#Cubs feel good about 2B options

The Cubs have been mentioned as a possible match for the Phillies’ Chase Utley, but both Chicago manager Joe Maddon and general manager Jed Hoyer said Tuesday the team has in-house candidates to help at second base, including Javier Baez and Tommy La Stella.

“I think we have some really nice pieces who aren’t even here yet,” Maddon said. “Regarding Chase Utley, I know that’s been talked about a lot but I’m anticipating playing with the guys here and I really like what we’re doing. Don’t just look at outside, look at inside.”

Baez was batting .291 at Triple-A Iowa with 11 home runs and 48 RBIs. La Stella, who has missed time because of a strained right oblique, was batting .222 at Iowa.

“Giving [La Stella] at-bats every day makes sense,” Hoyer said. “We could bring him up here and he could be a bench player for us now but given the fact he hasn’t had a [full] season, we thought the most prudent thing was to give him at-bats and at some point, he’ll help us. That day is not today.”

In order to get another left-handed bat in the lineup, the Cubs moved Chris Coghlan from left field to second. He made his seventh start there on Tuesday.

— Carrie Muskat


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Coghlan may be hurting the team a little bit range wise at 2B, but his power has more than made up for that.
In 10 games, 7 starts at 2B he has made all the plays he could get too. 49.2 IP, 17 total chances, no errors. Only been involved in one DP, but its only been 7 starts.
He has more than done the job overall.

Aloha jasper, Coghlan is a bright spot I know he does not have the “range” yet but give him credit and Maddon too because as you know Joe likes folks that can play other positions or are very open to filling in where needed. I like Coghlan there with Russell at SS. Practice does help, though in this case he is getting “live” work as they say. I think of him like Ishikawa for the Giants last year, hungry and willing to go where needed. Mahalo!

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