#Cubs recall Medina; Rosscup to DL

The Cubs recalled right-handed pitcher Yoervis Medina from Triple-A Iowa and placed left-handed pitcher Zac Rosscup on the 15-day disabled list with left shoulder inflammation. Medina will wear uniform No. 33 and will be in Cleveland Wednesday.

Medina, 26, was acquired from the Mariners for catcher Welington Castillo on May 19 and has since appeared in 10 games for Iowa, producing a 2.57 ERA (2 ER/7 IP) in his last six relief appearances dating to May 31.

The right-hander broke into the big leagues with the Mariners in 2013 and went 4-6 with one save and a 2.91 ERA in 63 relief appearances while ranking second among all AL rookies with 19 holds.

Rosscup, 27, is 2-1 with a 4.30 ERA (11 ER/23 IP) in 26 relief appearances for the Cubs after he was recalled from Iowa on April 14. He is 3-1 with a 5.44 ERA (26 ER/43 IP) and 53 strikeouts in 54 career relief outings for the Cubs spanning parts of the last three seasons.


How much further before Niel Ramiaz get back

bare54, I read in today’s paper the Cubs are expecting/hoping to get Ramirez back before the All Star break….

I’m sorry, but Niel Ramiaz? That is probably the worst misspelling I’ve ever seen on here. I mean, do people even try to get people’s names right anymore, or does no one care? And it’s not like Neil and Ramirez are names you never see and couldn’t even guess how to spell. Come on people, stop being lazy and stupid and at least learn the players’ names!

Well that is probably one of the rudest comments I have seen for a while! Just because someone has difficulty spelling or pronouncing a name doesn’t make them stupid OR lazy. I didn’t know we were at a Spelling Bee Contest. Give it a rest!

No, what makes them stupid or lazy is when they don’t spell the name correctly when the name was in the headline on the side of the page! And I’m sorry that I ask for so much, like knowing how to spell the names of the players on the team you supposedly like and follow. I mean, i didn’t know how to spell Samardzija at first, but instead of just typing gibberish I actually looked it up and remembered it each time I wanted to talk about him, because I didn’t want to be lazy and stupid! But I guess he was asking about the Cubs, so I should give him credit for actually talking about the Cubs instead of some nonsensical thing that others on this site seem to enjoy discussing. A typo I can forgive, but “ramiaz” is just ridiculous!

Doug, in your reply to White…you forgot to capitalize “i” when referring to yourself.
I suppose grammar is not as a felonious offense in your world?
I would give a wide berth for typos as it can be more than stupidity or laziness that is the reason for them. Such as ailments like Parkinson’s disease, arthritis etc. or even a mental condition, vision issues and the like. There may indeed be people out there not as fortunate as yourself to be a spot on typist or in such great health. Typos are not limited to being indicative of laziness or stupidity. bare54 may very well be a hardworking citizen with enough intelligence to maintain a job. None of us know this of course but I would rather err on the side of optimism, being a Cub fan I would think the same of all of us, no? Our common link after all is our affection for the Cubs. By the way, congrats on your hard work and outstanding dedication in mastering the spelling of Samardzija, I don’t know if I have “the right stuff” to accomplish such a feat…wait a minute, I just did!! Woo Hoo!! Look at me now Ma!!

Not capitalizing an I is a typo, while completely butchering someone’s name is not. But I guess we really shouldn’t care about what our own players names are. I mean, not knowing them makes us look like drunken buffoons, but who cares? As long as we vote Antoine Rizzi into the Pro Bowl Game and hope that Christoph Bryans is the Freshman of the Year in the Nation League, then all is well in the land of Cub fandom. Have another beer and let’s hope that Jazon Hamlet pitches a zero-hitter tonight. And if they must go to the bullpen, hopefully Pdrow Stup has his best stuff tonight! But did anyone happen to see who won the College World Series game last night? Because that’s really what I, and I assume everyone else on here, came to discuss.


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Hey, what’s going on with a lack of comments regarding Schwarber? All you Theo supporters just want this one to just get under the rug? What ever happened to Theo’s “there’s a process”, “I always have done it this way” or “need a certain amount of at bats in the minors”? Clearly this was all a song and dance as I said it was and Theo is feeling the heat of less than expected to this point so going after whatever may help. In addition, even Carrie gave me a response last year when I said Soler has a long history of being injury prone…well here we are not even in a full year in the big show; in order to carry as much weight as he does it takes an conditioned athlete to play right and stay healthy.

First we have had injuries and need production… Schwarber fits the mold and can be pushed because we are in contention… Last year we sucked
Soler rolled his ankle relax… U probably roll your ankle walking into Starbucks … Maybe someone will be there to bash you

petrey10 is pretty much correct here (sans the Starbucks remark of course) as Theo is allowed to change his take on things as situations develop and become relevant. It’s not like Schwarber was anointed the starting catcher. His brief call up is deemed beneficial to his development and at the same time fill a need for the ML club during a unique set of games calling for a DH. To me, this remains the process Theo has subscribed to from the day he took the job.

I agree White, rather spell incorrectly than be ignorant.

Hmmm it’s ignorant to mispell ? That seems wrong?!

You just misspelled `misspell.` I normally would not comment on this, but since it`s you, I can`t resist. You are proving more and more with your postings that you are `uneducated.` I was an `educator` in my former life, and am offering my services, but doubt you will accept. (Smiling)

Aloha jhosk- Gosh, I knew I would get to this late because I was at an A’s game tonight against the Padres, I wanted to watch the Friars close up as they say. Talk about a hard luck pitcher: Jesse Chavez for the A’s going into tonight’s game was 2-6 with an ERA at like 2.57. When I left the game he had struck out 10 through the end of the 6th inning! Anyhow, your call about Schwarber was prophetic. I think because they have a chance in October to have an extended season is whey they brought him up now. As you said last year, he can “rake!” What needs to happen for this team to not only be in contention but get to the next level is to manufacture runs and they cannot have these big swings (ups and downs). I am very happy for Schwarber tonight but also know that the pitching at the MLB level is much better than in AAA/AA so teams will make adjustments to him. Which also means that he and the other players needs to make adjustments in their approaches at the plate. Anyhow, besides Schwarber and good for him, Wada did an excellent job tonight and so glad that Maddon is the leader that he is because I understand where Wada-san is coming from, a cultural thing. And we can be hard on ourselves so for Maddon to have that chat with him and get results like this on the road is awesome. He pitched well enough tonight to have won by a score of 1-0! Wada-san Omedetou! Gunbatene! Go Cubbies! Mahalo!

It was meant for sarcasm there internet tough guy…. You are the one showing how dense you are and how you seem to hold a grudge when someone can talk over the top of your pea brain …. Since you were an educator you would think you would take the time to learn more… Last time I checked educators use knowledge not opinion…. At least the good ones… Maybe that’s why you aren’t educating anymore

I see you are `pumped,` tonight, k.g. and you are `right` to feel that way. You are a genuine Cubs` fan; you stick with the club through thick and thin. You have the `bonafides.` I`ve known that for a long while; trust me. If others on here did not know that, perhaps they will believe it now. {Aside: it looks as if Virginia is going to need to play Florida again; but the Gators will have to beat the Cavaliers twice to reach the final round, as it`s a double elimination tournament. Could that transpire? Absolutely it could. This Florida club is a powerhouse. Do I wish Miami defeated Florida tonight? Absolutely I do. But that is akin to asking for Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination for president. It ain`t going to happen. And it ain`t going to happen for Ben Carson or Carly Fiorino or George Pataki or Rick Santorum or Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee or Lindsey Graham or Rick Perry. I guarantee it.

On a positive note schwarber looked great but so did everyone last night. I knew Bryant was going deep in the 9th… Very cool. On the other hand how would you like to be the Indians and lose an outfielder bc he blew his arm out pitching ??? Not good there

This is off the subject here but I was watching MLB Network this morning. They were talking about my man, Ryno and that he will not be with the Phils after this year. Not his fault. Wish him well where ever his career takes him.

thats because your man Ryno is a bad baseball coach… end of story…

Well Doug, you misspelled every player’s name (on purpose of course) and we still knew who and what you were talking about. No problem. Amazing how the brain can rearrange word spellings and we can still read them. I am right handed but I can write backwards with my left hand. Hold it up to a mirror and read it, clear as a bell.

That’s great, but you are completely missing my point! Of course I knew the original poster was talking about Neil Ramirez. And when people talk about Ryan Sandberg, we know they’re talking about Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg, not some guy named Ryan. My point is, know the names of the players on the team that you follow. It doesn’t matter if we can figure out who you are talking about, if you totally butcher the name of a player on the team you supposedly follow, then you look like you’re either stupid or lazy or both. And Neil Ramirez is not that hard of a name to master. And for years just recently, the Cubs had a pretty famous Ramirez on their team, so it’s not like the name Ramirez is completely foreign to any Cubs fan! Get it right next time, and if you don’t know it, take two seconds while you’re online to pull up the Cubs roster and figure it out! I mean, Cardinals fans are annoying as hell, but I’m sure most of them can spell Trevor Rosenthal. Probably can’t spell much of anything else, but at least they know their own players names!

they probably hack into that teams database to figure out the correct spelling… try calling that lazy! HAHA

White, I don’t think Doug is open minded enough to allow bare54’s comment to go without criticism for the misspelled name. His past comments suggest I am correct and that his issues run deep. For all we know bare54 may have overcome a personal challenge to get as far as to even post a comment regardless of spelling and now a harsh attack on an innocent misspelling of a player’s name is the issue here? More like Doug’s issue. Too bad really such callous disrespect for posters (Cubs’ fans no less!!) is still in play on this blog. Nothing can be done about this White except to move on and except Doug will be….Doug. But White I ask you….isn’t it truly remarkable? Doug’s story about how he overcame his inability to spell Samardzija? Really, that is made for TV movie material, no?

You don’t know me either, so for all you know I’ve overcome issues and challenges of my own to be able to post on Muskat Ramblings. I love how you just presume to know everyone and their brackgrounds, funzo24601 or whatever the hell your screenname is. It doesn’t matter what your name is, right? I mean, I know that’s not your screenname, but it sounds close enough so you and White can probably put your heads together and figure it out. I’m sorry, I meant to say you and Wighte. And I didn’t “overcome my inability to spell Samardzija”. I wanted to talk about a pitcher who was on the Cubs at the time, so instead of coming up with some dumb nickname like Shark or just typing in random letters that look like maybe the way you spell his name (Sahmarjah… does that look right to you?), I actually found a Cubs roster (which is not that hard to find on the Internet, especially considering we’re on a Cubs website!) and learned how he spells his name. Did I do this to overcome some adversity? No, I did it so I could participate in the conversation without looking like I’m dumb or lazy. If you enter the conversation and you actually know the players’ names, then people will take you a lot more seriously than if you start going on about Shark and Ramiaz and Joe Madden and Chris Bryan and Ryan Sandberg! So just so you can have some credibility, get the freakin names of the freakin players on your freakin team right!

My apologies Doug, I did not mean to rattle your cage and I of course know nothing of your issues, whether they be minor, major, few or many. Fight the good fight fellow Cubs fan!! We can all aspire from you…

if only the great educator jhosk could just teach us how to spell!

Petrey10…your reply to Doug alluding to hacking….my God man…THAT WAS FUNNY! Nice, very nice.

Petrey10, even their owner said they were going to have a bad team. Believe Ryne had a lot of success at the minor level. I know that doesn’t translate into success at the major league level. Only time will tell how everything turns out. Like I said, wish him well in the rest of his career.

I can’t imagine anybody other than Petrey10 calling Ryne Sandberg a bad baseball coach let alone manager. Considering his success in the minor leagues. I think Ryne is not above growing pains and on this bad Philly team he is experiencing such pains and should not reflect too much about his ability to coach baseball let alone manage a ML team. The consensus is Maddon is a very good manager….I doubt he would fair much better than Ryne if he were the skipper of the Failin’ Phils this season. Better yes, much better, no.

Who has said ryne is a good mlb coach ??? Please show me the evidence… All I have seen is conflicts and lack of production… As we all know there are bad teams but it’s if the players improve or regress that matter no matter record…. In that I say ryne is a bad coach. It’s nothing personal but he hasn’t done a good job

Petrey10, this is not a trial that evidence is required. I don’t know who said Ryne is a good MLB coach but your comment was he is a bad baseball coach…end of story…(BTW and FYI you ending the story pretty much is meaningless on this blog). Sandber’gs record in the Cubs minor league system is evidence of the opposite of your assessment. Now, if you stated a bad major league baseball coach it would have had more validity but still arguable at best considering the bad performance by his players. He may get fired as may Ventura but that does not make either man a bad manager, it makes them scapegoats. Why not show me the evidence and tell me who (other than you) said Ryne is a bad baseball coach?
Evidence…jeez petrey10 really? Evidence of somebody’s opinion as if there is recorded documents that somebody said Ryne is a good baseball coach, which he is not even a coach, yet a manager. You have seen conflicts and lack of production….??? Hell, that can be said about quite a few teams. What evidence is there somebody said Sandberg is a bad manager or coach if that is what you prefer to describe him. Even if Amaro himself came out and publicly said Ryne is a bad manager, that is not evidence it is opinion. If you have documented proof of a history of Ryne’s blatant mistakes as a coach/manager….produce it. Otherwise you have your opinion only. You and your evidence…counselor. Geez.

Coaching success is measured in progress right? Not necessarily wins but progress …. Much like renteria was a good manager (coach is a synonym to manager smart ass… Look it up in the dictionary)…. What progress has Sandberg shown? I’d love to see it. As far as the proof? Well do you want me to show you stats or can you not interpret those yourself by looking at baseball reference… I can just let me know how you want that sent your way . Will you need help reading that? I bet I could help you with that too. As far as his minor league success… That’s laughable … Quade was a great minor league and 3rd base coach …. How’d that work out… None of the players have came out and shown support for Sandberg which is huge when you have s bad team. He just hasn’t been good at making situational calls and doesn’t seem to follow probability in the stats… His minor league record which you are so high on is only 439-409…. but I’m sure you already knew that since you think he’s a good manager or coach or whichever synonym you would like to use.

Petrey10, navigating through your insulting comments is always…expected. With that done and your insults aside I thank you for the Baseball Reference suggestion.
Baseball Reference has Sandberg with an AvRk of 4.8 and the good manager (according to you) Renteria at AvRk of 5.0 Does this not mean Baseball Reference ranks Sandberg as a marginally better manager than the good manager (according to you) Renteria? Is this correct? Does AvRk indeed mean Average Rank? If so, then I would think Baseball Reference does have Sandberg higher than Renteria and if that is the case Sandberg would have to be a good manager if he is ranked higher than a good manager (according to you) such as Renteria. Is this correct information I am reading from Baseball Reference? Thank you sir.

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