Rafael Soriano joins #Cubs AAA team

Rafael Soriano, who signed a Minor League contract with the Cubs in June, was promoted from Double-A Tennessee to Triple-A Iowa on Thursday. Soriano, 35, recorded five scoreless outings with Tennessee. He gave up one unearned run on three hits and three walks with four strikeouts over five innings.

The Iowa Cubs also announced that outfielder Anthony Giansanti was place on the 7-Day disabled list (hamstring) and left-handed pitcher Jeffry Antigua was reassigned to Tennessee.

Additionally, catcher Cael Brockmeyer has rejoined Iowa from Tennessee, Carl Edwards Jr. has been activated from the Temporary Inactive List, and Iowa has activated infielder/outfielder Mike Baxter. Edwards was on the list so he could take part in the Futures Game.

The I-Cubs need another catcher following the promotion of Kyle Schwarber to the big league team. Brockmeyer, 23, was hitting a combined .260 with six home runs and 40 RBIs in 77 games across four levels this season. He appeared in 63 games for Class A South Bend before a promotion to high A Myrtle Beach on June 29. After a four-game stint with the Pelicans, he was promoted again on July 4 to Tennessee where he’s played in four games for the Smokies. He had a two-day stint with Iowa, July 10-11, before going back to Tennessee for four days. This is Brockmeyer’s third career stint with the I-Cubs. He went 1-for-6 with a walk in two games for Iowa in 2013.

Edwards Jr., 23, recorded two outs and struck out one in the eighth inning to help the U.S. Team defeat the World Team, 10-1, in the Futures Game. With Iowa this year, the right-hander is 1-0 with a 3.06 ERA (6ER/17 2/3 IP), one save and 23 strikeouts in 11 games.


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I`m surprised Soriano is not with the Cubs now, rather than at AAA. Just as I observed today that Schwarber is on the `fast track` to the majors, the same is true of Rafael, as he is a Joe Maddon `favorite.` We`ll never know, as these things are never revealed to the general population (meaning we fans), but it is my view that Kyle Schwarber is shortly going to be part of the major league roster because the manager wanted that to be so.

Schwarber is so much younger than Soriano his physical well being may be ahead of the older Soriano. I think Soriano is just getting “in shape” whereas Schwarber is athletically ready (if not defensively) for the big leagues. Plus the injury to Montero is the real driving force behind Schwarber’s “fast track” (as you call it), no such injury or pressing need in Soriano’s case as the bullpen has been relatively stable of late. I really don’t think Schwarber is on a fast track to the majors, just a slightly increased path due only to the loss of a HITTING catcher. Notice when Ross went down Teacup was called up not Schwarber? That is because losing Ross is insignificant to this less than stunning offensive team but losing Montero’s bat hurt bad enough to create a need not only for a catcher but for a HITTER. If Ross was out for 4-6 weeks I don’t think Schwarber gets called up.

Aloha jhosk- I hope Soriano is ready to go. Strop is so hard to watch these days. We have talked about other players that seem “aloof” at times, well I feel he is. The Cubs have enough guys that can throw hard, they need pitchers who understand what it means to “setup” the batters and also think ahead. I know it has been hard for all the pitchers as the team is not scoring runs but still they need to hold the line. Mahalo!

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Watched the I-Cubs game last nite,really enjoyed watching and listening to the announcers talk about both teams,the future of the Redbirds and Cubs both looked bright,glad to see the outcome,Carl Edwards had a little problem with the strike zone but if he can add some weight and muscle to his thin frame he could be real good. Go Cubs!

Aloha Kenly, what channel do you watch the I-Cubs on? Or do you use a different service? I think I could help Edwards out with donating a few pounds from my frame to his! Hope you and family ate doing well. Mahalo!

I think they will call up Soriano next Monday and will immediately put him in the closers role. They will evaluate him over the next two weeks and see if he can be that guy or not. If not, they will know before the July 31 deadline and then at that time, they will make a trade to get a closer, perhaps Papelbon. I hope Soriano is dominant and takes over that role. That will keep the Cubs from having to ship away any prospects for a closer and they can focus on other ways to help compete this year.

Aloha k.g. happened to catch the game on CBS Sports channel,Soriano did look good,Lake hit a home run,Edwards missed some pitches but looks like it may have been an off night,still did not give up any runs but what I liked about it was he battled thru it,hard game to watch last night,Strop changing his delivery a couple of different times just hurts,being a Major League pitcher he has had years to work on his delivery,the Minors might be a better place to do that,maybe Soriano can take his spot and allow Strop the chance to do that,or maybe might I suggest even out his cap allowing him to focus on the job at hand,probably could have left that last comment off ,Mahalo, Go Cubs!

Aloha Kenly, LOL! I know I had old-school coaches when I played and no way could we wear a cap off-kilter like him. I love folks having flare-style. It has been said that bb players are some of the most superstitious out there, maybe wearing his cap more traditionally, will help him? Hard throwers have to come up with other tools to set up their fastball or else they live and die by it. I am not sure about Strop, I think I am more confident at this point of having EJax come in. By the way, it has been a while seeing him pitch. Will be interesting as we are less than two weeks away from the trade deadline what will happen and will the Cubs be like last year and do a big trade early? Neat to hear about Edwards battling, that builds character. Take care now. Mahalo!

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