#Cubs Bryant pulled because of flu-like symptoms

Even the best ones get sick. Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant left Thursday’s game after two innings because of flu-like symptoms.

The Cubs rookie struck out in the first inning, and was batting .278. He has played every game since called up from Triple-A Iowa on April 17, and was 3-for-10 in his last three games. The third baseman has thrived at Wrigley Field, batting .327 coming into Thursday’s game.

The Cubs began the game short-handed because shortstop Starlin Castro was at a Chicago hospital for the birth of his second child. Addison Russell started at shortstop, and Jonathan Herrera was at second but moved to third when Bryant was pulled.

— Carrie Muskat


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Were going have a hard time competing with cards if our future superstar continues leaving games with tummy aches and our stud ace pitcher cant keep his era under 4. What the hell is going on???

wow man! glad you never get sick!

It said flu dumbass not tummy ache… He tried to play and obviously couldn’t continue.. Heck maybe not even his call … Get over it

You’re foolish to think that he actually had flu-like symptoms. This is the second time this year that he leaves a game early. The first time was because of “dehydration”. Come on man, dude obviously partied way to hard and came to the game hungover.

I’ll go along with the comment on our stud pitcher – whom I was skeptical about signing at the asking price – but I’ll give The Kid some slack.

Aloha Folks- This was a tough loss. The fact that this team beat their two best pitchers then can only muster 2 runs over the next two games was hard. Yes, I would give Bryant some slack or anyone with “flu-like” symptoms. I also was not sure about the Lester signing; not saying he is not a good pitcher. But I watched another lefty with only one organization at that time in their career and in the American League, turn to the FA market and sign a big contract not only with new a team but in a new league… that was Barry Zito. I did want management to go back after Hammel after the end of last season, which they did and he has produced. I also felt this was another building year and that if they still needed more pitching (after the farm system and trades) that at the end of this 2015 season the “market” is going to be flooded with good FA pitchers which could translate into a more competitive contract for the Cubs. Lester is now 4-6 and unable to go long in games consistently, he is also giving up the long ball and walks. I hope right now this is all about adjustments and that he can turn this around because it could be argued that the team could have had the same record of 4-6 from another pitcher(s) at quite a savings (less costly contract).

Sorry Bryant has flu- like symptoms. Certainly can’t play being sick like that! Am wondering if this could be a flu that could bench a few others. Then what?? 😫. Lester does not impress me. Can’t imagine why he was signed for so much money. He seems like a prima donna. Wants his own catcher, doesn’t throw to first for outs, etc. Also wondering why Castro was there instead of welcoming his newborn. Hhmm. Congrats to him. Boy or girl?

Why he signed for so much? Well he’s had over 200 innings for about 5-6 years…. Averaged roughly 3.3 war per season in his career … 3.3*6mil value of torp per war and you get 19.8…. I would say it’s pretty justified the price he got… He’s already had .7 war this year and can certainly catch fire soon.
I’m not impressed with your statistical analysis

White, were you not happy when the Cubs signed Lester (regardless of the money)? I was and admit that freely. It is too bad he has not started out on the right foot for the Cubs but don’t give out on hope White as Lester is still a quality pitcher and may soon dominate. You bring up a good point about him not throwing to first base at all or very well. Does It seem to you he gets a pass on such an expected and routine play from a pitcher yet Castro gets no pass when he muffs expected and routine plays from a SS? Can you imagine the “talk” about correcting such an inadequacy if it were a young pitcher such as Hendricks? So far Lester is somewhat disappointing but that is only so far and we have so far…to go! Oh, congrats on not impressing Petrey10, you are indeed now proven to be a kind hearted human being!!!

Hi fonzie. I hope you are right about Lester. So far not so good but a long way to go. It does surprise me that he has yet to “lock in” so to speak. Supposed to be all fit and trim at the beginning of a new season. No, Petrey was not impressed but I think he may have had a little tummy ache yesterday. 😀

Jon Lester does seem like Barry Zito. Its going to be a long contract

Still think Lester has a few years left in the “tank”. 91 games to go is a long ways still and I don’t think we’ll catch the Card’s, we just need to get in to give us a chance.

Cubs have 3 big problems. They need another starter. They need to quit striking out. They take meatballs down the middle, or even borderline strikes, but then swing and miss at balls that bounce in front of the plate. They need one more bullpen arm, whether that is Ramirez or whomever. Small problems are fundamental. They can’t hit and run, they can’t hit sac flies, they can’t run bases. Castro was on 1B the other day and Couglan hit a ball off the wall in RF. Castro jogged to 2b while looking BEHIND him, then jogged to 3B, still looking BEHIND him. A ball hit to deep RF you immediately look at 3B coach who has a great view and he is the 3b COACH. The coach could see the ball was either gone or off the wall, but either way, he would be windmilling Castro home. Instead, Castro while 5 feet away from 3B was still looking back to RF. Castro is a really dumb player who was never coached right and still is not. I don’t give a ship if he makes sixty million, he would be on the bench everytime he makes a mental error. He has talent but no brains and I can’t stand his defense. Switch him out with Addison. While the Cubs have 18 wins of one run games, at least 70 percent of those games should have been won by the Cubs by more than one run. They suck at RISP hits and two outs because they take too many striikes and swing at too many balls. Two ways to get a pitcher out of the game. Take pitches and increase his pitch count. Or swing at the first pitch that looks good and smack it off the wall. Thereby smacking the pitcher to the bench after 2 innings and 6 runs scored. We have the line up to do it, just the players need to be smarter and more aggressive.

Whoa….after that riveting analysis it is a wonder these NO GOOD CUBS ARE 7 GAMES OVER .500 John, sure the team is flawed the good far outweighs the bad.

The question I have is, was Bryant’s flu like symptoms Bc of partying or not?

He’s all out of pain pills that’s what happens when you feening, flu like symptoms

Wow, I go away for a day or two and return to find a whole new crop of crazy popping up on here. To the stupid people who are claiming Bryant was hungover, where is your evidence? Because in 2015, a famous person cannot party hard and paint the town red without being all over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, TMZ, or any other social media and paparazzi website you can think of. So until you can point us in the direction of the pic of Bryant downing a bottle of champagne at some River North hotspot, shut your yaps and learn how the world actually works today!

Agreed. Why on earth would anybody assume that a young, highly talented professional athlete on an up and coming team would jeopardize his performance by partying or taking drugs? This is the kid’s profession, he is an athlete with a sense of pride, determination and dedication….is that not obvious to all by now? What do you think got the kid to be the high draft pick he was? One can get the flu or a cold this time of year. The kid is sick just like any other hardworking human being can be…sick, and his boss determined it is best to get some rest to help recover.

I talked to Bryant before Thursday’s game in the dugout, and he told me he never wants to come out of a game, never wants to miss a start. The comments some people have made as to why he was pulled are totally irresponsible and uncalled for. He wasn’t feeling well. It happens.

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