#Cubs Minor League report

Saturday’s games

Carlos Pimentel gave up one run over seven innings in Iowa’s 6-1 win over Las Vegas. John Andreoli had two hits, including a two-run homer, and finished with three RBI. Javier Baez had two hits and stole a base.

Ryan Williams gave up one run over six innings in Tennessee’s 4-1 win over Chattanooga. Jacob Hannemann had two hits
including a solo home run. Albert Almora extended his hitting streak to 12 games with a double.

Paul Blackburn gave up one run over seven innings in Myrtle Beach’s 4-1 win over Lynchburg. He struck out nine. Pin-Chieh Chen had two hits and one RBI. Cael Brockmeyer had two RBI.

Jake Stinnett gave up four runs over six innings in South Bend’s 4-3 loss to Wisconsin. David Bote had two hits, both

Donnie Dewees hit his fifth home run, a two-run shot, in Eugene’s 4-3 win over Everett in 12 innings.

Dan Vogelbach had two hits in his first rehab game with Mesa, which lost, 5-0, to the Giants. Jesus Camargo gave up two
hits over four scoreless innings.


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We have to face one of the premier arms in the game Sunday in Sale. But sometimes aces like him have ‘off days.’ See King Felix yesterday vs. the Bosox. The normally stellar Hernandez was rocked for ten earned runs, the most in his memorable career, I’ve heard it said.

If the Cubs go yard a few times today, Cub fans can refer to todays game as the Yard sale game.

Aloha jhosk & jasper, very true. The bats were quiet today. I could not believe that the Mets that just invested a lot in the trades and had been doing pretty good, taking over first place, could not win one game at their home park. I had to cool off and be appreciative of what this Cubs team has done these past couple of weeks and just felt that they could not catch a break but I have to remember also that they were in a different place 3-4 weeks ago so they were able to catch up some and put distance between them and the next closest team for the second wild card spot. In the end, the Cubs will have to win it outright, meaning not hoping other teams do their work for them. They have to go out there and perform at this level for the rest of the season because the best teams in the NL are all in this one division! Thank goodness they have 6 or more games left with the Pirates as they need to take 4-5 of them. I think the other reason I was frustrated was that the schedule has not been kind to them (rain-outs, rain delays, days-off). Losing today was hard with the Pirates and Cardinals both winning. But those two teams have home games tomorrow against so/so teams, the Pirates having the easier of the two teams in Arizona, while the Cubs have the day off. The Giants after coming to Wrigley are on a 5game winning streak. I think if there is a weakness in the Pirates lineup it would be their bullpen but they are so good right now and opposing teams sub-par that this is not affecting them. The Cubs finish out August playing the 1st place and 2nd place teams in the Western Division (Dodgers & Giants). The Pirates finish out playing the second to last place team in the East (Marlins) and come back home to play the last place Rockies in their Division. Finishing out this month strong is imperative and I hope and pray they have the “gas” to go the distance. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., that was quite a ‘run’ Cubs’ fans just enjoyed. The Cards ‘luck out’ again bypassing MadBum in their upcoming series with Giants.That was a heckuva game he enjoyed yesterday with his bat as well as pitching. Carrie was cited today on MLB Network’s ‘Quick Pitch’ regarding the manager being free to wash his socks now that the streak has ended. She tweeted that information. Did you know Joe admits to being ‘stitious?’

Aloha jhosk- Yes the Cards and Pirates keep lucking out! That is all right, this builds character for the team. By the way, I think those socks you speak of, Joe’s, I wonder if they could “stand-up” on their own after all those days of wear? Mahalo!

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