#Cubs highs/lows for July

The Cubs are 55-47 on Aug. 1, the fifth-best record in the National League. One year ago, they were 45-62 entering play on Aug. 1, which was the second-worst record in the NL and fourth worst in MLB.

The Cubs went 15-12 in July, and now have played .500 or better ball in every calendar month this season. They’ve posted back to back winning months for the first time since 2008.

Highs and lows for the Cubs in July:

Batting average
High: Kyle Schwarber .302
Low: Kris Bryant .168

On-base percentage
High: Schwarber .412, Dexter Fowler .411
Low: Starlin Castro .194

Slugging percentage
High: Schwarber .488, Rizzo .413
Low: Castro .202

High: Bryant 37

Home runs
Bryant and Rizzo 4 each

Bryant 17, Rizzo 13

Pitchers ERA
Jon Lester 1.66 (6 games, 43 1/3 innings)
Jake Arrieta 1.90 (6 games, 42 2/3 innings)
Kyle Hendricks 2.90 (5 games, 31 innings)

Most strikeouts
Lester 50
Arrieta 44
Hendricks 28
Travis Wood 21

Team batting average in July: .222 (14th in National League)

Team ERA in July: 3.39 (9th in NL)

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