#Cubs lineup and leftovers from 17-0 win

* Jason Hammel gets the start Thursday when the Cubs close their two-game series in Cleveland. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Montero C

Castro SS

Coghlan LF

Denorfia RF

Schwarber DH

Russell 2B

About last night …

* The Cubs’ 17-0 victory Wednesday over the Indians was the largest shutout road victory for the Cubs in 109 years since they blanked the New York Giants, 19-0, on June 7, 1906.

* Kris Bryant hit his first career grand slam while Kyle Schwarber recorded four hits in his first career start. According to Elias, it was the first time in almost 90 years that one Cubs rookie hit a slam and another Cubs rookie had four hits in the same game. It also happened on Aug. 25, 1925, against the Phillies when Mandy Brooks hit a grand slam and Art Jahn had four hits in a 19-10 win.

* The Cubs collected six runs on six hits in the second inning, then plated four runs on six hits in the third. It was the first time in nearly 13 years they recorded six or more hits in consecutive innings. It was previously done on Aug. 20, 2002, at Houston in the third and fourth innings.

* Bryant is the first Cubs rookie in 87 years to record two hitting streaks of at least 12 games apiece in the same season. According to STATS Inc., the last to do so was Freddie Maguire, who had streaks of 13 and 15 games in 1928.

And looking ahead …

After Thursday’s game, the Cubs travel to Minneapolis to play an Interleague series against the Twins. Here are the pitching matchups:

Friday: RHP Kyle Hendricks (2-2, 3.80) vs. RHP Jared Hughes (4-6, 4.79)
Saturday: LHP Jon Lester (4-5, 3.99) vs. RHP Trevor May (4-5, 4.26)
Sunday: RHP Jake Arrieta (6-5, 3.40) vs. RHP Kyle Gibson (4-5, 3.33)


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How in the hell can you function with a bench of Ross, Herrera and Baxter a/k/a “The Flying Mendozas”!

Well, for starters, Herrera and Baxter are there because others are hurt. When Soler comes back, Denorfia will go back to being the 4th OF and Baxter will either be the 5th OF or will go back to AAA. When LaStella comes back, Herrera is probably a goner too. Second, the Cubs are 7 games over .500 and would make the playoffs if they started today, so they’re not exactly struggling with Ross, Herrera, and Baxter on the bench. They probably wouldn’t want them on the bench for the full 162-game season, but like I said, once certain players return from the DL, at least two of the three will probably get downgraded or sent back to AAA. And it’s probably a safe bet that the Cubs would be in the market for a lefty outfield bat to come off the bench as the trade deadline approaches.

Aloha Doug- good point about all the injuries and the need for folks like Baxter and Herrera. I am looking forward to those coming off of the DL too. Mahalo.

Aloha Alan- I am sure Maddon and the FO are having some serious discussions about the roster as they feel there is a chance to be in the playoffs. Ross is there more for mentoring, I think as one day he will probably be coaching soon, but I do think since Lester is 4-5 with almost a 4.00ERA that Maddon as the manager has the right to say to Lester, we are not producing runs, clutch hitting consistently. So, I think it is time to let Montero catch for Lester or at least say every 3rd start and for the times Ross does start, maybe he only goes 4-5 innings. Cannot speak for Herrera and Baxter but am hopeful. Take care now. Mahalo!

Baxter is terrible… Herrera is brutal…. Can’t wait for soler and Baez to get back so we can really start to see how things will pan out.

Aloha Petrey- I was trying to be diplomatic about Baxter and Herrera but cannot wait for Soler and Baez too. I bit the bullet and got a good deal purchasing MLBTV, so I started watching today’s game after the rain delay and it was hard watching Wood. I am not sure how much longer he will be with this team. No movement, very flat. I am sure he is “depressed” after being demoted but one has to make the best out of a situation and tonight did not look good. I hope the team can pull this out as they need these wins because of Pittsburgh & St. Louis. Mahalo.

k.g. your diplomacy is very refreshing and welcomed. Is it not validation of Maddon’s skills and capability as a manager and leader? To have this team playing so well with such a limited bench not to mention the Lester/Ross debacle? Is Lester thinking about Montero’s much more potent bat sitting on the bench during his every start? Thinking….I’m an automatic out, my dear friend David is an automatic out….I better pitch a shutout… I better pitch a shutout. I think that can get in a pitcher’s head from the very first pitch. Probably happening to The Shark on the south side right now and maybe why he gives up too many hits and homeruns, knowing he has very little breathing room. I agree, time for Montero to catch Lester on at least a semi-regular basis and Ross’s mentoring skills should be relegated to a coaching position, allowing the bench to get stronger. At least in 2016, I really don’t think the Cubs should begin next year with Ross as a player taking up a spot in the line up. Take care k.g.

Petrey, that would be a “beast” of a line-up!

And what’s scary Tom ….. Schwarber will be up in midaug to sept….. He’s probably the 3rd best bat in all the guys in the Cubs organization. It’s almost video game like or at least possible

Fowler cf
Rizzo 1b
Bryant lf
Schwarber. C
Soler. Rf
Baez. 3b
Castro ss
Russell 2b

2-4 could be mix and matched… I won’t argue 2b/ss that’s just how it’s gonna be this year so don’t whine about it. Castro is in a no pressure spot and hopefully can relax and just hit the ball

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