#Cubs lineup vs Brewers: Arrieta to start

Jake Arrieta will open the Cubs’ four-game series in Milwaukee against the Brewers on Thursday night. Kris Bryant gets the day off. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber LF

Coghlan 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soler RF

Castro SS

Ross C

Arrieta P

Russell 2B

* The Cubs’ pen has posted a 6.38 ERA (17 ER/24 IP) over the last six games.

* Jake Arrieta is 5-1 with a 1.37 ERA (8 ER/52 2/3 IP) in his last seven starts. The right-hander is 2-3 with a 3.22 ERA (13 ER/36 1/3 IP) in six career starts against the Brewers. In his only start against Milwaukee this season, Arrieta took a loss after giving up four runs over five innings.

* Jorge Soler is batting .417 (5-for-12) with three doubles and a home run in his career against Brewers starter Jimmy Nelson.


Cardinals get a billion dollar TV deal and minority stake in Foxsports Midwest….. so much for their small market status…….

Aloha petrey- I have always felt that the Cardinals were more than a small market status, unlike the Oakland A’s out my way. Maybe the history of their club and players like Musial, Gibson and now Molina. But I understand it from a demographics point of view in term of shear numbers. My uncle back in the Islands has been a Cardinal fan all of his life, I often wondered how did he come to like them. But that TV deal will definitely give them more coverage. I look forward to when the Cubs have a contract like that too, so that it will be easier to watch the team from different parts of the country. By the way, will be interesting to watch this lineup and how they “play” defense with Schwarber in left, Coghlan at 3rd and Russell at 2nd (though he has played so many games now at that position). Just to see these folks make the adjustments. Hope they also give Arrieta some offense and early on. Mahalo!

St. Louis really doesn’t have a local competing market team along with strong attendance/viewership as a result of being a consistent contender and there is a large number of South/Central Illinois people who are Card fans…am I missing something here? The Cubs on the other hand have the Sox to compete with along with only average viewership until they can be a bit more competitive, hopefully soon. You don’t see Schwarber as a handicap in Left…don’t see him as an outfielder.

Your argument against the TV deals is local competition but yet dodgers are in the most competitive market in baseball. Please go look how many California teams there are… Cubs/sox. Much like the Dodgers / angels no? And the Dodgers got over 8 billion…. Your point is not valid….

Well Petry, because population totals don’t have anything to do with it? Really, I think TV deals are done based upon how much they can lose in advertising revenue, they only real reason these deals are done I think. I think they are based upon viewership and the amount they can sell/charge for advertising revenue in the particular local area would be my guess…there you go again, one twisted straw. Do you not get tired of looking silly? Keep going, you are so easy.

My reply went to the bottom…. Feel free to read it… I realize you may not reply much like the last thread when you tried throwing out financial analysis that was wrong…. Say hello to your jr acct for me…. Or wait are you having them drum up something for you to post again?!? Boy I hope so that worked great last time…. Maybe you could start a whole new company that writes your rebuttals on blogs!! Million dollar idea!!!

Got to hand it to Coghlan, he seems to be an all in type of player that goes about his business, versatile and athletic. I hope he is with the team next year as a much used bench player/pinch hitter because we should certainly see more of Schwarber in LF if both Montero and Ross are still with the team. Another interesting move… Maddon’s desire for versatile players.

coghlan is under contract for next year… i would guess he is not going anywhere

Certainly, and I realize that but he can still be included in a trade as the final piece to get it done so to speak as he is a valuable and versatile player another team may come after. There was a time this past week I even thought a play off contending team may inquire about him being available. One never knows what Theo is capable of once he smells a deal to improve the club. But if our Cubs improve enough next season forcing Coghlan to the bench it will be a good thing.

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Anybody want to apologize to Lester….. there was quite the bashing going on about a month ago….. like I stated at that time the FIP and xFIP showed he was having some “bad luck”……………………

No thanks, for the money it could be expected and I’m sure his expectation was higher as well. Let’s see how he handles the remaining strong schedule ahead against the many near or above 500 teams.

Cubs remaining schedule is weaker than the first half…. Seriously do you do any research before you run your big mouth

You are indeed one twisted straw…I prove you have no idea what you are talking about time after time but you still keep going. After today 35 games are against strong, near or above 500 teams with 25 the lesser. Why would anyone bother with you is a wonder.

26 games with contenders …. 35 with non contenders …… And you bother with me so why would you try to make your stupid comments?

You can’t blame people too much. Edwin Jackson’s numbers were like that for two years with awful results.

Oh look, Matt Szczur has gotten on base two more times, scored another run and thrown out another base runner….yawn

Anthony is going to need to deliver many more big hits as he did tonight, if he plans to `make good` on his guarantee that we win the division this season. All tonight`s win guaranteed is that we `marked time` with the Cardinals, as they won their game, as they more often than not, seem to accomplish. Just saying!

Aloha jhosk- every game from now on is a “must win,” they are all like 1-game series (like the W.C.). The Giants are 2 games ahead of the Cubs and I think only 3 games behind the Pirates. They have to play like they want to win out the division, that type of mentality. There is still time for them to do it. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. Is a pleasure. I noted that your wife`s team`s shortstop, Crawford, was at the very top of that Fangraphs list of 22 major league shortstops. He had the highest WAR. I see Starlin made a tremendous defensive play in tonight`s contest, but I doubt that one demonstration of excellence is enough to remove him from `last place` in that Fangraphs evaluation of major league shortstops. He needs to do that consistently, or, more importantly, make the routine play consistently, and get a meaningful knock from time to time, I suggest.

Dodgers and cards are 1&2 in Abe attendance….. Cards rate one of the highest in MLB for viewership while Dodgers are near dead last…. So those are your two arguments…. That’s a 7 billion difference? I don’t think so…. It’s more of the value of the organization being put on TV … Sure population factors in as does the above. But these deals track more closely in dollars to team value on where the deal lands dollar wise.

In my mind this has always been about a debate regarding few perfect plan’s exist and they require a certain element of luck or happenstance to be successful to any great degree and every plan contains its relative setbacks and flaws in addition to how the bottom line rules the road; there is no right or wrong as any plan can go either way so no one should follow most anything with blind faith…the only proof is in the results, in plain light. Many Cub fans including me feel asking their patience for 5 years to a base that has waited over 100 was hard to shallow but okay, it’s what we have. However, after these 5 years I believe millions will want a WS winner or pretty close or they will be calling for Theo’s head and with every right as Chicago people such as myself tend to hold others to their word. So it’s not a matter of it looks good but more so a matter of it better work and I think if asked in private, Theo would say he is clearly aware of this. Patience remains fairly high right now but an average season next year will turn this quickly. But I can see now that this means much more than this to you possibly to a truculent level and ones with a decent experience/education will understand this. So I tell you now that you have been correct all along and it was wrong for me to attempt to explain or justify my flawed interpretation of such matters and hope you continue to educate all willing to learn. I wish you nothing but a positive life ahead.

All good… The plan is for sustained success…. A bad stretch had to be done to build the foundation…. You just can’t buy success and rebuild a stadium, get financial affairs in order and build a good farm…. We are getting there and patience is going to be key. Take care

Hey Carrie, according to MLB Traderumors.com a Buster Olney tweet: “There is some speculation within the industry about a possible BOS/Cubs/Padres three-way blockbuster taking shape. Lots of pieces that fit.”
What’s up with that? Are you hearing anything?

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