#Cubs sign 2nd round pick Dewees

The Cubs signed second-round pick Donnie Dewees on Thursday, and now have signed 25 of their selections. Dewees’ bonus with the Cubs was reportedly $1.7 million, according to MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo. The outfielder was a semifinalist for the 2015 USA Baseball Golden Spikes Award, and named the Atlantic Sun Conference player of the year. A redshirt sophomore, Dewees batted .422 with 88 runs, 12 doubles, eight triples, 18 home runs and 68 RBIs in 60 games for North Florida this year.

On Thursday, the Cubs also announced the signing of fourth-round pick Darryl Wilson and fifth round pick Tyler Petzmeier. Others to sign include infielder Matt Rose (11th round); left-hander Kyle Twomey (13th), right-hander Kyle Miller (19th), outfielder Alex Bautista (22nd), infielder Sutton Whiting (24th), catcher Ian Rice (29th), catcher Tyler Payne (30th), outfielder Daniel Spingola (31st), right hander M.T. Minacci (33rd) and outfielder Donnie Cimino (37th).


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Unless my math is wrong, seems like 19 signed, the list missing some? Go back and count again Carrie.

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