#Cubs vs. #Reds, Game 1

Kyle Hendricks will start the first game of Wednesday’s day-night doubleheader against the Reds at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. Kyle Schwarber is batting second, while Kris Bryant is fifth for the first time this season. Here’s the lineup:

Coghlan LF

Schwarber C

Rizzo 1B

Soler RF

Bryant 3B

Denorfia CF

Herrera 2B

Hendricks P

Russell SS

* Dallas Beeler will start the second game, scheduled to begin at 5:10 p.m. CT.

* On Tuesday, the Cubs picked up their 50th win, thanks to Kyle Schwarber’s heroics. He hit a game-tying home run in the ninth and a game-winning homer in the 13th. According to Elias, he’s the first rookie to hit game-tying or go-ahead home runs in the ninth or later since the Cardinals’ Matt Adams did so in September 2013 and the White Sox’s Joe Crede did in August 2002.

Only two Cubs players have hit ninth inning home runs to send a game to extras and then hit the game-winning home run in extras. Andre Dawson did so May 8, 1990, vs. the Braves, and Dave Kingman did it May 14, 1978, in Los Angeles.

Schwarber is the first Cubs player since at least 1914 with a pair of four-hit games in his first 11 Major League games.

* The Cubs now are 10-4 in extra inning games, and the 10 wins are the most in MLB. Last year, they played 18 extra inning games and won eight.

* The Cubs have a 2.29 ERA in July, the lowest team ERA this month in MLB. Jake Arrieta leads the team with a 1.17 ERA this month, and Jon Lester has a 1.27 ERA this month.


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This is interesting as I think CF is wide open and should no longer be considered only Fowler’s postion. A little more offense may be had with some starts from Denorfia every now and then. I hope it’s not just limited to double headers.
Cubs need to get more offense from there outfield. Soler is not going anywhere so a trade for a left fielder such as Cespedes would be most welcome if he would sign for beyond 2015 of course. Are players allowed to negotiate contracts while a proposed trade Is on the table? I thought that was allowed and has happened before? Anybody?

So far with Denorfia 0-2 in today’s first game…of course!! Still early enough to come back.

Aloha fonzie- I hope they can come back but this is not looking good for the team playing sub-par teams, though so many of the games are on the road. I agree that the team needs offense. A lot of this will change once the youngsters mature, though it is not easy going through these growing pains at times. The team may also be thinking about getting another pitcher(s) for a starter-bullpen. So whatever the trade(s) that take place before the 31st, will be interesting as to what the FO puts as a priority as I am sure that is where the assets (established players and high rated prospects) will go-trade wise. Take care now. Mahalo!

It’s all good k.g. no matter which approach is taken. I would like to see both a bat (outfield) and a pitcher added just to help during this year’s wild card run but I do realize as far as 2016 goes there are plenty of FA pitching options and even some more farmhands that can add to the offense. So if not much is done by this year’s trade deadline that doesn’t mean we won’t grab a wild card slot but it will be more difficult the way the current team is (not) hitting. And that’s WITH Schwarber carrying the team…. but who knows how the FO will handle him when Montero returns? If they are reluctant to have Schwarber in LF and adamant about him being a catcher….how will the young man get his ab’s with Montero ahead of him and Ross’s pathetic bat rusting a roster spot? Looks to me the love affair with Ross will either reluctantly get the FO to put Schwarber in LF or send him back down. Move Ross and the pieces will fall in place. Looking forward to the trade deadline approaching, should be a fun week.

K. g., I don’t know if I should be happy or mad at you. lol
I am still looking for 1963 Topps Cards. I thought I had around 300K Sports cards, turns out there is much more than I thought. I still have not located the 63’s, as they are stacked in 5K boxes here and in MO.
Going through another box today, I found a 62 Mantle. The big find of the day: a 1952 Topps Look ‘n See, #15 Babe Ruth card in beautiful condition. This is from an American Heroes set, that featured Ruth as the only Sports Figure.
So I guess thank you, but there are sure a lot of cards. lol

Aloha fonzie- yes I think after the shelling they just took, it will be tough in terms of what they go after. They let Richard go and bring in Medina who gave up 4 runs, that is tough. The hitting as you say is just not there. The reason they brought up Schwarber was because of Montero’s injury and it will be hard to make a case whereby they would send him back down but if the FO is insistent on Ross’ spot. Jasper a 62′ Mantle and 52′ Ruth Look n See! That is cool! Mahalo!

If ever one day could sum up a season yesterday was it. The Cubs look lost in the first game, and look like world beaters in the second game. A very nice comeback win. If they ever play at or near their best on a daily basis look out.

Yes, Cubs2317, it`s been something of a roller coaster season, and it makes following this team all the more compelling. We said recently that the entire roster has to contribute if we are to be successful. What Teagarden did in yesterday`s second game is a prime example of that. And he did so vs. one of the game`s elite `closers,` Aroldis Chapman. We just commented recently that Chapman pitches `lights out,` and is close to `unhittable.` We face one of the worst teams in all the major leagues next, if not the worst, but we can`t take anyone for granted. And isn`t it true that the Cards did not have to face Sales in their recent series with the White Sox? And they did not have to contend with the Phils` best pitcher Hamels, the last time those two teams met. As the saying goes,`sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.`

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