#Cubs Minor League report

Tuesday’s games

Eric Jokisch gave up two earned runs over four innings in Iowa’s 6-5 loss to Las Vegas. Javier Baez had two hits and is
batting .291 overall. Mike Olt drove in two runs.

Tennessee’s game against Montgomery was postponed because of rain. The two teams were scheduled to play a doubleheader Wednesday.

Myrtle Beach’s game at Winston-Salem was postponed because of rain. The teams were scheduled to play a doubleheader

Erick Leal gave up three hits over five innings in South Bend’s 7-2 win over Dayton. David Bote had two hits, including a
two-run homer. Jeffrey Baez had three hits and Ian Happ had two hits and two RBI. Happ has 12 RBI in his last five games.

Eugene gave up five runs in the third to lose, 5-4, to Boise. Carson Sands gave up five runs over 2 2/3 innings. Donnie
Dewees went 4-for-5 and scored three runs.

Duane Underwood gave up one hit over two innings in Mesa’s 5-3 win over the Reds. It was Underwood’s first game since June 26. Chris Pieters had two hits, both doubles, and one RBI.


Wondering if Management will find a position for Ben Cherington?
Wondering when Theo will sign a contract extension?
Bad news on McKinney’s knee, but he will recover quick and be ready for ST.
How long has it been since Hammel has had a quality start?
Fowler has cleared waivers and can be traded.
Happ and Dewees are looking like very good Draft Picks.
How many guys will the Cubs call up on SEP 1 and who?

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Aloha jasper, I was sad to hear about McKinney too but he is still young enough that his need if anything needs to be done to it, he can actually have it “repaired” and heal. Whereas if one is 30+yrs and older, usually they “clean-up” the area where the injury occurred. Not sure about Cherington, I think the FO has a good team at this moment along with the ownership and Joe + coaches. Yes, I am a little concerned here these last few games. I know the team played tremendously well during that stretch but when you have the Pirates and Cardinals in front of you with easier schedules through this month, you have to stay up on your game. I like Hammel and have wondered as of late if he is “over-thinking” things? I hope he can get it together because they are going to need him for this last stretch. Lester imploded tonight. But even if you take Hammel and Lester out of the mix, the bullpen has been weak; Strop last night and tonight Motte and Russell. The team is hitting and scored more than enough runs last night and tonight to win. The bright spot in the bp has been Clayton Richard. I hope they can shake this now start anew tomorrow. Take care now. Mahalo!

K,g., Richard is doing very well, glad they were able to keep him.
Last year with Oakland, Hammel tired toward the end. Not shocked here.
McKinney, I have great hopes for, he hits, walks and drives in runs after getting comfortable every step thus far.
Would not be surprised to see Cherington hired under or with McCleod, he worked in Scouting under Theo in Boston also, just makes the Scouting staff stronger.
On the team, we keep hearing the Cubs have arrived a year early. I believe that. Is it possible they get that wild card, of course. But I don’t think even Management was prepared or ready for them to be this good this year.
That’s the reason ( in my opinion ) they did not go harder after a starting Pitcher this year. They are looking at the bigger picture for 2016 and beyond.

Aloha jasper- good points. I admit at the end of last year going into this year, I did not think the team needed to go after one of the “big” free-agent pitchers because I was looking at 2016 as well, meaning after the 2015 season there will be a lot of free agent pitching available and good at that. Who knows, there may be better “bargains,” come the end of this season. Also, I felt early one if they could be .500 or better that would be a huge turn around from not only last season but previous ones as well. So, I am enjoying this season and hope they can get one of the 2 wild card spots if just for the experience going into next season. I think you are right as well in terms of the FO not going certain players come the July deadline of this year. Pretty soon they will be able to expand the roster but if they make get a wild card berth, they have to trim it and will be interesting to see who makes that cut. Take care now. Mahalo!

Expanding on that K.g., you may agree or not, but: with four young stars in place & Rizzo on the Roster, and pretty soon, more knocking on the door, think of the trades that may go down?
Pitching staff, if its me, the only keepers are: Lester, Arietta, Hendricks (5th spot ) Grimm, Ramirez and Rondon. Sign a FA starter for the 3rd spot, trade for a 4th rotation spot. INS, I still believe Turner will be very good.
So what all do you have to trade? Then what do you need? 2B, CF, quality BP arms.
LaStella, Hammel, Olt, Baez, Alcantara, Coghlan, Beeler, Hunter, Medina, Wood, Jokich, Castro, Szczur, Rosscup, Schlitter, Silva, Black, Concepcion, Candelario, Villanueva, Almora and Vogelbach. Can be traded or some kept for backups. Some have very good upside now, but wont make the Cubs future Rosters.
Who will not be on the 40 man Roster next year? Mott, Harren, J Russell, Ross (coach), Wada??
Then, how many possible projected loses in the Rule 5 Draft?
This may be the busiest off season for this Management thus far.
So even if they don’t make the Playoffs and who thought they would beginning the season? The off season will be just as much fun this year, at least I think so. They actually have players to trade that other teams can use.
For all the know it alls, I realize some of the above will be kept as backups or for platoon situations.

Aloha jasper, cannot wait to get home and digest all that you brought up and comment! In the meantime, you may have heard the wife’s team picked up M.Bird, for a AA prospect. I hope the Giants can take 3-4 from the Pirates, I know that may be a pipe dream but I am rooting for it. Moat importantly is that the Cubs get back on track. Mahalo!

Just 3 of 4? Tell your wife to have her Giants to get to sweeping.

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