#Cubs Ross to bereavement list

The Cubs placed catcher David Ross on the bereavement list on Saturday. Outfielder Matt Szczur has been recalled from Triple-A Iowa. Szczur was available for the Cubs on Saturday. It’s the sixth time he’s been with the team this year. Szczur was a member of the Opening Day roster until April 19, and has shuttled back and forth.

Ross, 38, left to attend his grandmother’s funeral. He can be gone a minimum of three days, maximum of five.


Aloha Ross-san, from the unborn to the elderly, life is so precious. Even though not an easy time, I hope you and your family will cherish and remember the great times you had with your “obaachan-grandmother.” Take care and safe travels for you and your family. Mahalo.

Prayers for you Ross. God bless you and your family.

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Aloha k.g. well stated,I think you have represented many of the Cubs fans with your comment. Mahalo.

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