#Cubs lineup: Lester starts vs Braves

Jon Lester takes the mound Saturday night for the Cubs as they try to split the series vs. the Braves. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF
Bryant 3B
Rizzo 1B
Soler RF
Denorfia LF
Castro SS
Ross C
Lester P
Russell 2B

* The Cubs have lost eight straight games in Atlanta dating to July 5, 2012, the club’s longest losing streak since the
Braves moved to the city, and the club’s longest winless streak on the road vs. the Braves franchise since going 0-7-1 in an
eight-game stretch in Boston from June 26, 1946-June 10, 1947.

* Lester is 0-3 despite a 2.35 ERA (10 ER/38 1/3 IP) in his last six starts. The Cubs have scored a total of nine runs in
his last six starts, including three runs during his 38 1/3 innings while in the game during those six starts. Lester has pitched at least seven innings in four of his last six starts and allowed one or zero earned runs in four of his last six outings.

* The Cubs will face the Braves’ Manny Banuelos, the sixth left-handed starting pitcher they’ve dealt with in their last eight games. In a 46-game stretch from May 16-July 6, the Cubs faced a total of four lefty starting pitchers.

* Over their last 14 games dating back to June 30, Cubs starters have combined for an MLB-best 1.50 ERA.


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Did you hear that Lester is pitching a `no no` after six innings? In the very first inning, a Braves` player (Markakis) was credited with a hit when he struck a ball to third sacker Bryant. But in the fifth inning, the official scorer (I have reason to believe his name is Wilkerson), decided to change his scoring on that play and charge Kris Bryant with an error. Thus, Jon Lester`s potential `no hitter` is a possibility. Do you know who was the last Cubs` pitcher to throw a `no no?` It was the `crazy Venezuelan,` Carlos Zambrano in 2008. And he did something that day no one else in major league history achieved before or since. Zambrano tossed his `no hitter` vs. the Astros. But the game was played neither in Houston nor Chicago. The game was played on a neutral field (Milwaukee), due to a hurricane or some such natural disaster in Houston, which made that venue unavailable. That `no hitter` by Zambrano is the only one ever to be tossed by a major league hurler on a `neutral` field.

Upon further review, that ball hit by Markakis to Bryant in the first inning, should have been ruled an `error` immediately. We should not have needed to wait until the fifth inning, when the official scorer decided to invoke `revisionist history` and change his scoring. It is a play a major league `hot corner` guy should make. You`ll recall Bryant`s college coach at San Diego told everyone long ago that Kris Bryant`s best position is `outfielder.` That man knows Bryant best, I suggest. (I`ve felt that way for a long while.) We have an excellent chance at getting a win Sunday with Arrieta hurling. He`s our ace. But don`t sleep on Shelby Miller. I`ve heard it said he`s been the Braves` most reliable starter in 2015. Should be another `pitchers` duel.` Would be nice to win a game by a wide margin for a change, a `blowout,` if you like. But who knows when that kind of game may come to pass?

Aloha jhosk- Yes, I did not see that “play” but heard about it and if the officials would change it from a hit to an error. I have to give Lester kudos, he went out there and pitched a very very good game. I did not realize how bad it is for this team to manufacture runs until one of the announcers mentioned during a “so-many game run” how bad this drought is. For this, I have to give a young veteran, Rizzo, credit again because with 2 strikes on him and Bryant on 3rd he shortens-up and drives in the run. I think that will be such an exciting day when things click for Russell, Bryant, Soler. Being able to take pitches, work the count. On the plus side, Bryant has gotten a lot of walks. I heard by the way, that Kershaw just ko’d 14 in only 8innings! Well, I hope Arrieta can go out and give 7+ innings tomorrow and that the team can support him with some early offense. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. Thanks for the `heads up` re: Kershaw. And he did that vs. one of best teams on the planet, the Nats. Fanned Harper three times. Bryce did `go yard` in the ninth off a Dodgers` reliever, and he tied Stanton for the league lead in home runs (27). But it feels as if Stanton has been inactive for close to a month due to injury; shows how far ahead of everyone he was before he went down. Btw, that Bryant college coach is Rich Hill. {I agree, Lester performed tonight the way we Cubs` fans anticipated most of the season.}

I watched the game and the reason it may have been called a hit at first was because the ball did not come into contact with the glove and Bryant made a stab at the ball,a weak attempt but none the less an effort to make the play. I would have called it an error,but Markakis may have been given the benefit of being in front of the hometown crowd,I may be wrong but I do not think the official scorers are local anymore,on another note Lester beaned Pierzinski,sorry for the spelling,and gave Lester the look of death,in the eighth it was Pierzinski who ended the no no. Go Cubs!

Yes, Kenly Cub, perhaps Lester will wear the Braves` catcher`s contempt as a badge of honor. Keep in mind Pierzinski has for years been voted `the most disliked` player in the league by his peers. As for that official scorer last night, if he ever applies for a similar role in Williamsport, I`m confident he will re rejected.

Lester pitched a good game including hitting spots when needed, the elbow beaning,well it looked to me like Lester enjoyed it and Pierzinski knew it,yes he has been disliked for years,was it him and Michael Barrett that got into it awhile back,not sure about that one,do not know if you get Fox Sports South being in Virginia but they show the Braves games a lot,in our area we have the luxury of having the Nats,Orioles and Braves games besides the national games,enjoy your Sunday afternoon. Go Cubs!

Yes, Kenly Cub, I recall that altercation between Pierzynski and Barrett at home plate many years ago. You have to give A.J. props for being a survivor. He`s been a major leaguer for a long while, and will be 39 in December. I love what Ozzie Guillen once said of A.J.: “If you play against him, you hate him. If you play with him, you hate him a little less.” I`m in Pa., but am familiar with Fox Sports South. I have access to it during the winter months. Saw the end of today`s Cubs` game on Fox Sports Ohio via `Direct TV` at my favorite saloon. Also saw the end of the Mets/Cardinals 18 inning marathon. Was a very satisfying result. You must have noted the Cubs cutting Edwin Jackson loose today. This was one of the few Theo Epstein acquisitions that failed badly. You and other Cubs fans must have seen this coming for a long while. Time to move on. Let`s hope Rafael Soriano can rediscover that form which he enjoyed in Tampa when Joe Maddon and he found success together.

Lester has been a top 20 pitcher this year…. Check out the bleacher nation article maybe some of you will learn something…. You probably won’t though because then what will you all complain about then?
The biggest problem with Lester is when he pitches we got two automatic outs back to back…. Let schwarber catch him so we can score more runs!!!

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