#Cubs Bryant OK after collision; to be re-examined Monday

Cubs rookie Kris Bryant was removed from Sunday’s game as a precautionary measure because he felt a little dizzy after a hard slide into second base in the fifth inning. He was to be re-examined on Monday in Pittsburgh, where the Cubs open a three-game series.

“He got banged a little bit on the slide, popped him in the head a little bit,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “He’s a little bit dizzy at the moment. We believe he’s fine. I think he’s going to be fine actually.”

The Cubs had runners at first and second with one out in the fifth when Bryant lofted a ball to center. A run scored on the single, and Bryant tried to extend his hit by going to second and sliding head-first under shortstop Jean Segura. It appears Segura accidentally hit Bryant in the head.

“It was a hard play,” Bryant said. “I was going as hard as I can, hustled in there. I’m feeling better and we’ll see what it feels like [Monday].”

The Brewers challenged whether Bryant was safe on the slide, and after a review, the call stood. But while the umpires were looking at video, Cubs athletic trainer PJ Mainville was checking on Bryant at second. Right before play resumed, Bryant walked off the field, and Jonathan Herrera took over as a pinch-runner and then at third base defensively.

Bryant said the play wasn’t going to make him change his aggressive approach.

“I’m always going hard,” he said. “I think it’s a good situation to get to second, another guy in scoring position. It’s not going to slow me down.”

— Carrie Muskat


I wish you the best for the Cubs since you have access to them. You should since you have always been a “Homer”. Try your best to call em like you see em. Otherwise, you are like all us Cub fans, ignorant of Cub flaws. They will never win a Championship if they continue to get away with a lack of fundamentals, to SOLD OUT crowds.

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I understand the will to always `go hard` and hustle, but that can be achieved absent the `head first` slide. It has been proved time and time again that the `head first slide` does not transport one to his destination any faster than the conventional slide, and it makes one vulnerable to injury, as we observed with Kris Bryant today. And one more thing, why hasn`t Starlin ever received that message regarding the `always going hard and hustling` thing?

the head first slide is faster IF done correctly…. about 5 inches faster. But again has to be done correctly and is much much more injury risk. That was from a study done at Wash U.

Well done Petrey, I remember reading about that and found it very interesting as I always thought the head first slide was indeed faster just based on inertia and center of gravity. Here is just a snippet (David A. Peters, Ph.D) for those who find it difficult to belive…
“It turns out your center of gravity is where the momentum is,” Peters says. “This is found half way from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes. In the headfirst slide, the center of gravity is lower than halfway between your feet and hands, so your feet don’t get there as fast. It’s faster head-first.”

jhosk, I enjoy reading your comments but must ask about this time and time again proof you mention….can you offer up something that may contradict what Petrey10 and I offer as proof? I am really curious about this because I always thought the headfirst slide is faster. Not less dangerous but we are only talking about speed here, not safety.

Am more than pleased to respond to your speculation, fonzie. A 2003 study of twenty collegiate baseball players in the `Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine` found “no significant difference between head-first versus feet-first slides, even though a majority of players believed head-first sliding was faster. A similar study of sixty players from Little League to the college level, published in 2003 in the `American Journal of Sports Medicine` came to the same conclusion. Here`s a direct quote from those who conducted that study: “We found no statistically significant difference in speed between head-first and feet-first sliding at all levels of play in this study.”

Thank you jhosk! Boy…it boggles the mind…just looking at players slide and from playing the game myself for many years I am still convinced sliding head first is faster…with the momentum of the upper body going forward in stride and in line with the intended target base whereas to slide feet first a base runner must make an adjustment to put his feet first and in line with the intended base. A debate for the ages I suppose! Thanks again and have a great day jhosk.

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Yes, fonzie. The studies I cited were done 12 years ago, and I predict twelve years from now baseball players will still be engaging in head-first slides at approximately the same rate as today; and 12 years after that, the same will probably be true. Players seem to have it fixed in their heads that it is a faster way to get to a base. I recall observing Pete Rose diving into bases that way back in the 60`s and 70`s, and it was fun to watch; I must say. The Cubs/Pirates are the Monday Night game on ESPN at 7:00 PM Eastern. Enjoy the contest, fonzie.

Here’s my hypothesis….. head first is faster if done correctly BECAUSE you have the momentum and center of gravity helping you BUT the reason you have to do it correctly is because you have way more surface area contact on a head first slide than feet first. Thus on a feet first slide you do decelerate much slower than head first… resulting in a very close race between head first and feet first…..

jhosk,petry and fonz I think the debate might actually be which base the individual might be sliding into,it is the first base slides that I think most people hate to see happen,do not know why but I think running thru the bag at first is better,depending on the individual after that its hard to see a six and a half foot man sliding into second base saving time,but Ricky Henderson slidind into second base head first actually seems right. Aloha k.g. got to see some of the Giants comeback win the other night and watching Posey and Pence in the clutch was awesome,R.I.S.P. means everything. Catching David Ross right now on M.L.B. hilarious, Mahalo guys,Go Cubs!

Aloha Kenly, thank you for well-wishes, will share with the wife. Though I must admit that I am rooting for the other teams against the Giants at this moment, I know this is a bad thing but I am fair because I am rooting for teams playing against the Cardinals, Pirates and Mets too! I will just say this about sliding, I myself liked the head-first slide like Rose would do and wanted to emulate it. We were advised not to slide into first at almost all costs with a few exceptions. That being said, if done right we viewed sliding head-first like “body-surfing,” and if done right you get to the bag quicker. Many times with the leg-foot out it acts as a brake and slows you down. As Petrey mentioned above, there is less surface area to tag-hit on the foot-leg. Now one issue I have is when any of us were defending a bag (second-third) we went through a myriad of drills including different types of slides coming into the bag and my coaches and the other coaches I knew from other teams would caution how you “tag” a runner coming in head first to the base as opposed to feet first. I am not saying that Bryant should not consider different approaches but I also felt that Segura did not do as best a job as he could have to clear Bryant and/or not to hit “tag” his helmet so hard with his glove. I know it was a bang-bang play and I commend Bryant for completing it. Let us be honest, in this game one can get hurt that is part of taking a job in the MLB. Well, hope the team can get the game in tomorrow. Mahalo.

Kenly Cub, thanks for that `heads-up` with the David Ross interview on `Intentional Talk` on the MLB Network yesterday. Saw a replay of it today, and it is hilarious as you suggested. I`ve read in the past that David is popular in the clubhouse and dugout with teammates, and I now see why. He`s a `piece of work.`

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