#Cubs face Dodgers, Kershaw starting Monday

The Cubs return to Wrigley Field to host the Dodgers for a four-game series, starting Monday. Here are the pitching matchups:

Monday: LHP Tsuyoshi Wada (1-1, 3.68) vs. LHP Clayton Kershaw (5-4, 3.29)
Tuesday: RHP Jason Hammel (5-2, 2.89) vs. RHP Zack Greinke (5-2, 1.81)
Wednesday: RHP Kyle Hendricks (2-3, 4.28) vs. RHP Mike Bolsinger (4-2, 2.87)
Thursday: LHP Jon Lester (4-5, 3.80) vs. RHP Carlos Frias (4-5, 4.68)

* The “Hornitos Hacienda” — formerly the Left Field Well — will make its debut during this homestand. The left field space has designated standing room and limited seating for groups of approximately 15 to 50 fans.

* The Cubs 2015 Special Group Nights kick off on Tuesday as teachers and their family members are invited to celebrate the start of summer during the fifth annual Teacher Appreciation Night at Wrigley Field. The Cubs are offering $30 tickets in the Terrace Reserved Outfield to teachers and their family members to watch the game.

* On Wednesday, youth baseball and softball teams are invited to catch a game together. The Cubs are offering $24 tickets in the Terrace Reserved Outfield for youth baseball and softball teams and their families. Participants will receive a Cubs rope twist necklace.


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This will be a “play off” caliber series surely testing the Cubs resolve let alone the somewhat weak bench Maddon has in which to work. I am afraid our current pitching staff may not measure up to the challenge but the Cubs resolve certainly has been evident all year, never giving up…let’s kick some Dodger blue and show Theo his team is ready, willing and able to go to the playoffs this season….so go get that pitcher we need!

If our Cubbies can take 3 of 4 we might gain some ground and would give us some momentum going up against the Birds!

If they take 3 of 4 I will be very happy indeed. The Dodgers are very formidable however and have the edge over the Cubs pitching staff and bench. We however have MADDON and great player determination. The Cubs can do this.

One game at a time! Cubs take the first game. Bryant breaks out!

Aloha Fonzie & Tom- I just got home and saw that Wada had to come out at the 3rd. I heard that he had been in the low 90’s in the previous two innings then things changed dramatically, as he gave up a hr and single. I hope he will be all right. I have to give the bp credit, not happy with Wood giving up so many walks but the defense held up. This was a big a game, because even though Kershaw is off to a “slow” start he is still very much the competitor and I think Wada was up to the task until something happened. Big game. The Giants announcers were talking about how they were lucky not to have to see both Kershaw and Grienke so as you say, this is a big test because this team will see them. Tomorrow is another day, this was a blessing! Mahalo!

Aloha k.g., What a victory that was especially against such odds as needing our bullpen for 7 innings. One more positive thing to come out of this victory may be Theo stepping up his game to land one more legit starter seeing how tough and ready his team is and ready to challenge for a playoff berth.

Anytime a club defeats the Dodgers in a game started by Clayton Kershaw is a quality win. I`ve heard tell he`s one of the best arms in the game, or is that just a rumor? I`ve heard it said Szczur went yard. I suggest he`s a better option than Junior Lake whom I`ve supported for years, but have given up on. Perhaps the Cubs have seen enough of Junior as well. The Cubs need to look into why there was a `power outage` in the middle of the game, and I`m not referencing the lack of home runs; I mean an electrical outage. That should not happen in this modern era. I think Joe Maddon `protested` the game because it was permitted to resume with the reduced lighting, and made that known to the umpiring crew chief. That `protest,` if indeed it was made, is now academic, given the Cubs won the game. Did I mention it`s impressive that Kris Bryant `went deep` twice in this game? That young man has a chance to be `really good.` Don`t y`all agree? (Smiling)

Aloha jhosk- yes it is great when a team can get a win against a Kershaw! I agree about Bryant as he continues to grow. I hope the same for Addison, Soler, Baez. By the way, I think it is impressive how Rizzo has 10 stolen bases! He understands about the concept of manufacturing runs and small ball. He is not the fastest on the team but has added base running to his repertoire of skills. Look forward to others on the team to gain this skill, not necessarily stealing bases but how to run the bases. Rizzo is up there for scoring runs too. Take care now. Mahalo!

Aloha Again, forgot to mention by the way, I know we have been tough on the play of Castro as of late, I thought he made a very good play when a ball went off of Wood’s glove I believe and he was able to get to it to throw the runner out. And backup catcher Ross did a heck of job behind the plate tonight, including throwing out two runners. Tomorrow the team needs to bring there A-game again! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. Rizzo is a very intelligent all around baseball player, and that certainly includes base running. Made attempt to watch both the Cubs and CWS, but am not good at multi-tasking. Pleased to hear about the defense those two players excelled at. Yes, we have to face another excellent starter Tuesday. {Aside: the Yankees have promoted a player from AA to AAA and it`s his size that jumps out at you.( 6`7” 275 lbs.) That`s bigger than Frank Howard was. Name is Aaron Judge. Expect to see him play tonight.}

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