#Cubs DFA Edwin Jackson

The Cubs made a switch in the bullpen Sunday and decided to add veteran Rafael Soriano, while Edwin Jackson was designated for assignment. Soriano will join the team in Cincinnati. This was the third year of a four-year deal Jackson had signed with the Cubs, and his first in the bullpen with the team. He had a 3.19 ERA in 23 games.

More to come on Cubs.com


Hate to see a vet. go down but this has been a long time coming. Maybe this will light a fire in him, or maybe he is just DONE…,

Aloha Doug- I was a little surprised that he was DFA’d, thinking he might be a part of a trade where the team ate the rest of his salary so for them to make a move like this as you say was a long time coming. Hope he can find his footing again with another team. Take care. Mahalo.

Good to see the fo cutting the fat…. This move had to be done

Yes, I like the fact that the FO deals and acknowledges the few mistakes they do make and takes care of the situation. It really shows how dedicated they are to assembling a playoff caliber team. They rolled the dice with Jackson and lost but his signing at the time made sense considering how depleted the starting staff was at the time. Too bad, it seems like Jackson’s best contributions to the team were actually beginning to see the light of day as a long reliever, but this by far improves the team by adding Soriano unless Soriano underperforms but the chances with Soriano performing well vs. keeping the long reliever Jackson with his history of failure is the right thing. I am still hoping for a legit bat to be added via trade to help shore up the offense. If the still defensively learning Schwarber gets sent back down when Montero returns the added bat will be needed even more. Getting old (no pun…) watching the automatic out Ross do nothing at the plate…it may be time for the FO to make another hard decision regarding Ross….”Kyle Schwarber Personal Catching Coach” sounds good to me for his new title, I hope they are printing his business cards as I type…

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