Dan Haren makes #Cubs debut vs Pirates

Dan Haren makes his Cubs debut Wednesday night at PNC Park against the Pirates in the series finale. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber C

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soler RF

Castro SS

Denorfia LF

Haren P

Russell 2B

According to reports from Pittsburgh, Rafael Soriano is going on the disabled list with right shoulder inflammation and lefty Clayton Richard has re-signed with the Cubs. Richard was designated for assignment on Monday, elected free agency, and has re-joined the Cubs.

According to MLB Network research, Cubs rookie catcher Kyle Schwarber’s average well-hit rating is 4.8 on balls in play using Inside Edge’s 1-9 rating scale (4.0 league average). If he were qualified, Schwarber would tie with J.D. Martinez as the league’s hardest hitter. Schwarber is slugging .556 in 72 at-bats.

The Cubs have won six straight games for the second time this season. They have yet to score more than five runs in a game during their current winning streak. The rotation has a 1.59 ERA and the bullpen has a 1.26 ERA in that span.

This is the fifth time Haren has been traded in his career, and the Cubs are the eighth team he’s played for in 15 professional seasons.

The Cubs top four starters – Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester, Jason Hammel and Kyle Hendricks – have combined for a 3.11 ERA this season while five other starters have combined for a 5.05 ERA.

Anthony Rizzo is hitting .500 (12-for-24) with four home runs and 10 RBI during the Cubs six-game winning streak. He recorded the fourth four-hit game of his career on Tuesday. Rizzo is the fifth player in Cubs history with 12 hits and four homers in a six-game span, and first since Derrek Lee in 2005.


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We dodged a bullet when Garrit Cole did not pitch vs. the Cubs in this series. We also `lucked out` in not having to face MadBum in the next series vs. the Giants. He`s working tonight vs, the Braves. And it`s MadBum`s bat that teams should also be concerned with. His batting average is north of .250; need I remind y`all that`s better than some of our position players` averages?

Aloha jhosk, hope you Jasper-Petrey-Kenly-Tomintexas and others can let us know how Haren looked tonight. I understand have gave up 4 runs but 3 were earned. Also Wood fell apart and gave up 2 runs after the team had tied the game. I have to look at the RISP stat for tonight but the team did score 5 runs which is good. This next series against the Giants is crucial, they need 3 if not all 4 to be victories. Well, tomorrow night I will only be able to listen to the game, which is cool flipping between Pat Hughes and Jon Miller! Take care. Mahalo!

Aloha again jhosk, saw my typo and meant to say “he” Haren gave up 3 earned runs. And to fair to Wood, maybe he made good pitches it was just that the Pirates found holes to get on. Look forward to the comments. Mahalo!

Hello k.g. and others. Didn’t see the game except for replays on MLB. Sloppy play and RISP again did us in. 5-2 on this home stand would be a good number. We just need to get there. Go Cubs!

Aloha Tom- Thanks for that, just was able to look at the Box Score and see what you mean: RISP 0-6 compared to the Pirates 4-10 not good. Bryant’s error resulted in a run. The sloppy play you speak of can work against lesser teams but not good teams like the Pirates and the Giants coming up. I know Wood has done better in the relief roll but that was tough for him to come in at a critical point to hold the tie game so that the offense could have a chance. The team has to play well like it did on Wednesday because the Giants can hit and will make you pay for mistakes. The other thing is that the Giants have a very good defense and are at the top of the MLB whereas the Cubs are towards the bottom. So they have to bring their A-game for this series and we know they can do it. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. Did see most of game on Root Sports Network. Haren did not look terrible, but he gave up two long balls, including to the Pirate lead off batter, Palanco in the first. There was a ground ball struck by a Pirate batter to the left side of the infield which absolutely should have been fielded by either Bryant or Castro, but there was confusion betwixt the two. The ball went under KB`s glove, and Starlin still had an opportunity to glove the ball, but did not. His vision may have been impeded by Bryant whose body was directly in Castro`s line of sight. But that play has to be made, as it was routine. I reckon it was scored a hit, but it was a gift hit; trust me. There was another ball hit to right center and our centerfielder and right fielder had issues communicating and the ball fell safely for a hit. It was not as routine as the infield grounder I described, but it is possible it could have been caught had one of the outfielders taken a direct path to the ball.{The coaches need to work with the defense at communicating better.} It was impressive how Schwarbs got us back into the game with his two run dinger and afterward getting Anthony`s long ball, and we tied the game. But as you suggested, Wood gave back the lead to Pittsburgh. Motte was his usual self and had major trouble putting batters away, and surrendered another run and was lifted. He should retire, as I`ve suggested in the past. We did not pitch well in this game, nor did we play acceptable defense. (Aside: MadBum is no longer batting above .250, as he took the collar last night. But he was at .256 or so just recently, and could get back there. He`s a complete athlete, but flies off the handle too easily, as we saw recently when he found fault with an opposition player who flipped his bat after popping up a MadBum pitch. MadBum overreacted there. Should have let it go.}

Aloha jhosk- that is good to know that Haren did not look bad but made some mistake pitches to two good hitters. The defense is going to need a lot of work and it is hard when you have so many young folks as they are learning the ropes. The Giants are a very good fielding team so this Cubs team has to be ready and be thinking sweep. Take care now and look forward to hearing from all of you folks since the game is “blacked-out,” in my area! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., but keep in mind that tonight`s Cubs/ Giants contest is going to have serious competition from that debate in Cleveland. The `Trumpster` and other Presidential wannabes are going to be `holding court` at much the same time the baseball game is transpiring, and we`ll learn if the carnival barker can continue to `snow` the public. However, if the 9:00 PM Eastern debate is as boring as the earlier `Happy Hour` debate with the `JV` team was, it will be an easy call to just go back to the Cubs` game.

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