#Cubs Minor League report: Baez hits 2 HRs

Tuesday’s games

Javier Baez hit two home runs and Junior Lake added another to back Clayton Richard in Iowa’s 9-0 win over Nashville. Richard scattered three hits over seven shutout innings, striking out four. The lefty most likely will fill the Cubs’ fifth starter spot. Baez, playing his first game with Iowa since June 7, went 2-for-5 with two solo home runs. It was his third two-homer game of the season. Lake had two hits, including a two-run homer.

Ivan Pineyro gave up five hits over seven innings in Tennessee’s 8-0 win over Montgomery. Wilson Contreras had three hits, including a grand slam, and Albert Almora had two hits, including a two-run homer.

Jonathan Martinez gave up three hits over eight scoreless innings to help Myrtle Beach beat Potomac, 4-3. Jason Vosler hit two home runs and drove in three runs to back Martinez, who struck out four and did not walk a batter. Trey Martin had two hits and one RBI.

Jeffrey Baez hit his sixth home run in South Bend’s 4-1 loss to Great Lakes. Erick Leal gave up three runs over six innings.

Eugene lost, 5-1, to Boise. Alex Bautista hit a solo home run and Jose Paulino took the loss, giving up two runs over six innings while striking out seven.

Mesa swept a doublehaeder against the D-Backs, winning 12-1 and 8-4. P.J. Higgins had three hits, including a home run, in the first game, and Jose Paniagua had three hits, including two doubles and a triple. Paniagua then completed his cycle with a three-run homer in the second game.


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Today’s victory over the Rockies must have been how the FO office envisioned Lester and Ross combining for a win as both contributed. It was a long time coming and still no offensive contributions from Ross but he paid off with helping Lester on pitch calls and nailing Reyes at 2B. Good to see but I will still take a Montero/Schwarber tandem any day regardless of Lester needing Ross.

Aloha fonzie- very classy of you to give Ross kudos. I also want to give Fowler kudos as he is getting his swing back. I do hope that Lester will learn how to better hold runners on base because that double steal in the 3/4th inning had me concerned. It did produce a run for the Rockies but thank goodness the damage was held to a minimum. Did you see that report about Maddon meeting with Castro? I am not sure how I feel about that. Meaning, I do not think any player should be “coddled.” I think Castro has been given multiple chances over the years and I want to see him grow up and mature, even if he is only 25/26yrs old. I think by the FO telling Maddon he could say to Castro “do not worry you are not going to be traded,” could potentially hurt the organization if the right opportunity came along. I always say, “never say never.” Now they have taken a potential piece off of the table. Which always begs the question: Castro, Russell, Baez? I thought a change of scenery would be good for Castro, then Russell could settle in at SS and Baez given some time this year at Second but that may not happen now since they made this announcement to Castro. I read an unconfirmed report that Baez may be on the trading block, I know he is just a “prospect” but I think he will make it and would love him playing for this team. Take care now. Mahalo!

Thank you k.g. and I agree with your sentiment regarding Baez and telling Castro he is not going to be traded. Even if true….that is kind of odd? I’m sure in context Maddon meant during this frenzy of trade rumors…??? Do you think if Baez is not traded this week he will be called up soon? Or will that put too much strain on the mind of Castro considering what Maddon just told him? I would like to see Baez get another shot at 2B with Russell moved to SS where he seems to be more comfortable and more confident….but that would go against what just transpired with Castro and Maddon…back to odd I guess. You have a great night k.g.!!

Aloha fonzie- I am still baffled myself. I know Maddon is known as a players manager-coach, players really respect him. I hope the FO did not put him in a tough position if something changes. I know Baez is still a “prospect,” but his level of play is an upgrade and Russell going to SS as you say where he is more comfortable, will help his defense. Plus he has been more patient at the plate and getting in good swings. The good-mature players like a Hamels, rise to the occasion and end on a high note (the no-no against these Cubbies), making a statement that they can still play. As you know Hamels is going to the Rangers and will be paired up with Darvish-san, that will be a neat 1-2 punch! Going back to Castro, I think not saying anything to him could have helped him with his growth, meaning if he were in limbo as to weather he is traded or not, he has to come to the realization that it is out of his hands. So go out there and play the best ball you can, that would show your current team or a new team that you can handle “adversity” and have character. We will see what happens in the next few days. I will say this, we all know a closer is going to be key for this team if not this year in the off-season. But I think with what happened with Hamels today, there is quite the chance that the FO goes after Price in the off-season. Take care now, tomorrow the team goes to a park-team they have not done well against this season and it is time to turn things around! Mahalo!

k.g. with Hamels going to the Rangers I am not too upset with that only because I too am hoping for a bigger target in David Price to land with the Cubs either by tomorrow in a blockbuster trade or (possibly the over all better situation) as a free agent after the season, not giving up any prospects, just giving up money. A little bit of work left to do for Theo but in complete contrast to what Dcee opines….I think this team is well within striking distance of seeing the really good by next season and not the 3-5 years as predicted by Dcee. The FO has done wonders with the organization and roster at all levels and show every indication of bringing their arduous and well thought our plan to fruition by next season. Don’t you concur?
I see no reason for any of us fans to worry about the really good taking another 3-5 years. The really good is hear, it is the rookies, the minor league system, the President, the GM, the owners, the renovations and on the field? Maybe not as really good as some fans demand at this point but for us fans that understand what the FO is doing I believe we will be rewarded and vindicated by next summer. You take care too k.g.!!

Fonzie and k.g., I agree it is curious that Maddon assured Starlin he won`t be traded. That is `weak` on the manager`s part, and one must assume the FO is on the same page, and all that is concerning. How the manager can live with a player who does not always hustle and give 100% is beyond me, and an enigma . Perhaps he`s not the skipper we thought. You both must have seen that revealing Fangraphs report in which 22 major league shortstops were evaluated on multiple aspects of their games, and Castro finished very last with the worst WAR. Someone suggested we make statements based on facts. Isn`t it impossible to dispute those Fangraphs facts regarding Starlin?

Whoa…hold on there jhosk, I wouldn’t go as far as speculating that Maddon is not the fine manager we thought he was or that his record verifies. Yet…he may be a sly fox as he stated to Castro he would not be traded…hmmm….not traded, not traded….does not guarantee Castro the starting SS job. Sly like a fox? Maybe Castro sits the bench if Russell takes over at SS and Baez (LaStella?) takes over at 2B? After all Maddon is in control of who plays where, when and how often he is not in charge of the roster. Maybe Maddon was indeed told by Theo that Castro was not being traded…so do what you must… It will be interesting to see what happens when either LaStella returns or if Baez is promoted because then it will be harder for Maddon to justify the ever struggling Castro.

no one has ever said that Castro hasn’t been bad and hasn’t been a disappointment……. and yes Castro has the worst WAR for a SS in the MLB. That is a fact. But its also a fact that Castro has accomplished things that most of the other SS haven’t. Its a down year. He’s slumping terrible…. he needs to start slapping the ball around again instead of pulling everything. He needs to start adjusting. But that doesn’t mean he should be traded or benched. Let him try to figure this out. We don’t have anyone better than him right now. Baez was just as bad last year in his debut. I would bring Baez up… put Baez at 3B or LF whichever one Bryant wasn’t at. Coghlan has been good this year but I put him in the utility role when Baez comes up. If castro continues to struggle then Coghlan plays more and Castro plays less.

Petry10, I am not really trying to say Castro deserves to be replaced, If that is what I conveyed my apologies. I am saying that after Maddon assured Castro he wouldn’t be traded it kind of created some idea that Maddon knows this for a fact? I still read on MLB Traderumors.com that Cubs are trying to aggressively package Castro in a deal. If he is not traded I am just saying maybe another route for some additional offense may come in to play by subbing Casrto’s bat with either Baez (who is looking pretty good again…) or the soon to return LaStella. Just something to mix things up, rest Castro for a while….move bodies around but certainly not give up on Castro entirely. A massive slump may warrant some lengthy rest/bench/composure time that’s all. With all this said and despite Maddon’s reassurances to Castro I would not be surprised if Castro is still traded. As usual the FO has gained more benefit of the doubt for doing what is best, more benefit of the doubt than Castro returning to his old form. Something just doesn’t seem right with him, I would have thought he would have rebounded by now. The soon to be logjam up the middle will play out, I wish the best for Castro here…or elsewhere.

What has happened to Eric Jockisch? I hear he is ready to come off the DL but CUBS have no option but to leave him on DL. Are there rules about how long a team can keep you on DL?

Aloha Jim, all I could find was a “transaction” dated 6-29-15, where the AAA Iowa Cubs sent Jokisch on a rehab assignment to the AZL Cubs (Arizona League). Maybe this is signalling that he is off the DL. I am sure Carrie will chime in when she knows something. Mahalo!

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