors. He batted .388 in high school and is a .300 hitter so far and a natural catcher. Why not just put Schwarber in left now (and work on trading Coghlan (even though I like him) and perhaps Lake, keep Montero for the next 3-4 years while Catrini is being developed. Ross #2 catcher and Schwarber an emergency catcher to bring in from left?

You’re gonna send this guys’ bat down to the minors to work on catching when you can bring Catrini up in 2 years while Montero is the #1 catcher?

This bat of Schwarber’s is deadly. Why send that back down to the minors?

Lol victor Caratini is hitting 231 in high a ball …. Never hit over 300 in the minors. You can’t plan for him to be the future. Schwarber’s bat could be top 3 at the catching position in the MLB. That’s why you see them pushing him there.

What’s wrong with developing a catcher that CAN HIT THE SNOT out of the ball? A rare commodity indeed. Let the Cubs continue with a well thought out PLAN. Besides, how easy is it to find a left fielder with at least decent offensive skills?

And now I’m hitting .667 (4/6). He’d like to give thanks to Tracy Smith

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