#Cubs recall Szczur; option Schwarber

The Cubs Monday recalled outfielder Matt Szczur from Triple-A Iowa and optioned catcher Kyle Schwarber to the Minor League team. Szczur was in the Cubs starting lineup Monday vs. the Dodgers.

Szczur, 25, joins the Cubs for the fourth time this season. He was a member of the Opening Day roster until April 19, was with the club from May 6-15, and again June 2-6. With Iowa, Szczur has batted .287 (37-for-129) with six doubles, two triples, four home runs and 18 RBI in 36 games this season. In 23 games with the Cubs, he was batting .167 (6-for-36) with two doubles and six RBI.

Schwarber, 22, batted .364 (8-for-22) with one triple, one home run and six RBI in six games with the Cubs.


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Can we please give up on szczur, Baxter and Herrera .. Can’t wait for soler to be back

Aloha Petrey10, not sure if I would say give up but I am with you, with all the injuries it puts things in too much flux. This cannot be good for Szczur (up and down, up and down). We need to a healthy Soler. And like you, was looking forward to Baez, so that hurts as well. I have feeling unless one or both come off the dl soon, along with LaStella, it is going to be like this for a while and now Fowler is out (I hope for a short time too). Hang in there. Mahalo.

Did y`all hear about that new evidence ESPN`s `Outside the Lines` has uncovered regarding Pete Rose`s betting history? Pete has claimed he only placed bets on baseball games after he stopped playing the game of baseball, meaning from 1987 forward. But OTL has produced a document which suggests Pete placed wagers on baseball games in 1986 when Pete was `player-manager` for the Reds. This is very damning evidence, I suggest. Pete is in deep ` do do,` if you like. This new information makes it very unlikely Pete Rose will ever be elected to the Hall of Fame. He is scheduled to meet with Commissioner Rob Manfred after the All Star break. The subject of that meeting will be Pete Rose`s reinstatement. Pete has to be reinstated before he`s eligible to be elected to the H of F. In light of this new evidence, it`s dubious the commissioner will reinstate Pete. But even if Pete is reinstated, he has to win the votes of the committee which will pass judgment on his worthiness to enter the H of F. There are very few members of that committee who support Pete at this moment, and there may be none once this new evidence is taken into account. Is this a big deal, you may ask? Absolutely it is. This man is the `all time` hits leader. Much was made of ARod reaching 3,000 hits just recently, and he used steroids for some, if not most of his career. Pete Rose achieved well over 4,000 knocks, and did so drug-free. Pete would have been a shoo-in for the H of F were it not for his sketchy betting proclivities, and his mendacity when it came to owning up to them. It`s still impossible to know what`s the truth and what`s fiction when such information comes from Pete`s lips.

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