Haren starts Sat for #Cubs vs Braves

Dan Haren starts Saturday for the Cubs in Game 3 of their four-game series against the Braves. First pitch will be 3:05 p.m. CT at Wrigley Field. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber LF

Coghlan 2B

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Montero C

Soler RF

Haren P

Russell SS

*On Friday, the Cubs bullpen threw four scoreless innings. It was the 16th time this season in which the Cubs relievers have
totaled at least four innings without giving up a run in a game. Last year, the bullpen did that 11 times (and eight times
in 2013).

*Speaking of relief, Jason Motte improved to 8-1 with the win Friday, and has the most relief victories in the Majors this season. The eight wins are the most by a Cubs reliever since Jeff Samardzija had eight in 2011. The last Cubs reliever with more victories in a season was Lee Smith, who won nine in 1986.

*The Cubs have hit 42 home runs since the All-Star break, second-most in the NL behind the Mets (43). In the last
nine games, the Cubs have hit 19 long balls for an average of 2.1 homers per contest.

*If you think the Cubs are hitting better, you’re right. The Cubs are batting .270 (144-for-534) with 91 runs scored in their last 16 games since Aug. 4, good for an average of 5.7 runs per game. That includes a .307 average (42-for-137) with runners in scoring position.

Prior to this 16-game stretch, the Cubs batted .225 (260-for-1,157) and averaged 3.5 runs per games in 35 contests from June 27-Aug. 6. That included a .212 mark (61-for-288) with runners in scoring position.


What a good laugh I had in yesterday’s game! Coghlan hits a home run and off he goes around the bases! Well, just around 2nd base he blew a huge bubble! How can he run and chew his bubble gum at the same time? 😀

Sammy didn’t do anything else a lot of Super Stars did during that era. I too, was a huge Sosa fan and would love to see him welcomed back to Chicago.

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Jackson finally earned his pay today.

Yes, jasper. You make an excellent point. Even though Edwin was in an opponent`s uniform, he was assisting our Cubs. He must feel he owes us. {Btw, when I was in S.C. yesterday, I saw gasoline for less than $2.00/gal. It was at a Kangaroo on Hwy. #17 in North Myrtle Beach. $1.99. That is not hyperbole. Trust me.}

Aloha White, jasper and jhosk! 20 games over .500, just astounding! I know it was the Braves but still happy for Hammel who looked good today and went into the 7th, that has to be an encouragement for him. I also like this lineup with Coghlan at second & Russell at ss, they are starting to gel together, looking more comfortable. Still concerned with Soler in right but I know he is still learning his position and trying to stay healthy. Tomorrow Lester has a chance to bounce back from that tough outing against Detroit, which leads into the Giants series! Take care now, tomorrow is another important game! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., isn`t it beyond pleasurable and satisfying that the Cubs are more than competitive these days after all those lean years? I found the following eye-opening tonight: Jon Sciambi and Jim Bowden are the ESPN radio commentators doing tonight`s Giants/Pirates game. Very early in that contest Sciambi asked Bowden whom he feels deserves to be named `Rookie of the Year` this season. I was almost floored when Bowden responded `Kyle Shwarber.` Bowden went on to argue that, even though Schwarber has played in just 39 games or so, he has made such a profound impact on the Cubs` lineup, he`s deserving. Sciambi added that there are approximately 30 games left in the regular season for Kyle to enhance his case. I came away from their arguments believing Bowden`s pick is more than plausible. {Bowden was GM of both the Reds and Nationals, as you know.} Kris Bryant has to be included in this discussion, of course. I recall reading a comment in `USA Today` back in May that the `Rookie of the Year` designation was the Dodgers` Joc Pederson`s to lose. But he has fallen off the radar since the All Star Game, after a stellar first half in which he clouted 20 dingers. I`d like you and others to weigh in on this matter. Do you feel Schwarber could be the NL `Rookie of the Year`?

Aloha jhosk- first let me “apologize” for the wife’s Giants! I did not think I would be depressed but they went to St. Louis first and I felt should have taken at least 2-3, then with these Pirates, same thing. The Giant announcers though, said they are getting back Panik and Pence soon, which of course will help them out, I was just hoping they would help the Cubs out but again, this team needs to do it on their own. Back to your topic about ROY, I have been thinking about this because out my way is Matt Duffy of the Giants; in 110 games he has 124 hits, 20+ doubles, 10hr, 59rbi with a .304BA. Fielding-wise he has played 4 positions, mostly 3rd and committed 11 errors. When I go to Bryant he has played 112 games, has 10 hits, 20+ doubles, 17hr, 71rbi with a .257. In the field he has played 3 positions and committed 15 errors. I love Bryant and know he is only going to get better with playing time. Duffy also has an advantage of being called up last year and getting in 34 regular season games, then into the post season. As much as I would like Bryant to get it, unless he raises his average to say .275 which will increase his hit total. The other thing I did not mention is that Duffy does not strike out a whole lot, 73so’s this year to Bryant’s 147. Bryant does get a lot of walks. So between Bryant and Duffy, I think the edge goes to Duffy at this moment. Now going to Schwarber. I remember getting excited last year when the FO would target getting in a future catcher as well as one that could hit. I think you saw him play out your way, in SC? I remember you mentioned how he could hit. You have heard me discuss a lot last year and this year about “one’s approach at the plate or ab-at bat.” I think it is amazing how much Maddon and others have said that they are impressed by his approach, maturity beyond his years. But it is not limited to just his offense but his play in the field and specifically the backstop. He is a hard worker. I love when he goes out to the mound to talk with his pitchers, sometimes putting his hand-arm on their shoulders. I picked up on this early on with him, not every one does this but it is his style to clam and reassure his pitcher. That is a character trait that I feel is invaluable. I also have grown fond of Montero. His accountability, his hustle, his support of the organization. He has said to Schwarber, I am willing to come to ST early and work with you so that your defense, pitch-framing and management of the pitching staff grows. That says a lot about Montero. So, I think with the games that are left, if Schwarber can continue to contribute at the plate as well as to play good defense I think he has a legitimate shot at the award. I hope Lester regains his dominance tomorrow against the Indians. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. I should have included Duffy in the competition for ROY. He was prominently featured recently in `USA Today` and he has excelled in his role replacing Panda at the hot corner for the Giants. Duffy will be deserving of consideration. The Giants are a wounded team with all those regulars currently missing from their lineup. I see the Cubs will not be bypassing MadBum in the series this week at AT&T Park the way we were fortunate to do so at Wrigley not long ago. I`m sure the Cubs` pitchers will pitch him carefully, given the damage he`s proved more than capable of inflicting on teams with his potent bat. Were MadBum not a pitcher, one could make the case that he`d have a legit shot at playing at the major league level as a position player. Did I ever mention I`m in awe of Madison Bumgarner`s game?

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