#Cubs vs White Sox at Wrigley Field, Round 1

Kyle Hendricks gets the start Friday when the Cubs play host to the White Sox at Wrigley Field in the first game of their six-game, home-and-home Interleague series. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Soler RF

Denorfia LF

Castro SS

Teagarden C

Hendricks P

Russell 2B

* The White Sox lead the series since 1997, 52-46. The White Sox have won seven of their last nine games overall, while the Cubs have won seven of the last 10.

* White Sox starter Carlos Rodon went five innings, giving up three earned runs and took the loss in a White Sox 9-1 loss vs. the Orioles on Sunday. Rodon is 1-2 with a 7.32 ERA over his last four starts.

* Hendricks pitched 7 1/3 shutout innings and got the win in a Cubs’ 2-0 win vs. the Marlins on Sunday. Hendricks has
thrown 15 1/3 consecutive shutout innings dating back to the third inning of his June 24 start vs. the Dodgers. It is the
third longest active scoreless innings streak by a starting pitcher in MLB.


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One of these Chicago teams followed k.g.`s sage advice and played `small ball,` and it paid dividends. Regrettably, it was the opposition. It doesn`t get any easier as we have to face Chris Sale Saturday, one of the elite arms in the game. Where are the bats? This is a serious lack of offensive production we`re witnessing. This was unforeseen and unanticipated. We thought our starting pitching was suspect, not our hitting. This is a revolting development and another example of baseball being an unpredictable and confounding game. And as Bart Giamatti once observed, it`s a game designed to `break your heart.` { He was referencing his favorite team, the Red Sox, but no matter. What he said applies to all fans, irrespective of one`s team.}

Aloha jhosk- I was at work and tried to check the app on the phone, I looked at saw that Rondon had not given up a hit but a run? Then I saw the hit batter, stole base and like you said they executed. The other thing is that the team struck out 12 times even though their starting pitcher gave up so many walks! LOB (left on base-individuals) the WSox 8, The NorthSiders 14! Impressed that Rizzo and Russell showed patience at the plate to get so many walks. Now this team has to win the last two just to have over a .500 record on this home-stand. Gosh, that 8th inning from the previous game, two on (3rd & 1st), 1 out Castro up is haunting them right now and they need to break it. I still think Fowler and Castro need a break, maybe not at the same time but I think they need it. Let’s hope tomorrow is different though as you say, Sale is up for them! Aloha Friday. Mahalo.

I`ve heard it said the Cubs are batting an anemic .208 across the last seven contests.

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