#Cubs face Phillies in Game 2

Jake Arrieta made his 2014 season debut on May 3 and now is 21-10 with a 2.52 ERA (80 ER/285 1/3 IP) in 44 starts since that date. The right-hander will start Saturday in the second game of a three-game series against the Phillies at Wrigley Field.

Arrieta’s 2.52 ERA is the fifth-lowest mark in the National League since May 3, 2014, while his .556 opponents’ OPS is second-lowest (only Clayton Kershaw is better at .539). Arrieta’s 300 strikeouts are fifth-most in the NL.

Arrieta’s 11 victories are tied for second-most in the NL with the Cardinals’ Michael Wacha. With a win on Saturday, Arrieta could become the first Cubs pitcher to exceed 11 wins in a single season in five years, when Ryan Dempster won 14 in 2010. Since the beginning of 2014, Arrieta is 13-2 with a 2.30 ERA (38 ER/149.0 IP) in 23 starts following a Cubs loss.

He’s a big part of the Cubs success. In 11 home games in July, Cubs starting pitchers have a 1.92 ERA (15 ER/70 1/3 IP) and have not given up a home run the last 64 1/3 innings at Wrigley

Here’s Saturday’s lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soler RF

Denorfia LF

Castro SS

Ross C

Arrieta P

Russell 2B

— Carrie Muskat


Put the kid in the line up already.
If he not getting consistent AB’s up here send him down so he can work on his catching. This makes no sense.

Aloha Doug- I forgot who mentioned it on here, but it sounds like Lester and Arrieta want a more “seasoned” backstop catching them. At the same time, Schwarber is only going to get better if given the opportunity to catch. Maybe they are thinking while Montero is out, Ross catch the above mentioned pitchers and Schwarber catches the other 3 in the rotation? Certainly his offense is an upgrade at that position. Take care now. Mahalo!

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One would think that the fact the Phils are starting an ace southpaw is a factor in Schwarber`s not being included in the starting lineup.

Aloha jhosk- I think you mentioned how lucky the Cardinals were that they did not have to face Hamels! Well, his stock just went up, though it was against a weak hitting team it came just before the deadline! I wonder if the Dodgers try to pick him up? I think the team is done, the Giants continue to win and won behind MadBum 2-1 today so they are now a head of the Cubs by 1.5 games. Does not mean I am not going to enjoy the rest of the season, it just means that I came into this season with realistic expectations for a young, inexperience team. But they will have their day soon. Now it will be interesting to see what kind of trades the team does, they may be sellers (not necessarily of the top prospects) in order to make room and/or allow some of the other young folks in AAA to get in some time now. Which is not a bad thing. If the FO could pull off a trade where they get a strong hitter and have him under control for a couple of years, that might not be a bad thing but what would they have to give up? We already know that there will be a ton of FA pitching at the end of the season but another experienced-veteran bat would be a plus. I just hope they do not get swept tomorrow. Take care now. Mahalo!

I agree jhosk, an ace southpaw one can justify Schwarber not starting. Other than that…he sits on the bench the other day vs. a washed up former Cub castoff RIGHT handed pitcher with an era approaching 7.0???? Just so Lester can have his guy Ross catch? Not sure about that one. It’s not going to kill the team if Schwarber catches a quality starter once in a while so he CAN get that kind of experience as well as catching the lower part of the order. Jerome Williams… and Schwarber is on the bench? Come on, who’s running this show….I thought Maddon at one time but this Lester/Ross mandate is making me start to wonder. I understand not putting pressure on Schwarber by having him sit when Lester and Arietta are pitching but NOT when the team is begging for offense and certainly NOT when a pitcher of Williams lack of caliber is starting for the opposition. Unreal. This team may have just said “wait til next year” by this lack luster home field series vs. the Phils. No reason to trade for Hamels THIS season, what good would his stellar pitching do with this offense and a team willing to play Ross over a rookie stud? Might as well wait and sign a free agent and not give up any bodies. Also, my God….whatever will the Cubs and John Lester do in 2017 when the almighty Ross is GONE? Will Schwarber THEN be deemed worthy of catching the “ever so hard” to catch Lester? Well, it might help if he actually caught Lester a few time this year and a few more times next year. This Lester/Ross thing is way over valued by the FO and next year we have to witness it all over? Playing with a man short is what it comes down to. But there must be at least one fan that is actually happy Ross his here and happy he is returning next season. I hope that fan is good with letting a wild card opportunity dwindle if not disappear. I for one would have loved to see Schwarber get his 4 AB’s vs. Williams to open the series and would have taken my chances of a Lester pitch or two being mishandled or a run or two being given up due to poor “pitch framing”. Unreal. Ross can join Koyie Hill in the long list of ex-Cubs catchers that are just not worth their perceived value.

Yeah cause he would been much worse than the other Cubs that day.
Look he is not here to because he is a seasoned backstop, but for his bat. So use his bat, if your starter gets to pick his bat. mate for the day then let him play left. If he is who we hope he is,the lefty vs lefty match up won’t matter much.

The lefty ROOKIE vs. the lefty ACE is much different than just lefty hitter vs. lefty pitcher so that is why I said it CAN justify Schwarber sitting when Hamels is pitching, I did not say I advocate that decision and would not have second guessed Maddon if he did start Schwarber against Hamels and if Shwarber went 0-4 with 4 K’s I would have commended Maddon for having the stones to go with him over one of the weakest hitters in all of baseball, Ross. A hitter so weak he (they) decided to bunt with the bases loaded knowing he has not the speed to beat out even a good bunt and this because the chances of him laying down a bunt and an infielder committing an error is better than Ross getting a key base hit. That AB by Ross spoke volumes.

The Cubs need hammels bat! Which of these teams has the worst record in baseball?

see below…. frist time in 50years!!!!!!!!!!

I can remember some very bad Cubs teams. Can’t remember ever seeing them get no hit before. Pretty sad day in Cubs history.


theo, jed, joe and the rickets!!! what a combination of success in Chicago,,,better get out of town,,,i see tar and feathers coming!!!!!!!!


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