#Cubs Hendricks starts vs Brewers

Kyle Hendricks gets the start Saturday night at Miller Park as the Cubs try for their third straight win over the Brewers. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber C

Coghlan LF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Soler RF

Castro SS

Hendricks P

Russell 2B

* Hendricks went five innings on Monday, giving up four earned runs for a no-decision in an eventual Cubs’ 9-8 win vs. the Rockies. Hendricks is 0-1 with 5.40 ERA over last three starts. He’s 2-0 with a 0.98 ERA in three career starts the Brewers.


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Motte was unhappy being removed from the game? Why? He`s very fortunate that ball Soler clumsily caught did not leave the yard, given that Soler is challenged defensively, to put it politely. Why not leave Grimm begin the ninth? He pitched to just one batter in the eighth, Braun, and fanned him impressively. Joe is making things more complicated than necessary by `overmanaging,` I suggest. Motte has looked terrible of late. He should retire. Is it any wonder the Cardinals gave up on him long ago? He`s no closer; nor is Rondon or Soriano. Did I mention we do not have a closer? Was good to see Hunter meet with some success, but to expect him to fill the closer`s role is unrealistic.

Regarding Motte, please recall the very first batter he faced in the ninth, and which resulted in a `ringing` double to left center. That pitch was a fast ball down Broadway which was `straight as a string,` meaning it had absolutely no movement. In other words, it was a `cookie.` Major league hitters do not `miss` those pitches. That is what I mean when I opine Motte has been `terrible.`

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