#Cubs LHP Richard faces Brewers in finale

Clayton Richard gets the start Sunday in the Cubs’ series finale against the Brewers at Miller Park. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber C

Coghlan LF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Soler RF

Castro SS

Richard P

Russell 2B

* With a win Sunday, the Cubs would post their first four-game series win over the Brewers since July 28-31, 2008.

* Anthony Rizzo hit his 20th homer on Saturday. It’s the third straight season he’s reached 20, and he’s the first Cubs left-handed hitter to do so since Leon Durham’s four-year run, 1984-87.

* Rizzo has been hit by a pitch 21 times, and he’s the first 20-20 player in Cubs history.

* Looking ahead to the Cubs series against the Pirates:

Monday: LHP Jon Lester (6-8, 3.26) vs. LHP Francisco Liriano (7-6, 2.92)
Tuesday: RHP Jake Arrieta (11-6, 2.62) vs. LHP J.A. Happ (0-0, 0.00)
Wednesday: RHP Dan Haren (7-7, 3.42) vs. LHP Jeff Locke (6-6, 4.21)


A trivia question: What Cubs minor leaguer reached base twice yesterday (actually lowering his on base percentage) scored two runs and extended his hitting streak to twelve games?

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Since you`re a fan of Matt Szczur, I`m guessing he`s the answer. (Btw, I`m a supporter of his also.)

Ding ding ding. I want to see him succeed and being a Cub fan I would prefer it be with the Cubs, but I recognize that it will probably be with another team, if he does succeed.

Trivia question: What Cubs player in two stints on the major league team has a OPS of .596 and below average defense in CF???
If you guessed Matt Szczur you would be correct! He’s just not that great…

Aloha jhosk- So we have another Japantown Festival that I need to be cooking the teriyaki at but wanted to watch the game because I am working the later shift. So, kudos to Richard who pitched well and for Russell, Bryant (I hope he is all right), Schwarber getting hits rbi’s. Come the ninth because I have to go, I was hoping for Rondon to have a 1-2-3 inning but wouldn’t you know that would not happen. You right about the need for a closer. I felt like he fought back was on track and got the grounder needed to end the game but “flat-footed-Castro” booted the play. I want to show grace and patience to him but this is getting serious at his position. I would rather have Russell there (rookie in training) and Herrera at 2nd. Or if the rumor is even close to being true about Utley, put him at second and Russell at SS. The Pirates are much more a threat than the Brewers. I am so pleased that this team not only took 3 games but swept and took all 4 games of this series. The Pirates are another story. The Cubs are going to have to play very good defense, have very good pitching and hope the offense can provide some runs and I think Castro’s defense is very shaky, not consistent. I hope the coaches have quite a chat with him on the plan ride to Pittsburgh. Good job today Cubbies. Mahalo!

Thanks for that, k.g. (Would have enjoyed sampling that teriyaki today.) I did not have access to the audio or video of today`s game in real time. It`s just as well. After reading your remarks, and seeing some of the highlights and lows of today`s contest, I`m certain I`d have been on `pins and needles` witnessing that ninth inning. {That was another `routine` grounder our ss could not handle.} I frankly do not comprehend the interest in Utley. Saw him play many times at the AAA level years ago before he was promoted to the Phils, and admired his game, but this season he`s been injury prone, and when he has played, his batting average is not even close to the Mendoza line. Something I`ve heard Vin Scully say about athletes over the years applies to Utley, I suggest: “Put a fork in him; he`s done.”

Aloha jhosk, I was thinking Matt. A friend this morning and Cub fan was talking to me about a possible move to get veteran Chase Utley by end of August. Thought this was interesting as another veteran could have a positive effect on the team but would that mean a trade of Castro? I would assume that Russell would move to SS. Well, today is another huge game to pick up before going out your way! Mahalo!

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