#Cubs Minor League report

Tuesday’s games

Jeff Antigua gave up three runs on five hits over five innings in Iowa’s 6-4 loss to Omaha. John Andreoli was 3-for-3 and
Matt Szczur had two hits and two RBIs.

Tennessee had Tuesday off and returns to action Wednesday against Mississippi.

Duane Underwood Jr. gave up two hits over seven scoreless innings in Myrtle Beach’s 6-0 win over Winston-Salem. Jacob
Rogers had three hits, including a solo home run in the sixth. Mark Zagunis had two hits and three RBIs. Underwood struck
out four and walked one, and now is 6-2 with a 1.85 ERA.

Jesse Hodges had three hits in South Bend’s 3-1 loss to DAyton. Zach Hedges took the loss, giving up three hits over seven
innings. Daniel Lewis threw a scoreless ninth.


Knighton was the loser in the South Bend game. Hedges left after seven.

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And how about the job Wada-san gave us tonight! I`m thinking k.g. is having trouble containing himself. We want to see more of this. This was a bigger `blowout` than we observed just a few games ago. Could this be a trend? Embrace it!

Aloha jhosk- you know it! I am happy for Wada-san, all these folks have to earn their jobs and by merit keep them. I was at an A’s game tonight watching a very good pitcher in Chavez but with a struggling team right now. His ERA is 2.57, when I left he had struck out 10 through 6 innings! He began the night with a record of 2-6. I would love for the Cubs to get him! He was fun to watch tonight! But my heart was with the Cubbies and “quietly” in my seat praying for a good night for the team and what an answer to prayer! Take care now. Mahalo!

I hear you, k.g. You are fortunate to have seen a major league game tonight. It`s been a long spell for myself; trust me. Pleased to hear you were impressed with Chavez; given the way the A`s are willing to deal at the drop of a hat, it is not a `stretch` to see Chavez one day being a Cub. {Aside: That was unfortunate all those Irish `nationals` lost their lives in that unfortunate balcony collapse in Berkeley. Both my grandfathers were born in County Mayo, Ireland, and I`ve visited the `Emerald Isle` several times.} Is always a pleasure, k.g.

Aloha jhosk- I am pulling for your Virginia ball club, I hope they can continue their season! Also, I had not been to a game in a while. The A’s had a promotion for $2.00, not the best seats but I was able to enjoy baseball on a beautiful evening. Yes the collapse in Berkeley was sad. I am not sure what the mainstream media is saying but the balcony these students were on is really only meant for 1 or 2 folks. I feel for the owners because people are raw right now but these students were rowdy, heavy drinking and 12-14 of them packed on that balcony. It is not to take away from the tragedy but it could have been avoided and lives not lost, that is what is so sad. Take care now. Mahalo.

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