#Cubs lineup: Arrieta starts vs Giants

Jake Arrieta gets the start Sunday in the Cubs series finale against the Giants at Wrigley Field. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber LF

Coghlan 2B

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Soler RF

Montero C

Arrieta P

Russell SS

*The Cubs have an opportunity to sweep a four-game set against the Giants at Wrigley Field for the first time since June 9-12, 1977.

*Arrieta has postsed nine straight quality starts since June 21. He’s 6-1 with a 1.37 ERA (10 ER/65 2/3 IP) in that stretch. The last Cubs starter with nine consecutive QS was Arrieta, who notched 10 in a row, June 8-July 31, 2014. Arrieta’s 18 quality starts this season are tied for second in the Majors

*Kris Bryant played in his 100th career game on Saturday, and has 15 homers and 64 RBI. According to Elias, since the RBI became an official statistic in 1920, the only other Cub to hit at least 15 homers and drive in 60 runs in his first 100 career games was Vince Barton (16 HR, 65 RBI) in 1931-32.


No Castro again? Is this going to be a regular decision? He has always wanted to play in every game and must feel gutted. The bigger question is how will he get out of his slump if he doesn’t play? A conundrum for sure.

The Cubs are in the hunt and they are rolling. Joe could start the bat boy at short as long as he hits and plays defense. Addison is getting it done and that is all I care about as a Cubs fan.

Anyone know the name of the guy Cal Ripken Jr. replaced? We would if they were worried about him playing out of a slump.


I agree. I feel bad for him. He seems to be handling with class. Truth is, this line-up is just better.l

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The Conundrum: Madden has assured Castro that he will NOT be traded. Castro is being paid a rather large amount of money. Since he won’t be traded (according to Madden’s word) —- what to do with him if he doesn’t play? High pay and no play?

Aloha White-John-jhosk: As you said White it is a “Conundrum.” I love Schwarber’s play-bat and so forth along with Soler’s but they are somewhat of liabilities in regard to defense at this stage in their careers. I would say if you have strong starting pitching, strong middle relief pitching and closer along with good or better offense, you can allow some learning curve experience to happen in the outfield. I am sure Maddon is taking this all into account because he does not have the middle relief and closer to hold or keep leads. Maybe if they are able to build a good lead, there will some times when they have to substitute late in the games for the defense in the outfield. It will be fun to watch how this all plays out. They need this game today! Mahalo!

White, I believe Maddon meant he wasn’t going to be traded during the trading deadline time frame. That came to pass. The off season is another story. Also, the conundrum is not that Casto is benched but that Coghlan is no true, defenisive second baseman. Now the conundrum is….who will better serve the team as a starting second baseman? Coghlan with his good play and decent yet not spectacular offense? Or Baez with his very good defense and questionable yet promising offense and power????? Is not defense “up the middle” always touted as paramount to being a very good team?

Yes, White; I hear you. First, when Starlin was omitted from Friday`s lineup, he was informed by the manager it was not a routine day off. It meant he was no longer going to be the Cubs` everyday shortstop. That was precipitated by the need to get Schwarb`s potent bat into the lineup, and since Montero, the regular catcher, has returned, it means left field for Kyle. Since Coughlin`s bat has more upside than Starlin`s, Coughlin was moved to second, and Addison assumed his natural position, ss. Starlin is owed $40 million is my understanding. Sometimes the FO makes mistakes. (Edwin Jackson was owed $17 mil when he was cut loose.} If Coughlin commits an error which loses us a game, perhaps Maddon`s decision will be questioned. Our outfield defense is now very suspect, given our corner outfielders are works in progress. {Need I remind fans Jorge Soler is no Dwight Evans in right?} But, in the meantime, we now have a lineup which gives us the best opportunity to put runs on the board. Let`s see what happens. If the relief pitching doesn`t improve, it all may be moot.

He was never told he was losing his spot. He was told it was day to day. I wouldn’t lump him with Jackson

Aloha jhosk-fonzie-folks, we need a closer. I heard a report saying that because there are still more teams in the hunt, teams may not want to trade. jhosk, I think the FO should not rule out going back to San Diego in regard to Kimbrel because this team needs to get that worked out and you can then absorb some of the defensive play by the young folks. In defense of Rondon, he has been used a lot in this series. Well, it is going to be like this for the rest of the season. Mahalo!

I would love to see the Cubs acquire Kimbrel, k.g., but he would have to clear waivers with every other NL club, and any club which wants to block such a deal can do so, is my understanding. Am I wrong?

Aloha jhosk- I believe that is correct. I was just reading an article by Jesse Spector of the Sporting News and how he thinks the MLB should “say goodbye to the August trade format for a new system.” On the Giants radio program after today’s game folks were talking about Kimbrel. We will see if the Padres are willing to let him go and for what in return. One of the Giants reporters were also talking about how it is hard for teams now with 25 man rosters to devote say 13 spots to pitchers. So, in regard to the Cubs, it would be awesome if a Kimbrel or someone could eliminate one of the positions taken up by a pitcher. If the Cubs currently have 13 pitchers on the roster and are able to get a Kimbrel, how about sending two of the current bp folks on their way or as part of the trade? I will not forget how creative managers in the past asked starters if they could go on 3 days rest or jump in for some relief work towards the later part of the season. What I am saying is, it can be done. And it would not hurt this team to have an extra utility person available to come off of the bench and not only play good defense but also be an asset at the plate. Now is the time to think about his and look ahead because the end of this month will be here soon! Take care. Mahalo!

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