#Cubs wrap: Schwarb vs Peavy, Jake & Rondon

Kris Bryant drove in his team-leading 65th RBI to back Jake Arrieta, who notched his career-high 13th win, and
power the Cubs to a 2-0 victory Sunday over the Giants, completing a sweep of the defending World Champions.

It was the Cubs’ 10th win in their last 11 games, and they now have a 3 1/2 game lead over the Giants in the National
League Wild Card standings.

Jake Peavy took the loss. San Francisco’s starters posted a 7.94 ERA in the series, giving up 15 earned runs over 17 innings. Peavy also was miffed at Cubs rookie Kyle Schwarber, barking at the rookie after his third at-bat in the fifth.

“I just asked him to get in the box, not kick dirt around out of the box,” Peavy said. “I’m not trying to start anything. Just play baseball. We’re in this pace-of-game thing.”

*There also was some tension in the third when Nori Aoki was hit in the head by a pitch from Arrieta. Aoki had to leave the game.

“Obviously, you don’t want to hit anybody, especially in the head,” Cubs catcher Miguel Montero said. “It was a cutter/slider type of pitch. [Hunter] Pence came up and [Arrieta] threw a change up and it was up, high. I said, ‘Man, it was a change up.'”

Said Arrieta: “You never want to see somebody get hit like that. It was obviously not intentional. I was trying to in with a cutter there. He’s on the plate pretty good. It spun away from me a little bit and bored in on him in that situation. I made them call over to make sure he’s OK. I hope he’s back in the lineup tomorrow for them. I hope he’s all right.”

*The crowd of 39,939 at Wrigley gave Arrieta a huge ovation when he was pulled from the game in the eighth.

“That’s the best ovation I’ve had since the Fenway game last year,” Arrieta said. “You saw me look around behind the plate and left field. It’s a special feeling. That’s why you play this game is for moments like that. I’m sure we’ll be fortunate to be in those types of situations even more often as the season continues to progress. It’s kind of a position where you’re speechless.”

The Fenway game was June 30, 2014, when he threw 7 2/3 no-hit innings before giving up a single against the Red Sox. The Boston crowd saluted his effort with a loud ovation.

Arrieta now has 10 straight quality starts, and a 1.23 ERA in that stretch.

*Hector Rondon threw 36 pitches in the ninth, but held on for the save. It was his 19th save this season.

“He was under control the entire time,” Montero said of Rondon. “He made a lot of good pitches. He was able to come back and get the strikeout and then we were looking for a ground ball double play. He threw the ball well.”

— Carrie Muskat


Saturday’s and Sunday’s ninth innings: Heart Attack Central! But we won. I like what Maddon is doing: put the best guys on the field at the right times. Let’s go, Cubbies…

It doesn`t need to be that way, Bruce. We should have a pitcher or pitchers who can come into the ball game in the ninth and `take care of business,` meaning throw strikes and get batters out in short order, with a minimum number of pitches, not 36. We have at least two starters who are `stellar;` it is not unreasonable to expect to have a `closer` who is in that category.

Not that I am a fan of so called experts, but most media are saying the Cubs have arrived a year in advance.
Most of us at the beginning of the year, were hoping the Cubs would be a few games over 500 and we would see a guy like Schwarber in SEP.
Now that the team has been competitive, we are getting greedy. Myself, I have to give Rondon credit. He pitched a 5 out save, then comes back with a 36 Pitch save, striking out the side after loading the bases. That is huge pressure knowing everyone behind you, in the dugout and especially in the stands is depending on you.
Will the Cubs find that closer this off season? Will they sign another starter?
They are doing very well this year, arriving a year early is exciting.
The more competitive they are, its only normal us fans expect more. Trying to appreciate the vast improvements here.

Aloha jasper, good to see you again and Bruce and jhosk. I have to say that I was on “pins and needles,” with Rondon in that last game but as you say perspective. I thought about the whole series and for him to pitch an earlier 5 out save was tremendous, reminded me of closers in the past like Mariano that could do that and come back the next day. I think what is hard and I said this in another post is if you are going to put more of an offensive lineup out there on the field (meaning you sacrifice some defense – Schwarber & Soler in the outfield at this point in their careers) then you have to have solid pitching, including the bp. I agree with you that I felt .500 or better is amazing and it is! What they are doing is not lost on this fan. I also think they need another utility person on the bench going late into this season. Quality not quantity, so for example if they could add a Kimbrel to their bullpen in exchange for say a player and prospect or two players that would be great. Because Kimbrel is the quality of pitcher in which if you are carrying 13 total out of a possible 25, you could trim that down to 12 pitchers and 13 position players. Not sure if that made sense but with the August deadline coming up, if the team is going to try and make a run of it this year, they will need that help in the bp and that is not taking away what Rondon or the others have done, they need the “depth.” Well, the team is getting a much deserved rest today and begin another big series. In two weeks they are in my neck of the woods! Go Cubbies! Mahalo!

Hello K.g., in the case of Rondon this past weekend, it took Bosio, visits from Montero to get him through those 2 Saves and a lot of pitches.
The bottom line really, Maddon made him succeed. Especially the 36 pitch save. Hopefully he gets the night off tonight to go with yesterday, but now, he knows he can do it. I give Maddon credit, if I was in that dugout, no way he would have had a 5 out save, nor would he have been in there after loading the bases. The game was just to big.
But those two hard earned saves against last years Champs may go along way the rest of this season.

It’s hard not to get greedy when our team is so close to making the playoffs but as our expectations were no higher than being better than last year and a few games over .500 (Rizzo’s and Ricketts’ expectations may have been to win the division but us fans are a little more guarded). So, even with Rondon’s nail biting ninth inning the other day (The “Rondon Game”?) it can be said that he is gaining what is needed to emerge as the Cubs “stellar” closer for 2016 and the Cubs may not go after someone else for that role. For Rondon to come back and strike out the side after creating his own mess says a lot of what is inside him. I have called for the Cubs to obtain a lock down closer in the past but must admit these lock down closers have to begin somewhere and Rondon could be one in the making. Time will tell but as in Rondon’s case there are other young, inexperienced players gaining from this season that will certainly allow 2016 to be the year of justified high expectations. This season is an enjoyable moment in time and if they do make the playoffs it will be a pleasant surprise for me and I would think most Cubs fans.

There was a Junior Lake sighting with the Orioles yesterday. Plan to see some Cubs` prospects with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans play this coming weekend.

ha ha jhosk…already a name from the past?!?!? I hope the kid does well as I hoped for Wellington Castillo and he is on a tear!!! Have you heard what “beef” is doing recently with AZ? Something like 8 homers in 12 games? (just guessing here). But the guy may be finally coming into some offense. After all he did have 14 homers for us last season and never really embarrassed at the plate. Good to see him doing well. Enjoy your Pelican sightings!

I said last fall the Cubs would win it all this year. It seem that I am right on target. I’ve wait over sixty years for this moment.

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