#Cubs Minor League report

Thursday’s games

Carlos Pimentel gave up one earned run over 6 1/3 innings in Iowa’s 7-2 win over Round Rock. Rafael Lopez had three hits
and Christian Villanueva and Adron Chambers each had two RBIs.

Tennessee’s game vs. Mississippi was suspended in the fourth because of rain and the Smokies leading 1-0. The game was to be resumed on Friday and followed by the regularly scheduled game.

Myrtle Beach’s game vs. Lynchburg was postponed because of rain and will be made up as part of a doubleheader on Saturday.

Dayton scored in the 10th to beat South Bend, 2-1. Jake Stinnett gave up one run (unearned) on one hit and three walks over six innings. Yasiel Balaguert and Cael Brockmeyer each had three hits.

Carson Sands gave up two runs on five hits over five innings in Eugene’s 6-1 loss to Everett in the season opener. Eloy
Jimenez had two hits and one RBI.

The Arizona Rookie League Cubs open their season Saturday.


South Bend should have the cubs triple A team better stadium and would draw more fans.

Des Moine’s metro population is over double of what South Bend’s is. I seriously doubt South Bend would draw more fans.

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The Phils have announced Cole Hamels will miss his next start, and that means tonight vs. the Cardinals. Isn`t that convenient? This portended to be the Phillies` one best opportunity to take down the Redbirds this weekend. You`ve heard the expression, It`s sometimes better to be lucky than good.` This is an example `in spades.`

Aloha jhosk- yes, it is bad when we are hoping the best against the rivals Cardinals and Pirates! Cole for the Pirates looked really good last night against the WSox. Movement on the ball, placement. His only mistake was to G.Soto late when he gave up the homer (it was a beautiful hit, reminded me of Soto as a Cub in his rookie season). TWood did not look good last night as he looked flat. I felt bad for him it was hard to watch. I also think if this team is in the hunt come July, Wood could be gone in a package. We will see. I wanted your Cavaliers to win today but hope they can finish off that Florida team tomorrow. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. As expected, the Cards are `blowing out` the Phils as I type. Speaking of `blowouts,` that is what the Twinkies are apparently on their way to as well, unfortunately. It`s all well and good to stockpile offensive players, as the Cubs are in the process of doing, but the lack of pitching is `glaring,` and I do not see the equivalent attention being devoted to that area. Is remarkable the Cavaliers are in the position they find themselves, as their youth and inexperience are apparent, and they`ve overachieved in the postseason. Had better get stellar pitching tomorrow against the potent bats of the Gators to have any chance. I agree Cole is a `force.` Has 11 wins already. Doesn`t that lead the league? And the ERA is miniscule. {Btw, those points you made about the balcony collapse gave me pause. They were aspects of the incident I had not considered, and no doubt were major factors in the tragic results.} Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- thank you. I have been “sad” thus far about the pitching staff, including Wada-san. I thought going into this year, after Arrieta-Hendricks-Wada finished strong at the end of last year, that this year they would continue where they left off. I did not expect a whole lot when it came hitting and manufacturing runs, that takes a while to learn as well as defense, meaning playing as a team. The one person that I wanted the FO to go after and they did was Hammel for pitching and he has produced. The other person I wanted them to go after not only for his work as a backstop but for his mentoring skills was Martin, who is having a nice year as well at the plate. The FO went hard after him but he choose another team, that is the name of the game. I will say it now and probably get hammered but I was 50/50 on Lester. I am not discounting what he can do but for many pitchers that have been in one league for a while and one organization then to move to a new league and organization it can be a tough transition. Now, he may bounce back the second half of this season as he adjusts and I hope he does. Part of my “experience,” was watching another lefty leave an organization that he was very comfortable with, successful with and jump to a different league as well for a pay contract…Zito. So, I felt with the main addition of Hammel that the pitching would be good and that possibly towards the end of this year one might see Edwards come up if he is ready. I looked at 2015 as another building year but with stronger results and if the FO needed to go out and get FA pitching, this would be the year to get it as at the end there will be many to pick from and possibly at a more competitive price. The Giants changed their philosophy from big hitters to pitching and not only did it save Sabean’s job but it has produced 3 WS in 5 years. I love big hitters but you need good to great pitching and good defense and tonight another two errors. So I wonder if a big trade is on the horizon come July does the FO trade away some pieces to a team in contention for very good pitching prospects? I am not saying that this team does not have a chance. I have seen many teams come around the second half of the season but if going into the All-Star Break and before the deadline the team is where it is now, I do not think they make it, not even a WC berth, so be bold and get some more good pitching prospects into the system. Do have to give EJax kudos tonight he pitched 3 good innings and Rizzo did his part too. Good luck to them Cavaliers tomorrow! Tired, today was a big day in the area as the Warriors had their parade and thousands of folks came out to support. Was nice to see a Chicago Bull back up on the stage…coach Steve Kerr! Take care. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- I noticed in my “tired-stupor” that I meant to say in regard to Barry Zito, a big payday-large contract. Also, I know many will say that the “metrics” are at a place now whereby pretty much the numbers tell if a drafted pick will succeed or not. I love the numbers as much as anyone else but I also know that baseball is still played by humans and there is the “mental,” aspect that will always be a part of the game. Having said that, it has been refreshing to watch a 12th round draft pick from 2009 (357th pick overall) pitch a no-hitter and currently help a team to 2nd place in their division, Chris Heston of the Giants. He has had some rough outings too and is holding his own at the moment with a 7-5 record, 3-1 ratio on k’s to bb’s and a 3.83 era, which is a respectable for a rookie. So, as I said above, as much as I love the big hitters and am very happy that the organization was able to draft Bryant, Schwarber, Baez, pick up a Soler and so forth because they are important. Pitching is needed for both the starting positions as well as the bp. Hope your Cavaliers can pull it out today! Take care. Mahalo!

You must have seen those reports that the Cubs have been talking to both the Mets and Angels of late, and that the Baez injury may have placed a `fly in the ointment,` if you like. That Monday game betwixt Virginia and Vandy is a prime example of how excellent pitching can shut down a powerful offense. If Waddell does not start tonight`s game, there should be an investigation. But nothing will surprise me, as it made no sense to start Kirby yesterday, given he had not worked since April 17th due to injury, and Conner Jones was available.Yes, your point is well taken that Heston was lightly regarded when originally drafted and he`s overachieved. Perhaps our scouts can find some of those `hidden gems.` Let`s hope Jon Lester gets back on track today.

Aloha jhosk, gosh another nail-biter! I think it was in the 5-6th inning where two folks were on and no outs, man on 3rd. A fly ball scores the go ahead run. Castro strikes out, Shwarber strikes out, next is a walk to load bases and then Ross struck out. Very tough. Glad they fought back as Lester pitched a good game. Now to pick up tomorrow’s game. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- I see your Cavaliers tied it up at 4-4, now in the 6th, hope they can pull this one out! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. Now it`s top 8th and a one run lead for Cavs. A nail biter, the way the Cubs` game was. I appreciate your support. When I commented earlier about the Cubs talking to The Mets and Angels, I meant to include it was about pitching. You probably assumed that, but just in case you did not, I want to stipulate that. Did you hear what Scherzer did today? In his prior game he tossed a one hitter. The two games back to back place him close to Johnny Vander Meer territory.

Aloha jhosk! I see them Cavaliers pulled it out! This series against the Gators was a good one for them, perseverance if you know what I mean, builds character and team. Also, I wish I could read everything, know everything but I am far from it. That is why I enjoy Carrie’s blog here because of folks like you, Jasper, KenlyCub, White, DelawareCub, Tomntexas, BruceBrazil, Doug, Petrey, Fonzie and many many others that bring in information from around the states, what is going on and so forth. I did not know that there was an article about the Cubs talking with the Mets or Angles. I vaguely remember reading at the beginning of the year a writer speculating about possible trades that would be go for certain teams, I think he said the Cubs give up Castro and the Mets a certain pitcher (I cannot remember off the top of my head). I know Jasper does not like for an organization to go out and pay big money for FA pitchers and so I was thinking about this. If this team is unable to make up ground by a certain point and are still in 3rd place, I think a trade like they did last year (Shark/Hammel for Addison + with the A’s) would be all right if it got the organization a top pitcher/prospect(s). Addison was only a year away from coming up, actually less than a year in terms of the timetable. I am pretty sure Bryant, Addison, Soler, Rizzo, Lester, Baez, Schwarber, Edwards would be off limits. But the rest could be fair game. Anyhow, congratulations to your team, I hope they go all the way! Mahalo!

That Mets` pitcher was Noah Syndergaard, k.g. He`s known as `Thor.` It was on the `Sun Times` site where I saw information about the Mets and Angels talking to the Cubs. No one picked Virginia to reach this point; trust me. Vandy is going to be heavily favored in the `Championship round.` Virginia`s accomplishment is more proof that the team which is more talented `on paper` does not always prevail. Almost every team Virginia`s played in this entire tournament was favored over the Cavs. This was a very good Florida team the Cavs defeated twice this week. I must say the player I have been most impressed with in these Virginia/Florida games is Harrison Bader. He can rake and has foot speed and I like his makeup. Wouldn`t you know he was drafted by the Cardinals earlier this month in the third round? It`s a mystery to me why he did not go even higher. {Btw, that Steve Kerr reference you made earlier, I fully agree with. He`s a stand-up guy and is very deserving. Recall last off-season, he had to make a decision as to which team he would accept the head coaching position for, the Knicks or Warriors. Do you think he was torn between the two and agonized over his final choice?} Smiling

And speaking of the Cardinals, do you think this `hacking` business could become `a big deal?` We do not know a heluva lot at the moment, but I suggest it`s not a stretch to speculate the Feds could present more of a challenge to bringing down the Redbirds than either the Pirates or Cubs.

Aloha jhosk- I sure hope they did not do anything towards the Astros. I find it odd though as there are “bigger” issues to deal with how this current system is ready to take on certain items but turn a blind eye towards others. And yes to your comment about what the “metrics” says on paper does not always pan out, that is why I like to say baseball is still played by humans not computers! Your Cavaliers are playing together as a team which is very different than others teams that have lots of talent but no chemistry. And why I always speak about the importance of having some veterans around that can also mentor. Little harder in college because as my coach used to say, “just when we are getting a good team together…the draft comes and graduation!” The Cubs need today’s game in a big way leading into the series against the Dodgers, who at this moment are angry because they have lost 2 already to the Giants. Wada-san has a big task in dueling with Clayton K on Monday. No DH-Schwarber too, so this team has to hit with runners in scoring position and manufacture them runs because this Dodger team will hurt you. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., that is a major challenge Wada-san has going against Kershaw Monday. We could not catch a break the way the Cards did Friday bypassing Hamels. The Phils did defeat the Cards today thankfully. How bad have the Phillies been? I heard the Philadelphia tv broadcasters reveal today that the Phillies had gone 25 straight games without the starting pitcher getting a `Win.` Hamels last did that May 23rd and apparently that unfortunate streak came to an end today. The Dodgers are winning in a `blowout` tonight, and that will make for a pleasant flight for them to Chicago, I would assume.

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