#Cubs vs. White Sox, Game 2

It’ll be a match up of two  talented left-handers on Saturday when  the Cubs’ Jon Lester and the White Sox’s Chris Sale square off at Wrigley Field in the second game of their crosstown series. Lester has a 3.29 ERA (20 ER/54 2/3 IP) in his last nine starts since May 22, but does not have a win despite holding the opponent to two or fewer runs in six of those games. The Cubs have not scored while he’s been in the game in each of his last three starts, and in five of his last nine outings.

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Soler RF

Denorfia LF

Castro SS

Montero C

Lester P

Russell 2B

* Kris Bryant is batting .206 (14-for-68) with 22 strikeouts over his last 20 games. … Anthony Rizzo is batting .186 (8-for-43) with two extra-base hits (.279 SLG) over his last 13 games. … Starlin Castro is batting .143 (6-for-42) with two runs scored over his last 12 games.


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Aloha Folks, Sale is the real deal as they say. Again too bad for Lester no offense. The amount of ko’s is too high. Hope they could pull this out going into tomorrow’s game. Maybe the young folks need the upcoming break more than anticipated. Mahalo.

Sorry my friend but I have no sorrow for Lester, I’m just wondering if it’s too late to go back on the signing! Here’s a guy who can’t hit even for a pitcher, can’t throw over to a base in order to keep runner’s honest, never backs up a play at home, just camps at the mound feeling sorry for himself and to me, looks to be a bit overweight. For the most part, the only teams he has defeated are poor or slumping teams to this point and when one is considered the ace you are going to go up against the opponents ace which means your club is going to score low most of the time. Someone needs to sit him down and instruct him to start playing the fundamentals like everyone else and stop acting like a cry baby on the mound or he can look to a reliever role for a while…yes, he is not too special for the same others would face. His demeanor at play is not helping him with the rest of the team and their production as if I notice these things, so do they. Luckily I have a Rizzo shirt to replace the Lester one I purchased!

Aloha DCee, first let say, I am sure you know this about me, I try to be encouraging especially during tough periods. Lester’s last outing against a top team, Cardinals was more than good enough to get the win, the team did not come through with defense late in the game nor more offense. As I have mentioned in the past, I was not sold on the FO getting Max S, Shields or Lester because I did not view this as a contending year for them but would love to be proved wrong. The one pitcher I had hopped they would get again was Hammel. And at the end of this year there will be a lot of FA pitching available and possibly at a better price. I also have written in the past about the difficulties a pitcher with 1 organization for their career can have when they not only go to a different team but league as well. For these reasons I would have been hesitant to make an offer. But this is what we have now and I know you are a Cubs fan like me, so we have to hope that not only Lester but the teams’ offense will turn around. Because even the best pitchers have hard days and it sure is nice to know that the rest of your guys can pick you up. The starting pitching the past couple of weeks has be tremendous but the defense and timely-clutch hitting has been awful. This puts a lot of stress on a starter, period. So, Lester is here to stay, he is not leaving anytime soon, thus I want for him to find his stride as well as to make adjustments like holding runners better and bunting. I said it at the beginning of the season and will say it again, if the team can be .500 by seasons end that is a big turn around from the previous ones. If they do better, including a playoff berth, well that would be “gravy!” Meaning I checked my expectations for this season given what I know, see and understand. It takes time to build a winning entity and these folks started at the bottom up. There have been many improvements. l am just like every other Cub fan, that longs for a WS! I want to extend grace to the team, coaches and FO because I sure know if I were in their shoes I would need it too. Hope you have a blessed weekend and that team can pick up tomorrow’s game. Mahalo!

Just to add; Lester 4-8 with an ERA nearing 4! This has been nothing but the bomb of a signing on Theo’s behalf (which I said it was from the start but got blasted on this blog)…the bomb in not the good way…to this point a very bad deal simply put; not just due to his record but inability or unwillingness to play the fundamentals.

Aloha DCee- please see my comment above. Not making any excuses for anyone, have been civilly critical about the FO just picking up any high priced FA pitcher. Currently, this is what we have now (pitching/contract wise) so I do hope Lester can turn this around. Take care now. Mahalo.

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