#Cubs Maddon and no-no’s

With Cole Hamels’ no-hitter on Saturday, Cubs manager Joe Maddon now has been part of seven no-no’s in the Major Leagues. He’s only been on the winning side of one, and that was in 2010 when Matt Garza shut down the Tigers. Here’s the list::

July 25, 2015: Phillies’ Cole Hamels vs Cubs

Aug. 15, 2012: Mariners’ Felix Hernandez vs Rays

July 26, 2010: Rays’ Matt Garza vs Tigers

June 25, 2010: D-Backs’ Edwin Jackson vs Rays

May 9, 2010: Athletics’ Dallas Braden vs Rays

July 23, 2009: White Sox’s Mark Buehrle vs Rays

Sept. 11, 1999: Twins’ Eric Milton vs Angels


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Cubs are looking like sellers over the last week. I wonder who the Cubs could get for Arieta and Hendricks. Before you all go nuts on me, I’m being sarcastic and fatalistic. Though, I think being buyers would be a mistake.

I think going “all in” would be a mistake too. However, we desperately need a bonafide closer. I think we can wait until the off season to add another TOR starter, but quality starts are being wasted now and are keeping us down in a big way. I’m concerned that Castro is another Shawon Dunston ~ a guy with tremendous upside who never reaches his potential because of inconsistency & not making the necessary adjustments at the plate.

Looks like Hammels enjoys pitching at Wrigley! Do you think he was sending a message that he wants to play for the Cubs, or the opposite?!? 🙂

I think he was desperately attempting to improve his trade value to multiple teams after two ugly starts prior to yesterday`s, and he achieved his goal spectacularly.

Aloha Judson & jhosk, it is interesting I am sure you read as I did that “supposedly,” the FO offered Castro & Baez for Hamels. Again, that was in an unconfirmed report. As much as I like Hamels and thought he could have been a good addition last year if traded for a Castro+, I am not so sure now as relief pitching and a closer are sorely needed. Take care now. Mahalo!

in sundays game ,castro was last batter in 5th but did not return to field in the 6th…trade going on?

Castro has been scuffling this month, and Maddon just wanted to give him a breather

This month? Castro has been scuffling for well over this month, almost all year. A breather would be in order for sure but for more than a few innings….a few games is more like it. Castro is an enigma, the type of player that is talented enough and young enough to yet still become a top tier SS but he sure gives reasons to doubt him on a daily basis. Being only 25 years old his best years could still be ahead of him but he has made it difficult for the Cubs to anoint him the SS of 2016 and beyond. I would not be surprised if he were dealt in a package before the onset of the 2016 season.

Matt, I agree, neither sellers or buyers!

Can someone tell me why Maddon changes the batting order everyday? That probably why these guys aren’t hiting, they dont know from one day to the next where they will batt

I think it is because Maddon recognizes that the young players need to find their way in the MLB world and more importantly Maddon realizes his team, despite their modest success this year is NOT a post season caliber team…yet and his roster is filled with more holes than admitted to by the FO so in essence even a very good manager such as Maddon can struggle with a line up when left with little to choose from. I also disagree the line up shuffle is the reason for the lack of hitting. It is the lack of solid hitters and the presence of young players still getting acclimated to big league pitching. Although Rizzo has slumped of late he IS a hitter. Bryant and Russell are still feeling their way and Soler is still somewhat recovering from the DL. All these players are expected with confidence to mature into legit hitters. Russell has never been juggled around in the order so your theory doesn’t hold water with him. The rest of the lineup are not solid hitters regardless of where they bat. It looks like this will be just a tune up year for 2016 when we can expect a better left fielder, center fielder and shortstop. Do you think if Maddon had Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, moved them around in the batting order…they would suffer from it an not hit? I think very good hitters are going to hit regardless and right now the Cubs do not have very good hitters other than Rizzo. Bryant, Russell and Soler are expected to become such hitters but are clearly not at that point yet and I think it is due to their youth and short time in the bigs more so than Maddon’s line up shuffling.

I think one can disagree with the lineup shuffle issue but I do believe there is some logic in a consistent format which allows players to become accustomed to their individual roles and no guessing what is expected of them daily…to think there is simply no meaning to this is far too simplistic and incorrect. In addition, if one comments that many others are lacking due to their lack of time in the bigs then when? Again, far too simplistic to say as many do produce very well with little time and these are advertised as stud prospects; so does this mean they are not responding to Maddon’s kick back style? Every result has a reverse effect and anyone can offer not time to date, needs more time or over advertised…something or someone has to be accountable for a result or lack thereof. What Maddon has done in the past means nothing here as it’s today.

Those are good points, fonzie. I`d like to add that it`s Maddon history to juggle lineups. It was a `trademark` of his when he skippered the Rays all those years.

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