#Phillies Hamels throws no-no vs #Cubs

Cole Hamels threw his first career no-hitter Saturday in the Phillies’ 5-0 win over the Cubs at Wrigley Field. The Cubs were no-hit for the first time since Sept. 9, 1965, when Sandy Koufax threw a perfect game at Dodger Stadium.

It’s the first time the Cubs have been no-hit at Wrigley Field since Aug. 19, 1965, vs. the Reds Jim Maloney.

Saturday’s game snapped a Major League record 7,920 consecutive games (of at least nine innings) with at least one hit. The Cubs had gone 49 full seasons without being no-hit, the longest span in Major League history.

This was the first no-hitter overall at Wrigley Field since Sept. 2, 1972, when Milt Pappas no-hit the Padres in a 8-0 Cubs win.

Jake Arrieta took the loss, although he did notch his seventh consecutive quality start, and has a 1.37 ERA in that span. He gave up a three-run homer with two outs in the third inning, snapping a streak of 10-consecutive home games in which the Cubs starting pitcher had not surrendered a home run.

For Hamels, it was the 13th no-hitter in Phillies history and his first career complete game no-hitter. He also was involved in the Phillies’ previous no-hit effort, a combined no-no, Sept.1, 2014, in Atlanta.


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So this is the first time we`ve been no-hit since Sandy Koufax carved us up way back in `65. There`s actually no shame in that, given that Koufax is by far the best pitcher I`ve ever seen in my life, and I`m close to 70. Hamels was deserving today, but keep in mind the Cubs have been in a collective `drought` offensively for weeks. And what was Fowler complaining about in the ninth when he was `punched out` by the home plate umpire on a pitch which clearly had plenty of plate? Cubs fans , I suggest, should have no time for `whiners` like Fowler. I was taught, and I believe correctly. that when one has two strikes on him, be ready to swing at any offering which is close to the zone. If this guy is back next year, look for more struggle and consternation and frustration with our club. A successful lead off batter has a high `on base percentage` and is willing to accept free passes, and hits for a decent average. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get on base. He`s a `table setter.` Fowler is not that guy. Trust me.

Aloha jhosk, good point, that ’65 team was a much better hitting team but as you mention, they were,no-hit by one of the greatest pitchers the game has ever had! By the way, in talking with ny father today, he said what you and others have said, ok relief pitching and no closer. He thought the team could still make a run but they have start now. We were trying to think of veteran closers that might be available, Phillies Papelbon (sp?) and not cost too much. He also thought they could get by with their hitting, that the young folks will cone around. All interesting. Gotta love this game. Mahalo!

I think you are right on target with Fowler…he has turned out to be a poor acquisition and I really don’t think he has much more to offer, maybe another bad choice by Mr. Theo. Rumors are Theo is chasing pitching as the deadline approaches but a hard pill to swallow when several holes rest in position players. I see Maddon talk having fun but he looks tired and confused to me; seems he did not expect having such run production issues. Rizzo certainly needs to get back to his upright batting where he drove the ball and get away from this one knee non-sense; I don’t care about his OBP, the club needs a left handed power guy driving the ball…hitting coach issues? Is it only me or does others see that Bryant pushes the ball more than takes aggressive swings? I would like to see him a little more aggressive at the plate. My honest opinion is that the team looks in trouble right now and it will take much more than a pitcher to turn things around or this year is pretty the same ole thing time after time…next year. I have heard others say they didn’t expect them to be winners this year so okay, what if next year is the same dance…do as many as prior still believe Theo has done such a great job to this point…really?

Yes, k.g., your father demonstrates much wisdom. But it`s my understanding Papelbon is owed plenty of $millions on his current contract with the Phillies, and it extends well beyond 2015. I`ve heard it said the Phils may be willing to pay a portion of those monies owed were he to be dealt. But then you have Papelbon`s issues. I have reason to believe he`s a `head case.` Is he still a successful `closer`? He absolutely is. Is Theo willing to enter into a `second go around` with Jonathon? An interesting question I`m incapable of supplying an answer to.

Aloha jhosk, good points in regard to Papelbon. My father mentioned that teams at this stage in the season can be reluctant to let go of their closers, sp trying to think who out there that could fill a hole? By the way, some baseball folks out my way will tell you that Cespedes is a good/ gifted athletic but as a teammate not the best, clubhouse wise. Found that interesting, as I know Maddon is strong on teamwork and not disrupting the chemistry. Mahalo!

Thanks for that, k.g. I have often wondered why it is that Cespedes has been a member of multiple teams in his very short career. He never stays very long in one venue. I reckon it`s safe to say you are onto something, my friend. On another subject, it will be more than embarrassing if we are `swept` by the lowly Phillies in this series. Aside: I plan to see the Cubs play their current adversaries in Philadelphia in September.

Did I mention it`s best if Dexter Fowler is not asked back next season? That also applies to Starlin Castro. I listened to the Phils` radio broadcast of today`s game, and the very first batter of the contest hit a routine grounder to short and that batter came `ever so close` to beating out the play at first base. The Phillies` broadcasters commented that Castro was far too casual in the manner in which he `handled` that ground ball, and they expressed their puzzlement as to why Starlin would choose to behave that way. Sound familiar? This is a kind of future test: In the opening game of the 2016 season (which most fans devote extraordinary attention to), please observe if both Fowler and Castro are parts of that lineup. If one is, or both are, I suggest we are in `trouble.`

Aloha jhosk- I feel bad about Fowler. My father had high hopes for him too. Something has not clicked for him this year, offensively speaking. I wonder when Maddon can step in and say to him, for example your stronger on the right side but we do notice you hit well from the left side against these righties… I do think though that come next season through the farm system or a possible trade that CF will be covered. The other thing is that it is not like all the positions have to be hitting for power/average. I think of Richie Asburn. Lifetime .300+ hitter, more than 2500 hits almost 2600. More triples than home runs: 109-29 and scored 1322 runs in 15 seasons! To put that in perspective our beloved Mr. Cub Ernie hit 512 homers but only scored 1305 runs in 19 seasons. The other thing about Ashburn: very fast and a tremendous defender. He was only with the Cubs 2yrs but in his first year at age 33 he drew a leading 116bb’s but only struck out 50 times! So these are the what-ifs but if Soler can make the adjustments and be a solid .275-.295 hitter, you know there is power from him and he has a good arm in right. If we had an Ashburn in CF that could cover a lot of ground in the field, possibly be a lead-off hitter that could set the table for the other hitters and steal bases too! So in LF if you had good contact and decent power, not bad because you are hoping that Bryant and Rizzo can provide “yard” as well as Schwarber. I cannot wait to see Russell mature too, he can hit and provide some power so I do not think the team is too off in this department. Gosh it could be like the Yankees in the 90’s that had that rookie class of Jeter-Posada-Rivera etc.. that stayed together for years! If Baez rehab goes well, maybe we get to see him a little in September: another player with great defensive abilities that needs to mature at the plate. If the other players come along well, then I would give him a shot next year at 2nd base the way they are letting Russell right now and put him in a slot in the lineup without as much pressure. I think that would allow Baez time to settle in plus all his buddies would be there to encourage him, root for him. So that goes back to your comment about not renewing Fowler and what to do with Castro. I hope for the Cubs sake, Castro catches on fire and soon because they have him in contract through 2019. So, if he can finish out the season well, his stocks rise and a possible trade can be made. At this point his numbers are not good and if the Phillies announcers can see his lack of attention come field play, then you know the other teams know this as well. But never say never, a trade of some of these folks could still happen before the 31st comes around. The bottom line is that the team is not far off in the offensive department, just very young and still green. A closer like you have mentioned is needed. Let’s hope the team can salvage tomorrow’s game. Mahalo!

Is interesting you bring up Ashburn, k.g. He was a heckuva player, but my strongest memories of him are that of `Whitey` as a broadcaster. He teamed with Harry Kalas as Phillies` broadcasters for many years. Their chemistry was unmistakable. My fondest memory of Ashburn is when he observed from the booth that pitchers in general are `flakes,` especially left handed pitchers. He indulged in a long monologue on why he believed that. Those numbers you cite when Whitey was active are impressive. I especially like that, much like Pete Rose, he seldom fanned. {Can`t help from returning to the fact that the 2014 AL MVP (Trout) struck out 184 times last season.) You mentioned yesterday that Hamels increased his `trade value` exponentially and I think you cited the Dodgers as a likely landing spot. I agree with that. ESPN reported today that immediately after yesterday`s game concluded, there was a large sign outside Murphy`s pleading that the Cubs trade for Cole Hamels. I do not see that as realistic; do you?

Aloha jhosk, as much as I like Hamels, to give away the talent on another starter, when outs have been pretty darn good, I think would not be the best use of assets unless, it is a sweetheart deal. I would rather they go after Price when the season is over. But if they could get a bonifide closer that would be good plus an “Ashburn” for CF! Happy to see young Addison take one deep today. Mahalo!

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