#Cubs Castro assured he won’t be traded

Starlin Castro met with Cubs manager Joe Maddon, who assured the shortstop that he wasn’t being traded. Castro was lifted in the seventh inning on Tuesday night, and then told he wasn’t starting on Wednesday. The shortstop wanted — and got — an explanation.

“I just asked him, ‘Why did you take me out of the game?'” Castro said prior to the Cubs game against the Rockies. “He said, ‘It’s nothing serious. We wanted to put [Chris] Coghlan in the game.’ I didn’t want the day off [Wednesday], and he told me, ‘Take it, relax, we want you here, you’re not going nowhere.'”

Castro’s name has been mentioned in trade rumors, and the shortstop says he’s tried to ignore the talk. He didn’t ask Maddon if he was going to be moved by Friday’s deadline.

“No, he did not [ask],” Maddon said. “I said, ‘Listen, you’re not getting traded. Just relax and play and don’t worry about this stuff.'”

“It’s difficult sometimes,” Castro said. “We’re not supposed to think about this. Sometimes, when we’re not doing good, those kind of rumors run in your mind. It’s not supposed to. I felt free to go talk to him. I said, ‘The season’s not over yet, I’m not putting my head down. I’m going to keep working hard to help my team win. I want to be here, I want to stay here.'”

It’s been a difficult season for Castro, a three-time All-Star, who was batting .163 in July and .237 overall.

“It’s really tough,” Castro said. “Like I say all the time, my swing doesn’t go away. I feel healthy. I know things are going to change. I’ve been through this before and I know how it feels. There’s still two months of the season and I think I can finish strong.”

— Carrie Muskat


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Well according to the newest headlines in MLB Trade Rumors….the Cubs are indeed aggressively trying to package Castro in a deal….grain of salt of course but this leads us to wonder about all the assurances of him not being traded….

You are correct, on almost every sports site. This is yet another cost reduction move replacing him with a low salary player because they feel they may not get very much for him during the off season, certainly if he keeps the downward trend. ESPN uses the term “aggressively shopping” for almost anything. From what I understand (not positive) this with a guy who has more hits than any other SS in recent years???

I didn’t check your final comment but even if true, this is a guy clearly trending the wrong way. HIs swing is a disaster, hits for zero power (his Slugging is under .300 which is horrendous), has led the league in errors 3 of the last 4 years and is bottom 4 again defensively this year. I think what the Cubs just learned is he has very little trade value.

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