#Cubs lineup: Hendricks starts; Fowler gets day off

Kyle Hendricks will start Wednesday night for the Cubs in the second game of their three-game series in San Francisco against the Giants. Dexter Fowler is not starting, and Kyle Schwarber is batting leadoff. Here’s the lineup:

Schwarber LF

Castro 2B

Coghlan RF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Montero C

Denorfia CF

Hendricks P

Russell SS

The Cubs have won 21 of their last 25 games for the first time since June 6-July 4, 1936. In those 25 games, the Cubs have hit 44 home runs while averaging 5.6 runs per game.

The Cubs’ 55 homers since the All-Star break are tied with the Blue Jays and Mariners for most in MLB.

Nine of Kyle Schwarber’s 18 hits in August have been home runs. He has 23 RBI in 21 games this month, most in the NL. Schwarber is 6-for-19 (.316) with two homers and nine RBI in his five games vs. the Giants this season.

The Cubs have won each of Hendricks’ last five starts. He’s 2-0 in that span despite a 5.61 ERA. The Cubs have supported Hendricks with 32 runs scored in those five games.


What kind of lineup is this? Shirts and Skins??
OK, I’ll take Fowler, Herrera, LaStella, Ross, Szczur, Travis Wood, Jake Arrieta and Right Field is Out. How come I don’t see Ross on the roster? How come I never see Lester with the team between starts? This being a magical season,maybe tonight’s lineup may not matter, but I may be playing “Who ya’ gonna call, Ghost Busters” by the 6th inning. I hope we can win tonight prior to 5 innings of Harren vs Bumgarner tomorrow night? Hey, I thought Haren was supposed to eat up innings? Instead, we get an assortment of Haren/Richard/Wood. Not to worry. Life is like a box of chocolates. And, we have the Candy Man, Joe Maddon, on our side. Go Cubs–let’s hear it for the Magical Mystery Tour. If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me.

Go for it, Dan Thomas! I suggested elsewhere that Joe Maddon sometimes opts for the`unconventional.` A lineup featuring a catcher by trade who is built like a fire hydrant and is the `lead off` batter qualifies.

Aloha folks- just got home from the game. Hard one to watch from the get go. But first let me say, I was surprised when I looked up on the AT&T center field scoreboard and saw Castro in the #2 slot. I know he had a good day the night before but that was against a Matt Cain coming back from injury/surgery, velocity is not there yet and his pitch location has been dicey. Peavy has been pitching better as of late. I know this is not a make or break game but I think a lot can be learned: in the first inning with two outs, Bryant hits a single and drives in 2. From my angle he was easily thrown out at 2nd but someone here might have seen it differently. I like our folks being aggressive but with two outs already, I wish Bryant holds up at 1st and makes Peavy pitch to Montero to keep the inning going, if anything he gets Peavy’s pitch count up for the first inning and that can be distracting for a pitcher. The Giants did it to Hendricks in the Bottom of the 1st, he never looked comfortable out on the mound tonight, laboring. Also, not sure if Russell could have made a different play where I think Duffy scored for the 2nd run but defense was not a strong suit tonight. The Cubs had multiple chances with 1 out and runner on 3rd base and could not bring him in; Rizzo had an opportunity and struck out and just looked fooled. There was also an at bat where Peavy fought hard and got Hendricks pitch count up, even though Peavy eventually struck out, he did his job. I felt after that inning they should have taken Hendricks out because the very next inning he is slaughtered, it was like every Giants hitter knew what he was throwing, coupled with the defense in the outfield it was tough to watch, they scored 2 more runs. With 1 out and runners on 2nd and 3rd, did you catch the brilliance of Bochy and understanding the “match-ups?” Strickland against Russell, KO – Lopez against Schwarber, KO. RISP 1-8. Tomorrow, they now have to face a Giants team feeling more confident and throwing their Ace – Madbum to pick up the rubber game. It will not be easy but anything is possible. Sure I was frustrated but at the same time am very blessed that I was able to see this team play! I hope they get the Giants tomorrow! Mahalo!

Ross is on the family medical emergency list and Szczur is up. And don’t worry-Lester was one of the biggest fist pumpers for Schwarb’s bomb last night.

Yes, k.g. Bryant was out at second by a mile after his two run single, and you make a good point that he did not need to give himself up in that circumstance. It could have led to Peavy`s `pitch count` being elevated. And yes, Russell did have another play, and it was to first. Instead he opted for the force at second which did not work out for us. The runner had a tremendous break from first, and is why he beat Addison`s toss to Starlin. As for today, we`ve beaten other teams when their ace has started (the Pirates` Cole comes to mind), and we can win this game vs. MadBum. But we need a solid effort from our starter, and he needs to go more than five innings.

Aloha jhosk & fonzie, not looking good. So far the July trades for pitching, seem to not be working, I am sure the FO sees this. Still puzzled about last night’s lineup and keeping Hendricks in too long. I know the strike zone has been in question today but what is not in question is the Giants acquisition of Bryd and Leake. Hope this team can rally late. Mahalo!

Chalk it up to growing pains jhosk?? After all, amid the exciting, winning season we are blessed with remains the fact these guys are rookies. They are transforming our beloved Cubs from perennial punching bags to soon to be NL Central favorites all the while at such a young age. Truly remarkable. A few missteps along the way should be expected and tolerated. As far as beating a team’s ace pitcher the Cubs will need their share of luck as would any team. I’ll be happy with more luck than more Dan Haren…

Aloha fonzie- I was thinking about something, this year 2015. I said I would be happy if they could be at least .500, the rest would be “gravy.” They have surpassed my expectations. Recently, a lot of the Bay Area sports shows have been talking about the MLB and the upcoming post-season with many announcers saying they believe the Cubs have arrived “a-year-early.” Having said that and this FO has really stuck to its plan, it helps me to understand more why they have not gone out more aggressively for say pitching. This is not a slight against the plan but as long as they do not give up key pieces of the team-organization then they may make a trade, for example giving up Lake for Hunter or Pineyro & Soto for Haren. I Hope Pineyro does not turn out to be an “ace,” because Haren has thus far not panned out. I do not think a whole lot was lost with Lake for Hunter, though Hunter has not done much as well. So, I do not foresee a big trade by the end of this month unless it would be for say a reliever like Kimbrel, which would mean that the Cubs would have to give something up because they would control him through 2017. So, back to the starting pitching one would hope that Wada, CJ Edwards possibly and maybe Richard out of the pen could fill in for starts because right now with a 5-man rotation the most consistent is Arrieta, then Hammel and Lester. Last 2 spots are hurting. I cannot see Maddon going to a 4-man rotation unless they are in the heat of battle and it is necessary to have Arrieta and Lester go more often. I know it is not easy to watch at times and even though they “have arrived early,” of course we would like for them to do well and win. I just do not know if any big starting pitching comes to the team by end of August. I am pretty sure that after the season with a packed market of arms, they will go aggressively after one for sure. Hang in there, tomorrow night the team only has to go up against Kershaw! Mahalo!

Hello k.g. I think the definition of arriving “a year early” is the debate. The Cubs indeed arrived a year early if one’s interpretation of arriving early is being a good, COMPETITIVE team. If a year early means being a PLAY OFF TEAM to some then I think that those who believe that are a little premature with their assessment. I get the feeling that the FO is not “all in” for a 2015 playoff appearance and hence the lack luster trade activity and the band-aide approach. I will not criticize the FO for this approach but rather applaud them for keeping focused on the bigger picture, their original plan. The Lester signing was putting us fans on notice that the FO is seriously moving forward but not for 2015. Lester had to be signed while available. I believe 2016 will be the all in year and we should see at least one more high quality starting pitcher FA signed and a closer acquired via trade. We will see some of the young minor league talent traded to achieve this. Can the Cubs be a playoff team still this year? Absolutely. But with only two stud starters, a still young closer in Rondon, a somewhat thin bench when it comes to offensive options (Johnathon Hererra-ocassional hit, David Ross-sure out, Matt Szcuzr-???, Revolving Minorleaguer-??? etc.) our best asset is good luck. When Haren faces Bumgarner…good luck is not to be found.
Three stud starters and a lights out closer is the foundation for a playoff team in my opinion. Between those two areas good teams can make do. Take care.

Yes, fonzie and k.g. It was rumored when Haren first came aboard that Dan could very well retire at the end of this season. He`s another example of an athlete `hanging on` too long, meaning he and we would have been better served had he retired after last season. Given the drop-off in pitching strength after Arrieta and Lester, and I`m including the pen, it`s a minor miracle our Cubs are twenty games over .500 and have the fourth best W/L record in all of MLB. The manager, coaches and FO all are deserving of kudos.

jhosk, it is very encouraging to see the rookies play up to expectations and through some adversity (handling some slumps very well, out of postion etc.). Maddon is the man for this job for sure and it was so nice to see Theo grab him at the sake of “losing” Renteria. He grabbed Maddon when available as he did Lester, but I still think Theo had his sites on 2016 when acquiring both men. This extraordinary 2015 season is like an entity itself, another coach per se lending his hand in preparing the young roster for the 2016 season. A playoff spot this year will not only allow the Cubs to have a CHANCE at a miraculous run at the WS but will SECURE a hunger and experience in these young players that they will draw from next year and in years to come….

You expect the Cubs to pursue David Price in the off season, do you not, fonzie? I read somewhere that the pitcher is not averse to being reunited with Joe Maddon. That`s certainly in our favor.

Yes, I certainly do expect them to pursue Price and at this juncture of Theo’s incredible plan I hope they break the bank to get him. In today’s age there may be no other way than to meet a stellar pitcher’s asking price. They did it with Lester, surely they can do it with Price. Theo cannot expect to build the perfect sundae and skimp on the cherry. I imagine a happy reunion of Price and Maddon!!

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