#Cubs lineup vs White Sox

Dan Haren makes his third start for the Cubs on Sunday in the series finale vs. the White Sox. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Denorfia LF

Bryant DH

Rizzo 1B

Soler RF

Russell SS

Castro 2B

Montero C

Herrera 3B

*Bryant is just getting a mini break by not starting at third base.


How to help Castro? I hate to see him imploding. How to get his attention? He was so asleep at 2nd base yesterday. At bat he looks too tense to see anything. He needs to remember that failure is a bruise, not a tattoo. Let the bruise heal, relax and repair.

White, I hate to say it but any young, physically fit individual blessed with the ability to play baseball finding themselves on a major league roster (as a starter no less)….that alone should be enough to keep that individual sharp, focused, content if not happy if not exuberant and certainly not sleeping or giving lackluster performances and effort. It may be time to move on with Castro (as I believe to be the case with the FO and he is only playing second base to TRY to elevate/redeem his trade value) and be more concerned with helping the CUBS, the TEAM and no longer an individual. Sounds cold but it is not as if the Cubs did not put forth a tremendous show of faith in the young man, with his contract and sticking with him for the better half of the season while all along they had a better alternative in Russell. They could no longer wait due to the TEAM’s wild card contention.

You are really right fonzie5430. These players have been given the greatest opportunity to be in the majors and they should be thankful enough to keep themselves in the greatest shape in order to perform. Unfortunately in today’s world too many young folks expect it all to be handed to them on a silver platter without having to “work” for it. Born with a great athletic ability they must not become complacent when success arrives.

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