Schwarber to join #Cubs; Montero to see specialist

Catcher Kyle Schwarber will be called up to the Cubs on Friday while Miguel Montero may be out an extended amount of time with a thumb injury.

Montero, who jammed his left thumb last Saturday in the first inning, was to see a hand specialist on Friday. He was expected to miss more than 15 days, so the Cubs decided to go with three catchers, including Schwarber, Taylor Teagarden, and David Ross, who was activated from the seven-day concussion disabled list on Sunday.

The Cubs’ No. 2 prospect, and No. 38 overall, Schwarber will not be the team’s every day catcher. His bat will certainly come in handy. Named the Futures Game MVP this past Sunday in Cincinnati, Schwarber was batting a combined .323/.430/.591 with 16 home runs and 49 RBIs in 75 games between Double-A Tennessee and Triple-A Iowa this season, his first full one as a professional.

He was promoted to the big leagues in June for a six-game stint, including five games in American League ballparks where he was the designated hitter, and Schwarber went 8-for-22 with a home run, a triple and six RBIs.

Montero underwent an MRI last Saturday, and the Cubs had hoped the injury was not too serious. The team expected more details after Montero sees the specialist Friday.

Last Sunday, Cubs manager Joe Maddon said the team had not discussed promoting Schwarber, but obviously, that changed with the medical diagnosis on Montero.

“Schwarber’s always in consideration for what we’re doing in the future,” Maddon said last Sunday.

— Carrie Muskat


Think this is similar to Wally Pipp.
Montero is not as good as advertised
Kyle will rock the boat and we need
Another bat

This is a bold move. We were led to believe the young man needed much more time in the minors to work on his defense. Kyle is going to receive a `baptism of fire` in the bigs. If the brass did not think the catcher is not up to the challenge, it would not demonstrate such confidence in him. This unusual talent has been on the `fast track` to the majors ever since he was first signed out of Indiana University.

Aloha jhosk, I am conflicted about this because I had hoped he could have more time behind the plate at AAA I understand with all injuries why this is happening now. I wish him and the team the best starting off this second half. Mahalo!

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Wish we still had Wellington Castillo!!!

Chad…you would rather have Castillo than Schwarber? I thought at one time keeping Castillo as the #2 catcher made sense but only if Montero was #1 and Ross was, well gone. But since there is no way around the Ross mistake we might as well now take advantage of Castillo’s absence which speeds up Schwarber’s rise to the majors. Schwarber’s bat will no doubt be a better tonic than Castillo’s, don’t you think?

Yes, k.g. This has the `sense` of being an emergency move. It certainly confirms that the FO is going for the `brass ring.` We Cubs are not `pretenders.` but are indeed `contenders. I want to take this opportunity to apologize to Shay McGhiey, as he suggested last week that Schwarber be promoted immediately, if not sooner. I cautioned Shay that it was not realistic to do so as Kyle needed more `reps` at the catching position at AAA. Well the FO contradicted me. I was proved wrong. But I also want to point out that back in May, there were some geniuses on here (Petrey10 was one), who assured us that Kyle Schwarber would not be `called up` until September. I `pushed back` about that notion, and suggested Kyle would appear sooner. Did I expect that `call up` to occur in the middle of July? Absolutely not! Could this bold move work out? Absolutely it could. In fact, I expect it to. The young man is exceptional. {Btw, weren`t you impressed with some of those pitchers in the All Star game, k.g.? And to think some of them could be available for deals before the trade deadline has to make a Cub fan salivate, I`m thinking.} Did you see how Aroldis Chapman performed? The man is `unhittable.

jhosk….you crack me up. Nice “genius” remark, spot on. Just goes to show you that Theo is willing to make some tough but sensible decisions regarding the roster and that includes the early promotion of Schwarber to cover for an injured player. Really, what other promotion would make more sense than Schwarber? The Cubs not only need catching help but HITTING help and Schwarber seems to be the logical choice for both issues. He may see time in LF and behind the plate, I can’t see his bat sitting on the bench while the weak hitting Ross is behind the plate for most starts so that puts Schwarber in LF at the expense of Coghlan and Denorfia? So be it. When Montero returns maybe Theo will make another tough yet logical decision and “promote” Ross to a full time coach leaving the spot open for Shcwarber to stick as the #2 catcher and some time left fielder??? Ross is no longer required to serve as Lester’s personal catcher considering that ship has sailed long ago as evidenced by Lester’s less than expected performance.

Aloha jhosk- I had to admit to my father that the AL had some great pitching! Yes Chapman is amazing but if all he throws is that fastball, at some point the batters will catch up but I know the Red’s are working with him on mixing it up. I think he has a bright future if he stays healthy. I thought Schwarber was ok behind the plate tonight and as we have discussed, wish he could have had more time behind the plate at AAA but it is what it is and he did go 3-4 tonight! Mahalo!

Yes, fonzie, I agree Ross has a promising future as a coach. Anthony is featured in today`s `USA Today` in a column by Bob Nightengale. It`s worth a read. As you suggested, the Cubs absolutely must improve in the offensive categories in the second half if we are serious about challenging the Redbirds and Bucos. As was cited in yesterday`s newspaper, the Cubs` hitters are batting .239 (13th in the NL) with an on base percentage of .315 (ninth).

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