#Cubs get Tommy Hunter

The Cubs added another arm to their bullpen with the acquisition of Orioles right-hander Tommy Hunter for outfielder Junior Lake.

Hunter, 29, had a 3.63 ERA in 39 games this season with the Orioles, striking out 32 and walking 11 over 44 2/3 innings.
He was the Rangers’ first round pick in 2007, and then dealt to the Orioles in July 2011 along with Chili Davis for Koji Uehara.
He also can help the Cubs next year as Hunter will be a free agent after the 2016 season.

Lake, 25, was batting .315 at Triple-A Iowa with seven home runs, 10 doubles and 31 RBIs. Lake was called up to the big leagues for 21 games, and batting .224 with one homer.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie- According to Cot’s, Baseball Reference and Rotowire, Hunter will be a free agent after this year.

Yes ZS, MLB Traderumors has Hunter being a free agent “after the season”. I can only take that meaning this season…so…..somebody has to give… He should be of some help in the bullpen and Haren should be some help in the rotation. A small price to pay to shore up a longshot at the wildcard spot considering how well the Giants are playing but it is still reinforcing the team and not varying from a sound plan. It looks like the offseason may be more exciting than usual as hope the FO will aggressively get into the FA market, specifically Price.

Aloha ZS and Fonzie, I was curious about this too as I read that the FO wanted to trade for controllable contracts. I hope the Haren that pitched for the A’s shows up as this could be very good these next 2 months same for Hunter too. So glad that top prospects were not traded away for short-term rentals. I have to give the FO credit for not getting caught up in the hype, trying to acquire someone just because they think they needed too. Ok, I hope they can pick up today’s game. Mahalo!

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Good trade. Just getting rid of Junior Lake is a win. Decent future journey man player. But always thought too much of a hot head for average talent. Show boating the few times he could with the Cubs is not how I want this team going forward. He’s not a Bradley or Big-Z, but irksome in his ways. Wanted Kimbrel but oh well. Haren, good pik for cheap. All in 2016. Will be glorious

It`s my understanding the Cubs did attempt to `do business` with San Diego, k.g. as was the case with the Yankees, and as was true of Houston. San Diego ultimately decided to decline to deal with all three clubs. When each club did not `hear back` from the Padres, that FO assumed it was because another one of those clubs had San Diego`s ear. Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian both admitted they are `confused` by the Padres` posture, implying the Friars do not have a serious opportunity to secure a playoff spot.

Aloha jhosk- I am sure that is true, plus the FO did not want to give away the future on just the final two months of the season. So Haren and Hunter both are short-term rentals but again, did not have to give away prospects and/or current players for these transactions. I hope one of these folks can help in the 5th spot and the other in the bp. So, if Wada comes back will he be in the bp? You can never have too much pitching. Mahalo!

On Friday, the Cubs filled the fifth spot in the rotation by acquiring Dan Haren from the Marlins for two Minor Leaguers, and then they made a deal with the Orioles for hard-throwing reliever Tommy Hunter. Device Detection’, ‘Module was not loaded.

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