#Cubs Ross to 7-day DL with mild concussion

Unfortunately for Cubs catcher David Ross, he knows too well the symptoms of a concussion. On Saturday, Ross was placed on the seven-day disabled list with a mild concussion, retroactive to Thursday. It’s the third time he’s been put on the DL because of a concussion.

Ross took a foul ball off his mask on Wednesday in New York, and said he’s had a headache, nausea, fatigue, and has been a little irritable since then.

“I was a little off a couple days ago — I’m probably always a little off,” Ross said. “It’s hard to tell what’s normal for me, to be honest.”

The move was precautionary, and the Cubs selected the contract of catcher Taylor Teagarden from Triple-A Iowa.

“The main concern is getting another foul ball [off the head],” Ross said. “I had that happen a couple years ago and it put me out two months.”

Ross was on the disabled list in 2007 for a concussion suffered in a collision, and again in 2013. He tried to rush back after the latter incident.

“I took a couple more foul balls [off my head] and they ended up sending me home to my house in Florida for two months,” he said of the 2013 experience. “I definitely don’t want to go through that again.”

Teagarden, 31, has appeared in parts of the last seven seasons with the Rangers (2008-11), Orioles (2012-13) and the Mets (2014), batting .202 with 21 home runs and 68 RBIs in 172 games. He’s avoided concussions so far.

“I’ve taken lots of foul balls and taken bad swings to the head and I’ve been fortunate enough to not have any chronic symptoms related to that,” Teagarden said. “It is a tough spot for catchers.”

— Carrie Muskat


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This was a `gift` Richard gave us tonight. As Ron Coomer expressed tonight, this guy just two days ago was in AAA and part of another organization. If someone suggested Thursday that he`d find himself pitching effectively in Wrigley Field and getting the `Win` tonight, Richard would probably ask that person what he/she was smoking. All that said, this was a probably nothing more than a `stopgap` measure the Cubs made with Richard tonight. We need to have five reliable starters going forward if we are serious about qualifying for the postseason. Have you noticed the Mets have a six man rotation? Yes, that`s an embarrassment of riches most organizations would envy. But the Mets also have something no club should envy: an anemic offense. Ours is not a juggernaut, as the manager suggested recently, but it`s showing signs.

Aloha jhosk- very true. Also, if the Pirates did not have such good pitching, there is no way they make this deal but they do not have room in their rotation so kudos to the FO/management to get him. Mahalo!

And aren`t you pleased Bryant was not given today off instead of Thursday? In fact, perhaps it was Thursday`s day off which enabled the young man to relax and refocus and thus excel the way he did tonight. Everyone needs a day off occasionally, even Rizzo.

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