#Cubs lineup vs Cardinals – Game 1

Jake Arrieta will start the first game of a doubleheader on Tuesday at Wrigley Field against the Cardinals. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Soler RF

Denorfia LF

Castro SS

Montero C

Arrieta P

Herrera 2B

* The Cubs will face two left-handed starters on Tuesday. They have faced just four southpaw starters in their last 46 games.

* Cubs pitching has a 1.25 ERA in the last seven games, and the pitchers are holding hitters to a .177 batting average.

* Hopefully, manager Joe Maddon gets Chris Coghlan a pinch-hit at-bat so he can keep his consecutive games played streak going. Coghlan has the longest streak in the Majors at 145 games.


Love that they bat Montero 7th. Think Soler would be better in the 2nd slot than the 4th. Glad to have Denorfia on.

Alberto, I’d like to see Coghlan in CF with Denorfia in LF, giving some time off to the struggling Folwer….even against left handed pitching. I am hoping Theo adds some offense to this years team to help our run for a wild card. If not it will be up to Schwarber to somehow get into the 2016 every day lineup as a left fielder or catcher and we will wait yet another year for a play off chance. If we had a little more “pop” in the line the past few weeks…..

Yeah, I am frustrated too. The Cubs haven’t hit anything after Shwarber was sent to AAA, but I do think Soler in the 2nd spot makes more sense with Rizzo to protect him.

your best hitter should bat 2nd…. which is Rizzo….. the 2nd spot maximizes the # of at bats and RISP when the hitter bats 9th….. thats the reason Maddon does it… its advanced stats which i know none of you here want to look at but Maddon does and that is the reason for it. Plus Soler strikes out way too much for the 2 hole. Now Soler with the great approach that he had in the minors would be great in the 2 hole. But this year he is getting beat on pitches.

Aloha Petrey- it is not that we do not like stats or metrics, we do but with some you have to also take it in context. You bring up OPS (On Base Percentage OBP+ Slugging SLG). Here with this stat the two numbers that are considered are not equals, so it can throw it off some. Also, with OPS you need a good “sample-size” for it to reflect better, more true about a player’s performance or a team’s. Having said that, you mention the Cubs if they could have an OPS of .760. Just for argument sake, let us look at the Cubs Division: Who has the best to the least: Cincinnati (.717), St. Louis (.714), Milwaukee (.698), Pittsburgh (.698) and Chicago (.694). Now how does this translate to standing in the Division from First to Last: St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cincinnati and Milwaukee. You look at the Central Division in the AL and you find that Detroit has the best OPS as a team but they are in 3rd place. Cleveland has a better OPS than Minnesota but they are in 4th place and the Twins are in 2nd place. I and others here do not discount stats but we look at things in context. To grow and encourage the confidence of this young team, hitting for a better average, being more patient at the plate (which could translate into more walks), picking up runners at 3rd base with a Sac Fly, all can be good things. There are 14 teams that have a better OPS than the Cardinals but who is in first place with the best record in baseball right now, St. Louis. I know Maddon looks at all of this too but I also appreciate that he also takes into account the human side as well. You take care now. Mahalo.

WOW, that was awesome kg, glad you took my “.300 +” comment in context and understood that I was not claiming that teams need “.300 +” hitters but THIS team, our Cubs, the team that is not scoring a lot of runs of late can indeed use and or need a (one) “.300 + Mark Grace type” hitter in the line up in order to keep the lineup moving, driving in a run or two without a spectacular power surge etc. What team would not want (and or need??) such hitter(S). Thank you very much for a most spot on comment.

One number doesn’t skew the other in ops…. Ops gives you a lump of them together which equates better to the value of the batter using two stats is better than just one. Sample size is context for any stat not just ops… So I get what You are saying it’s just that all stats are like that not just ops so idk what you were trying to point out. Finally when I had the .760 team ops out there I was referring to the starters and for the second half of the season… I gave you MLB stats in my previous post… The nl central is not the important aspect… I’m using a bigger sample size which is what you wanted above… Take ur pick … I get the context of what you guys are referring to on a 300 hitter.. My point is a 300 hitter is not needed and a lesser stat to use than ops when showing value and run scoring ability in baseball …. That’s my point

Does it really matter who “hits” where?
I have a couple grandsons who can hit more consistently especially
With RISP. They are only 10 and 12 years of age.

Aloha Dan- Yes, the RISP stat is a sad one right now and a lot of it has to do with their approach at the plate; veterans and rookies alike on this team. They are going to have to learn what it means to play “small-ball,” manufacture runs. The power will come but should not be the be-all to end-all rather another plus in their offense. They need to get on track, last night Lester pitched very well and the offense and defense let the team down. Hopefully they can pick these games up today. Mahalo.

Yes, it does. Some pitchers may not want to face who is on deck therefore offering more hittable pitches to the current batter. I think that is Alberto’s point…. Maddon is still working with this “fluid” lineup, trying to make up for the lack of a solid .300 + hitter capable of a “little single” or sac fly when that is all that is needed with RISP. Something this team lacks. A “Mark Grace” type of hitter, SMART and dependable for putting a ball in play if not hitting safely.

I agree. Fowler needs to work on his swing.

fowler is the biggest disappointment……. worst year of his career thus far. He needs to stop getting the ball up in the air…. look for a more line drive approach and I think things would turn around.
also we don’t need .300 hitters….. average is not the best stat to look at…. use OPS…. thats what we need is hitters who are around .760 OPS… league average is .710…. a team .760 OPS would put us in top 4 teams in baseball. That would be GREAT! Cubs currently sit 22nd at .694

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