#Cubs lineup: Arrieta faces Giants

Jake Arrieta takes the mound Tuesday night at AT&T Park as the Cubs open a West Coast road trip with three games against the Giants. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber LF

Coghlan RF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Montero C

Castro SS

Arrieta P

La Stella 2B

Arrieta will go for his MLB-leading 16th win of the season. He would be the first Cubs pitcher with 16 wins in
a season since 2008 (Ted Lilly and Ryan Dempster each won 17). Arrieta has three scoreless outings in four August starts, going 4-0, 0.66 ERA this month.

He’s thrown 12 consecutive quality starts, the longest streak by a Cubs pitcher since Greg Maddux (14 QS) in his 1992
NL Cy Young season. Arrieta is 9-1 with a 1.26 ERA and just one home run allowed during that 12-game stretch.


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Aloha folks, there is s lot of black n orange around me, will have to “contain” myself! I sure hope the Cubs offense strikes first and good defense behind Arrieta. Mahalo!

Sounds as if you are at the game, k.g. Seeing a game at AT&T Park with the Cubs as a participant is on my bucket list. What has gotten into Starlin? He must have taken his vitamins today. Had he given us this kind of production consistently when he was a starter, his behind would not have been benched. Schwarber may have put himself back into the ROY discussion with his three run dinger. Jake continues to make the case that he`s our #1. Other good news: the Pirates lost tonight.

Aloha jhosk- yes, was very happy to be in the LF area today and watch Schwarber. It was a good pitchers duel up until that 3-4th inning. I felt a little bad for Cain. I do not like to see any pitcher go through a hard inning. Now something that does concern me is that the bullpen did not hold the line. Arrieta went pretty deep into the game with quite a lead. I thought Rondon should not have had to pitch. I left at the top of the 8th with the Cubs leading 8-1. Boy was I surprised when I got to the car turned on the radio and heard the bases were loaded, then a double and the score was 8-5. I think this is an area that needs to be addressed and soon. Maybe when the roster expands a pitcher like Wada can be either a starter or come out of the bp. I know you have mentioned the need for a closer, I agree along with some middle relief pitching. Castro did well tonight, kudos to him, I also thought Coghlan played RF well as it can be tricky at AT&T park. Tomorrow is another game and I hope Hendricks can settle in early and go for 6-7 innings, kudos for the offense and need it tomorrow. I have to say that it was exciting to watch this team in person. I hope you make it out this way! Mahalo!

You have very good reason to be concerned about the pen, k.g. It is the Cubs` `Achilles heel.` and has been for a while. I do not care what the metrics reveal. Numbers can be deceiving, as we well know. If it comes down to that one game `Russian roulette` playoff with the Pirates, Cubs` fans had better hope Arrieta goes deep into the ninth, or indeed hurls a `complete game.` If the bullpen is given the opportunity to `blow it,` I fear that outcome may very well result.

At last! It got a little sloppy near the end, but for the first time all season the Cubs won a game that was televised in Brazil. “Acabou o mau agouro.” That’s Portuguese for “The jinx is over.” Coming up on TV here: Wednesday night against the Giants and, I think, Sunday night against the Dodgers. Hey Chicago, whaddya say, Cubs are gonna win today.

You `stole my thunder,` Bruce. Knowing ESPN is broadcasting tonight`s game, I had a hunch tonight`s game would be broadcast in Brazil, and I was going to suggest it would be a propitious time for Bruce`s streak to terminate. Am pleased the streak ended last night, Bruce, even though the Cubs` pen did their best to give the game away down the stretch.

Hi, jhosk. Last night we got the Giants feed with Jon Miller. He had lots of praise for our young ball club. Game ended around 2:30 a.m. our time. Fortunately, I’m retired. Tonight it’s ESPN.

I hear you, Bruce. After Vin Scully, Jon Miller is my favorite baseball `play by play` broadcaster. He`s objective, something almost all the others are not. I do not fancy `homers,` as I`ve told you in the past. And I`m not referencing `long balls,` when I utilize the term `homers.` Go Cubs!

Aloha jhosk, that is very profound in regard to the likelyhood of a 1-game playoff. If this pen situation is not solved, do you think Maddon might employ another starter like other teams have in the past (think Bochy using Lincecum for relief)? I do hope the pen is stable come that time. Mahalo!

Good point, k.g. I hope that does not become necessary. But who knows? Maddon`s been referenced as `the mad scientist` in the past for making unconventional decisions and moves which are contrary to `the book,` if you like. I guess it`s possible for Lester to enter a contest with men on base late with the game on the line. But could Jon`s reluctance to throw to bases to hold runners be a factor in such a scenario? I don`t know. Such potential circumstances are compelling and make the games `fun to watch.` Did I mention I envy you for being in attendance at AT&T Park for tonight`s contest? That`s `to die for` in my estimation. Enjoy, k.g.!

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