#Cubs Schwarber delivers in win

In an attempt to find more offense, manager Joe Maddon plans on keeping rookie Kyle Schwarber in the lineup. That meant Starlin Castro had to sit on Friday.

It worked against the Giants as Schwarber delivered a tie-breaking two-run single in a five-run fifth in the Cubs’ 7-3 victory. The rookie now has a five-game hit streak (8-for-19) and has an extra-base hit in each game.

To keep Schwarber in the mix when he’s not catching, he’ll be in left field, and that created a domino effect on Friday. With Schwarber in left, outfielder Chris Coghlan moved to second base, Addison Russell switched from second to short, and Castro was on the bench.

Maddon emphasized the move was not “punitive” and said Castro took the news well. If Castro was hitting, would Maddon have made this move?

“Probably not,” Maddon said. “If he was playing his normal offensive game, you probably don’t do something like this.”

Asked about Maddon’s efforts to keep him in the lineup, Schwarber smiled.

“It’s a nice compliment,” Schwarber said.

Maddon had talked with Theo Epstein about the moves, and met with Castro prior to posting Friday’s lineup.

“This isn’t a permanent benching,” Epstein said. “It’s just a recognition of where we are in the standings, how many good options we have with the players we have returning now, and it’s a nod to Joe’s ability to push the right buttons and put the best lineup on the field any given night.”

With Miguel Montero back from the disabled list, Schwarber’s time behind the plate will be limited.

“At the end of the day, it’s about the Cubs winning,” Maddon said. “Schwarber is the impetus regarding this manuever, more than Starlin. We have to include Kyle right now. You’ve got to include [Coghlan], based on performance and our lack of offense.”

— Carrie Muskat


At least szczur is gone.. Bench is getting much stronger and then add montero Sunday …. Very nice

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Team before player is what I get from Maddon’s remarks. Nicely and professionally done by an astute manager.

Aloha again fonzie, well I am sure Petrey will not be happy that Szczur was recalled as Ross is on leave for family reasons. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this period. Mahalo.

Aloha Fonzie, very true and how important a good manager is for an organization. For example, I think Maddon was very patient with Castro thus far. This series with the Giants is crucial. Russell is an upgrade defensively and we have seen this these past 2 games and his hitting is coming around. As you said, team first. Not sure if Castro is getting an extended rest or if he has been demoted like Barney was last season. The one thing was Barney’s defense was always strong. The lineup is producing so it will be interesting to see what happens with Castro. Today is another huge game! Take care now. Mahalo!

Aloha Fonzie I meant to say yesterday’s game in regard to Addison’s defense as he did not play SS in Thursday’s game. Hope he and the others have a great game today and I hope Castro can take this “teachable” moment and mature-grow. Mahalo.

Cellular Field, the Cubs’ young outfielder answered the challenge in the fifth inning and helped push the Cubs to their ninth straight victory, a 6-3 win over their crosstown rivals that gave the North Siders a 3-2 series edge. Did Cubs manager Joe Maddon sense Schwarber had a chip on his shoulder?

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