Final #Cubs 2, Marlins 0

Kyle Hendricks finally picked up a win at Wrigley Field, holding the Marlins to five hits over 7 1/3 scoreless innings in the Cubs’ 2-0 win on Sunday. Cubs starting pitchers now have a 1.08 ERA over their last six games, giving up five earned runs over 41 2/3 innings. The team is 5-1 in that stretch — but also batting just .178 (34-for-191).

“We’re definitely going to hit,” manager Joe Maddon said. “It’s always good when you go through these stretches that you’re able to win in spite of it.”

Pitching and defense usually win games.

“You’ve got to pitch,” Maddon said. “The game could’ve been called ‘pitching’ as opposed to baseball.”

He’s also not worried about the lack of offense.

“I know it’s going to show up,” Maddon said.  “As long as you can pull some of this magical stuff out while you’re waiting for the offense to come, I’ll take it.”

Is it tougher for the players to deal with such close games?

“I look at it as more fun,” said Chris Denorfia, who delivered a pinch-hit double and scored an insurance run in the eighth. “To be prepared for the postseason, you’re going to need pressure games like this. The more experience we get with these, the more comfortable you are in those situations.”

* Jason Motte converted his fourth save of the season with a scoreless ninth. He has given up one earned run over his last 20 appearances.

* Sunday was the Cubs’ 11th shutout. They now are 9-27 when out-hit by their opponents. The Marlins totaled five hits; the Cubs had three.

— Carrie Muskat


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Aloha Folks- I hope the team can come out of this hitting “funk,” as the Cardinals are a much different opponent than the majority of the teams they will face (good pitching, defense and hitting). Thank goodness for the Chris(s)/Kris today just to get 3 hits and 2 runs. Hendricks pitched a very good game and so did Latos. In fact if Latos does not make that wp, he pitched a better game only giving up 1 hit. I hope the pitching holds up and Lester starts it off bringing his A-game but the hitting has to come around for this crucial series against the 1st place team. Get your rest guys, big series! Mahalo!

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I agree with you, k.g. Scoring one or two runs vs. the Redbirds will not be enough to garner victories. They are formidable, as we observed recently when they abused us in their building. It`s payback time. Are our boys up to the challenge? We`ll soon find out beginning Monday. { Aside: thought about you while observing the `World Cup` Final today. Assumed you probably had mixed feelings regarding the outcome you desired.} Am more than a little surprised that Toronto`s Donaldson tallied the most votes of all the AL All Stars. Did not see that coming. Isn`t it usually Trout who is so honored? Am sure you recall Donaldson with the A`s last season. It looks as if Hendricks has found his `comfort zone.` Glad to see the Royals did not dominate the AL All Star team the way it appeared they could at one point. They have four starters. Would have been a `travesty` had they seen seven starters named.

Aloha jhosk! LOL, I think all the saddened A’s fans voted for Donaldson along with the the Blue Jay folks! My wife was telling me about the play whereby Japan made it to the final, should they have even been there? I do route for them but the US for me comes first. I think I really starting watching women’s soccer with Mia Hamm’s time. I played soccer growing up in the islands and will never forget when the NY Cosmos and another team came to play an exhibition game in our fairly new Aloha Stadium (76/77′). There was a player I just loved, even though he was older towards the end of his career, just the fact that I could watch him meant the world to me…Pele. The bats need to come alive and not hr’s but just making contact, getting base hits. This will drive the Cardinal pitcher’s crazy because they are so good, they are not used to having a lot of traffic on the bases. So, I would rather see the team get bb’s, singles then solo-shot hr’s. Tomorrow starts a big series! Mahalo! PS: The Marlins are not a bad team, minus their big hitter right now, I was impressed as this series could have easily gone to them.

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