#Cubs Rizzo, Bryant to compete in HR Derby

Here are the pairings for Monday night’s Home Run Derby in Cincinnati:

#1 seed Albert Pujols vs. #8 seed Kris Bryant
#2 seed Todd Frazier vs. #7 seed Prince Fielder
#3 seed Josh Donaldson vs. #6 seed Anthony Rizzo
#4 seed Joc Pederson vs. #5 seed Manny Machado

* The 2015 Gillette Home Run Derby will introduce a new streamlined format featuring brackets and timed rounds. The eight-player contest will be conducted as a single-elimination tournament in which the loser of each bracket is immediately

Brackets in the first round were seeded based on 2015 home run totals through July 7, with ties broken by awarding the
higher seed to the batter with more home runs hit since June 15. In each matchup, the higher seed will hit second.

During each of the three rounds, each batter will have five minutes to hit as many home runs as possible, and any swings
that do not result in a home run will not be counted. Timers will count down from five minutes beginning with the release
of the first pitch, and any home run hit after the timer reaches one minute remaining will stop the timer immediately when
the ball lands in home run territory. The timer will not start again until the batter hits a ball that does not land in
home run territory, or swings and misses at a pitch.

Batters may be awarded bonus time during their turn based on the length of their home runs hit. If a batter hits two home
runs during a turn that each equal or exceed 420 feet, one minute of bonus time will be added. If one home run during a
turn equals or exceeds 475 feet, 30 seconds of bonus time will be added. It is possible for a batter to earn a total bonus
of 1 minute 30 seconds. All distances will be measured using MLB Advanced Media’s Statcast system.

The batter with the most home runs hit in each matchup will advance to the next round. Ties in any round will be broken by
a 90-second swing-off with no stoppage of time or additional time added. If the batters remain tied after the 90-second
swing-off, they will engage in successive three-swing swing-offs until there is a winner.

Once the second batter in any matchup hits one more home run than the first batter, the second batter will be declared the
winner of the matchup and will not attempt to hit any additional home runs. In addition, each batter will be entitled to
one “time out” per round.

Cubs highlights from past Home Run Derbys:

2002: Sammy Sosa puts on a show with several 500-foot shots (including a 528 foot HR), a homer off Bernie Brewer’s slide and a few balls that left Miller Park thru a window

Home Run Derby Winners
1985: Dave Parker
1986: Wally Joyner
1986: Darryl Strawberry
1987: Andre Dawson
1989: Eric Davis, Ruben Sierra
1990: Ryne Sandberg
1991: Cal Ripken, Jr.
1992: Mark McGwire
1993: Juan Gonzalez
1994, 1998, 1999: Ken Griffey, Jr.
1995: Frank Thomas
1996: Barry Bonds
1997: Tino Martinez
2000: Sammy Sosa
2001: Luis Gonzalez
2002: Jason Giambi
2003: Garret Anderson
2004: Miguel Tejada
2005: Bobby Abreu
2006: Ryan Howard
2007: Vlad Guerrero
2008: Justin Morneau
2009: Prince Fielder
2010: David Ortiz
2011: Robinson Cano
2012: Prince Fielder
2013: Yoenis Cespedes
2014: Yoenis Cespedes

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