The Sandberg Game anniversary. #Cubs

Today marks the anniversary of the Sandberg Game. Where were you on June 23, 1984, when Cubs second baseman Ryne Sandberg went 5-for-6, hitting two game-tying home runs in the ninth and 10th innings off the Cardinals’ Bruce Sutter? Here are some responses from Twitter followers:

@Jacob_Cohen88: “I wasn’t even a twinkle in my parents’ eyes as they hadn’t met yet. Sad to have missed it! :)”

@KevinRogers98 “At a game here in NY – happy to hear what happened as I was driving to a BBQ where I met my future wife. #PrettyGoodDayForMe”

@arkapsengupta “One of the best days of my childhood. I thought Harry was gonna have a heart attack”

@PaulBadertscher “Stalling from getting my afternoon paper route done, watching the Game of the Week in Winnipeg, Manitoba #Cubs”

@Davetye18 “coming home from little league at Shabbona park, listened end of game on radio. People forget Dave Owen had game winner”

@368tothegaps “pitching in a Babe Ruth 13-15 yo game, my buddy was listening on his transistor radio updating me from the stands”

@LeeRich1970 “13 years old watching the game on my couch cheering them on!”

@schirmblack “probably just getting out of diapers”

@bamaq23 “Out playing ball. Came home in time for the ninth inning home run. #Cubs”

@Crambo954 “I was only 2 but know for a fact I was watching the game with my dad!”

@moviesnostalgia “In my backyard with my family celebrating my sister’s birthday. I kept going back in the house to watch
his at-bats”

@Schnek64 “At the game listening to the cardinal fans yelling BRUCE until Ryno connected … twice. Then we started yelling BRUCE lol”

@TkFoSho “In my mom’s stomach, down the 3rd base line. My first Cubs game #GoCubsGo”

@CubsWinSomeday “Serving in the Army West Germany”

— Carrie Muskat


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Will they do a replay of the game?

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I gave my two box seat tickets to my best friend as my two employees were sick that day and I had to cover my business operations….boy was I near being apoplectic listening to the game and my friends let me have it later that night….

Got married that day. Kept running out to the car to listen. Person that said Harry was doing the game is wrong. NBC game of the week.

wait a minute…my memory may be failing but I too recall Harry’s famous calls…???

It was a national game but Harry must have been doing some kind of play by play…somewhere.

It was on the Game of the Week and I think I remember hearing Bob Costas talk about being there to call it. Harry was there too, as he used to switch between WGN TV and WGN radio during games. Since it was a national game, he might have been on WGN radio for the entire time.

That explains it Doug, and why I remember Harry’s iconic and elated voice as I listened to most of the game on the radio…before I closed my shop early and went home to watch the last few innings…WHAT A THRILL.

I was waiting it on WGN, will never forget it.

Aloha Folks- I was blessed to be in the Midwest at the time, watching the game with my grandfather, just magical! Mahalo!

The game was on WGN channel 9/NBC Game of the Week. I watched it on WGN,just Googled it to make sure that I was not losing it and 900000 plus homes in the Chicago area,not people but homes heard Harry go ballistic,not once but twice. Sure do miss his game calling,could always count on Harry for a good laugh sometime during a Cubs broadcast.Peace and Go Cubs!

Well said KenlyCub. I even miss more than I thought I would Ronnie….. Pat Hughes is very good and welcomed and well respected. But what we got from Harry cannot be replicated, a true one of a kind. Ron Coomer??? Anybody?

Apologies Cubs fans. Harry had the 720 AM radio call. Costas the NBC tv call. Grew up with transistor and white earplug in ear listening to Vine Lloyd and Lou Boudreau in 60s. Coomer is okay. Gleason was good last night in Pat’s absence. Thank you for the correction.

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